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That Landmark Speech by the President of Kuta Fons Union at Hon. Abe Michael’s Homecoming

The Member of Parliament for Ako/Misaje and Entourage
The Traditional/Religious authorities-Kuta
Leaders of political parties here present
The Municipal councilors of Kuta here present
Service heads
Internal and External elite
Dear Kuta Community, Ladies and Gentlemen,

HRH Fon Asenge Ignatius Ebah
It is a great pleasure for me to welcome all of you here in Mbande for this solemn occasion, which to the best of my knowledge is the first of its kind in this community. I know many of you have put aside so many other things that would have been of paramount importance to you in your individual homes and families but have sacrificed money and time, and have suffered some or all the traveling inconveniences to be here personally to give this occasion the grandeur it deserves. I say welcome and thank you. The Hon. MP you are welcome.
Dear MP, yesterday you were Mr. Abe Michael Ndra of Mbande village in Kuta Zone of Ako Sub Division. But today, you are no longer that person, but Hon. Member of Parliament for Ako/Misaje Special Constituency and your village today is Kuta as a whole.

Biblically, the scriptures according to the Book of Joshua 1:1-19 has all that the fons of Kuta have to tell you amongst others. We are told in this passage that when Moses died when he had not completed his journey from Egypt to the Promised Land with the Israelites, God called Joshua who was Moses’ helper and gave him powers and authority to continue with the journey as their leader until they crossed the River Jordan and entered the Promised Land. From here, Joshua started with the Israelites from where Moses ended. You should therefore remember that you have been Hon. Ntoi-your father’s helper in Yaounde for many things and for many years. Your call by God and people to serve the constituency therefore is not a mistake. You should therefore continue from where Hon. JKE Ntoi ended until we get to the Promised Land-which is the attainment of a considerable and appreciable level of development to measure up with communities by 2035 during the Cameroon’s economic emergence. In this passage, God enjoined Joshua to be determined, be confident and to be sure that he obeyed the whole law which his servant Moses gave them. We are therefore advising you, Honourable, that you should work with the fear of God Almighty and exercise justice so that God will not abandon you but you will be prosperous and successful. This because in the 19th verse of that quotation, it says “Remember that I have commanded you to be determined and confident. Do not be afraid or discourage, for I, Lord your God, am with you wherever you go”. We are therefore advising here that you should not discriminate in your work. Political debates and campaigns came and passed and you have emerged victorious. It is your output during this five years mandate that will be enough campaign either for or against you at the end of the mandate. Therefore, now is time for work. In development, everybody is involved no matter your political inclination. Once you emerge victorious, you are for all. You are in Yaounde-the MP of the ruling CPDM party, but you have your brothers and sisters of Kuta who are municipal councilors in Ako Council of the SDF party. All of you are hunting dogs for the Kuta community during this five years mandate. Remember that there will be many things meant for Kuta to be recommended by the council following decentralization process currently going on in Cameroon and the council authority will want to do otherwise since the party performed very poorly in this zone and these are the people who will quickly signal you for the interest of the Kuta community. It should be noted that in the anal of political history of our time, Nelson Mandela once said in South Africa when Bill Clinton consulted him during the Monica Lewinsky scandal in the White House that “In African politics, we don’t distant ourselves from our political enemies or opponents, rather we bring them closer, get their views and resolve our differences amicably-therefore what personal problem is there between Clinton and Ghadafi my brother that sanctions imposed on Libya by the United Nations will never be off-lifted”. Here we are advising that now is time for reconciliation, unity, peace so that we shall carry on with our development.
The Hon. MP, Ladies and Gentlemen,
Permit me also remind ourselves why Kuta community almost unanimously voted for Hon. Abe Michael Ndra as our hunting dog and why God heard our cry.
1)      Kuta is the CPDM stronghold in Ako Sub Division but it is instead the most enclaved with the shortest distance from the Divisional Headquarters though it is the furthest from the sub Divisional headquarter by way of road infrastructure and the media-ie radio transmitters, television images, mobile telephone networks etc.
2)      Basic Education: acute shortage of teachers in all the schools and some are functioning even without a single teacher. Most of the classes do not have buildings and operate in very deplorable situations.
3)      Secondary Education: The story here is not different from above
4)      Health: following the health situation in our society today, health facilities are supposed to be at door-steps rather than patients covering several kilometers of distances through bushtracks to get to health post. There are virtually no equipment in the lone existing health centre with only one worker and one council worker. We wish that each village be given a health post.
Hon. MP; because of these acute and pertinent problems above, we saw in you the following qualities as on who will be able to remove us from bondage;
·         Your long stay in Yaounde and your openness which gave you the opportunity of having very powerful network and connections with almost all the ministries or sectors in Yaounde.
·         Your personal love and concern for your home and people being the reason why you frequently visit this land whenever need be.
My people, not to take much of your time, I wish everybody a very happy stay and celebration, the Almighty God who safely brought us together here should be the one to safely take us back to our various destinations.
Long Live Kuta Community
Long Live the Hon. Member of Parliament
Long Live the Republic of Cameroon

Speech by HRH Fon Asenge Ignatius Ebah
Fon of Mbande

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