Wednesday, December 25, 2013

University of Buea to Honour President Paul Biya with PHD in Political Science

 By Fai Cassian
Paul Biya
As preparations intensify ahead of the 50th Anniversary of Reunification scheduled for Buea, regional capital of the South West, classified sources have confirmed that one of the outstanding ceremonies has been slated to take place at the University of Buea.  The ceremony which shall be the first of its kind since the creation of the University of Buea is expected to spark other hot debates on President Biya’s merits and demerits in politics. According to the hint all is set for the Head of State, President Biya to receive a Doctorate Degree in Political Science. Another confidential source at the University of Buea has also confirmed that for once the institution will be honoured with the visit of the number one man of the nation. Renovation work, we gathered has stepped up. Prof. Fame Jacque Ndongo, we were reliably told is expected in Buea next week to finalize the arrangements. The Vice Chancellor of the University of Buea for fear of the unknown allegedly placed over 3,000 students on stand-by should in case the Presidency announces that the celebrations will take place during this festive period when students are on vacation.
Yet, dark clouds loom large as on February 6, 2013 some students wrecked havoc on campus. The one-day strick led to the disruption of classes for weeks, the arrest of four students and the kidnapping and torturing of the UBSU leader for 10 days by unknown assailants. The strike we learnt was motivated by the lack of photocopying machines on campus, low premiums given to students after March pass, insufficient businesses on campus among many other grievances. With President Paul Biya to receive a Honorary Doctorate Degree in Political Science, prospects abound that the University of Buea could be given special consideration so that some of its numerous problems are solved. This, we gather will give President Biya the opportunity to visit the institution since its creation. Created in 1993 as the only English-speaking University in Cameroon and conceived in the English-speaking tradition, the University of Buea seeks to foster the essence of that system, while situating itself within the larger bilingual and multicultural context of Cameroon. It is located in the historic town of Buea, former capital of German Kamerun, former capital of the federated State of West Cameroon and now the provincial capital of the South West Region of Cameroon. Although the University draws its students mainly from the English-speaking part of Cameroon, it also serves the other provinces of the country.
The mission of the University of Buea is to provide opportunities for quality education through teaching and research in an environment that is conducive to such pursuits and in ways that respond to market forces. The University is dedicated to the continuous quest for excellence, the promotion of moral and human values, and service to the community. Its teaching and research programmes emphasize relevance, encourage tolerance and promote creative, critical and independent thinking.
The University of Buea is dedicated to the provision of programmes of study and research of the highest standards. It also produces high quality graduates with skills to satisfy the ever increasing demand of the Cameroonian, African and international job markets. The academic staff hold advanced qualifications and several possess international reputations. The student population is over 12,000, including over fifty who are physically and visually disabled. Adequate welfare provision for this later category of students remains both a challenge and a priority for the university administration.        
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