Saturday, January 25, 2014

Cameroon: A Country Govern by Old People

Cameroon is not only a country that is governed by very old people but above all, it is also a country where a certain category of people have been in power for over half a decade. Apart from President Biya who has been within the cycle of power for over a half a decade, there are also ministers and directors of state corporations who also enjoy such privileges. Others have gone on retirement but resurfaced back as senators and or parliamentarians. Here are the cases in point.
·         Paul Biya was born in 1933 (81 years old now) Head of state since 1982 (30 years), and had occupied officials positions since 1962 (51 years).
·         Amadou Ali (born in 1943) is the vice Prime Minister, Minister in charge of Relations with the National Assembly. He was appointed SG in the Ministry of Public works in 1974 (38 years).
·         Jean Nkuete born in 1944(70 years), presently the SG of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement-CPDM(party in Power). He had his first appointment as deputy SG at the Presidency in April 1983 (39 years ago).
·         Bello Bouba Maigari born in 1947 (67 years) is current Minister of state in Charge of Tourism and Leisure. He got his first appointment in 1972 as SG in the Ministry of Defence (41 years ago).
·         Laurent Esso born on August 10, 1942 (72 years old) is currently Minister of state, Minister of Justice and Keeper of the Seal. He entered in Government on May 16, 1988 (25 years ago).
·         Rene Sadi born on December 26, 1948 (66 years old) is the present minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization. He is in the inner cycle of power since the early 70s.
·         Issa Tchiroma Bakary born in 1945 (69 years old) is current Minister of Communication. He entered into government in 1992 (21 years ago).
·         Zacharie Perevet born in 1957 (57 years old) is currently Minister of Employment and Professional Training. He entered into government as minister in 1992 (21 years ago)
·         Martin Belinga Eboutou born on February 17, 1940 (74 years old) is present the Director of Civil Cabinet at the Presidency. He became the director of state protocol in 1989 (24 years ago).
·         Hamadou Moustapha, born on May 11, 1945 (69 years old) is currently Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency. He entered into government in May 1972 (41 years ago)
·         Hele Pierre born in 1946 (68 years old) is current minister of Environment, Nature Protection and Sustainable Development. He entered government in 1979 (34 years ago)
·         Hon. Cavaye Yeguie Djibril born in 1940 (74 years old) is Speaker at the National Assembly since 1992 (21 years ago) and has been in parliament since 1970 (44 years ago)
·         Ayang Luc born in 1947 (67 years old) is the President of the Economic and Social Council since June 25, 1984. He entered government on May 2, 1978 as Minister of Livestock and Fisheries
·         Adolph Moudiki, born on December 10, 1938 (76 years old) currently the General Administrator of SNH. He entered government on January 23, 1987 (26 years ago) as Minister of Labour and Social Security.

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