Monday, January 13, 2014

Mother of Wimbum Tradition Exhibited at Public Presentation of Njap Fon

 Here is the groundbreaking public presentation of the new Fon and Ma Yaah of Njap village which took place on Sunday January 12, 2013 at the Njap Palace. Ceremony in Pics

Newly enthroned fon being moved from the "tiri" by the "Ye-ngwarong"

He goes on his knees to recieve super power

Fon fon gets blessings

Young fon moves for the last time bare footed

 Newly enthron fon disappears into the inner palace after a tour of the court-yard

Sacrifice to the gods of the land

Fon of Mbot(Warr Clan Head) flanked by the newly enthroned Fon and Ma Yaah of Njap

Ni John Fru and Delegation

Fon and Ma Yaah flanked by Fru Ndi and Bunyui Emmanuel (mayor of Ndu)

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