Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Purported Warning Letter by University of Buea Student Defence Council

A letter purported to have been written by the University of Buea Student Defence Council-UBSDC has been circulating on the internet. Here below is the warning letter:

We the Governing Council of UBSDC that has been fighting the barbaric actions of the university authorities towards our UBSU government that lead to the imprisonment of our classmates, colleagues and friends, do hereby calls:

  -For the immediate release of all detained and imprisoned student to be released immediately and unconditionally;

  -On all parents have their children studying at UB should advised their children to stay away from any on-campus celebrations;

  -For the immediate withdrawal of all CENER, BIR and war looking police and military off our campus;

-The Vice Chancellor to again table the petition of some 40 Anglophone MP’s on Educational Sector to Paul Biya.

The UBSDC declares that:

§  The decision to Honour President Paul Biya with PHD in Political Science will be foiled even with our blood.

§  The time has come to say Enough is Enough.


The under mentioned are herby warned that we know where they live and we'll be coming for them and their respective families. You might place as many security guards outside your home as you like but the tsunami will be right at your doorsteps.
1.     Vice Chancellor - Dr.  Nalova Lyong
2.     Deputy Vice Chancellor - Professor Julius Ngoh
3.     President of the Buea Court of First Instance - Magistrate Mrs. Beatrice Ntuba
4.     Dr. Ernest Molua
5.     Dr. Kingsly L. Ngange
6.     Dr. Ekoka Molindo
Delegate Elangwese

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