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Senator Achidi Achu, Senator Peter Mafany Musonge: The Judas Iscariots of Anglophones?

Biblically, the name Judas Iscariot means a lot to Church goers. To wicked-whispers, the name symbolizes
Simon Achidi Achu
hypocrisy reasons why m
ost parents, when choosing a name for their children or soon-to-be born son, rarely choose the name “Judas”.  When one is familiar with the biblical story of Judas Iscariot, the reason for avoiding the name becomes clear. Expressionists continue to wonder whether Judas was truly a saved man who fell away or whether he was an imposter the whole time, or part of the time, he walked with Jesus and the other disciples
Whether it was ill-luck or design, it is a fact that Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus. Cameroon has a great number of Judas Iscariots who act for egocentric tendencies. Some do so to protect epileptic reasons while others do so to destroy a system thinking that they are protecting it. However, that is not our main concern for now.
Our main concern is the accusing fingers towards Senator Achidi Achu and Senator Peter Mafany Musonge who have been accused of playing the ostrich on the issue of the Anglophone Sub System of Education. Did they play the Judas in jeopardizing a collective effort by Anglophone MPs? Did they also block some CPDM MP from signing the collective memo that was submitted to Prime Minister, Head of Government, Yang Philemon? The Bible as earlier stated teaches us that Judas remained committed to his own selfish plans and desires instead of following Jesus with all his heart.  In fact, it is really catastrophic that someone who walked so close to Jesus could miss the truth.  There is at least one influential message to be gleaned from what we know of the life of Judas. Could we then say that our two former Prime Ministers now Senators also missed the truth and went for the curb webbed broken teacup without looking back at what their children are lamenting every day?
Peter Mafany Musonge
My father once told me that it is possible to pretend on the outside to be what one is not on the inside.  One can act like a Christian while never experiencing true salvation.  One can also attend church regularly and fellowship with believers, but never truly be a follower of Jesus. 
 And I will add that my experience in following politicians and telling their stories has also taught me that we can commit Judas’ same tragic act today if we are not willing. To put it short that me borrow from that Biblical quotation which states that “…to present [our] bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is [our] spiritual worship” (Romans 12:1) says.
 Nothing is more precious to the Anglophones than the educational sector. It is the lone sector which young enterprising men and women are gradually transforming it into an enviable industry. But the major hindrance has been the lack of a Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College for the Anglophone Sub System. It took over 50 years for one to be created in the North West Region yet prospects for it of becoming a purely Anglo-saxon Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College is being dampened. The main problem is that some Francophone officials in the Ministries of Secondary Education and Higher Education are a tumbling block to it continued existence. Also accused are Senator Achidi Achu Simon and Senator Peter Mafany Musonge. Senator Achidi Achu Simon may price self that the GCE Board was created when he was Prime Minister, Head of Government but his critics say it was created after the Anglophones stormed the street. The question as to whether Senator Achidi Achu Simon contributed in anyway to it creation abound high.  Pharisees-like, Senator Achidi Achu and Senator Peter Mafany Musonge allegedly blocked Anglophone MPs from signing a collective memorandum decrying the destruction of the Anglophone sub system of education.  Some years back, elite(s) of the Northern Region issued a memo to President Biya requesting that all Northerners should be admitted into the newly created ENS, and it was done with immediate effect. Yet it has not being the case with the Higher Technical Teachers’ Training College-ENSET Bambili. The memorandum issued by some Anglophone MPs to Prime Minister Yang Philemon expressing their frustration at the manner at which the Anglophone sub system of education is being thwarted by some government officials could not produce a similar effect given that it was not signed by all the MPs. Even though a general cry of all the Anglophones, some CPDM MPs refused signing it. Allegedly, some MPs were held back by Senator Achidi Achu Simon and Senator Peter Mafany Musonge.  The Cameroon Teachers Trade Union-CATTU and the Teachers Association of Cameroon-TAC have been lamenting at the Judas Iscariot acts. Wicked whispers on the other hand have been wondering whether politics has transformed some Anglophones to the level blindness that they cannot see themselves in the mirror of time. ENSET Bambili as it is now known by its French acronym is apparently a detachment of ENSET Douala with majority of the lectures done in French. Senator Achidi Achu and Senator Peter Mafany Musonge are being accused of playing the game of the mastiff to gain power for themselves. As someone puts it “they are the Judas Iscariots of Anglophones

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