Sunday, June 15, 2014

CRTV Wages War with Private Media over Awards

By Fai Cassian
Edginess has reached it crescendo in Bamenda, regional capital of the North West over what impressionists have described as an unbolt hostility between the state-owned media and the private media. It was during the maiden (2nd edition) of CRTV Bamenda Youth Forum Youth Promoter Award(s) for Excellence that the self-proclaimed indomitable lions of the audio-visual finally exploded from the bubble to dish out heretical media lessons to the private media. Private media journalists who took the pains to attend the CRTV Bamenda awards ceremony at Azam Hotel on June 14, 2014 made sense of life in the bubble when Nji Joseph, personal representative of North West Governor in his speech called on the private press to emulate the example of CRTV Bamenda. Reddened by this avowal, some journalists of the private press stormed out in anger yet could not hide emotions from the bubbling-like turn of phrase. Yet, a critical judgment analysis of the event is pulling down the dogged bubbling dogma from the upsurge failure attempt to spray over the fact that the most humble way to beg is through “appeal letters”. After all, it is not and had never been fashioned to make money, someone whose name I have just forgotten whispered in an official speech. If that was not daylight drama, nothing exceptional justifies proviso how Dr. Mrs. Linda Yang picked “Woman of the Year” in the opium den of remembrance, and the opportunity of pleasure again for getting married to the Prime Minister, Head of Government. A mark of recognition worth emulating for any young girl in search of a wider possibility in today’s Cameroon and of course maybe the likes of Hon. Dong Larry-hills who got one for political emancipation.  Apart, SHUMAS’ Ndzerem Stephen who was voted “Man of the Year” has bagged several awards from many private media organs, Ndansi Elvis Nukam, NUDP National Youth President who was voted Most Exemplary Youth is also winner of several others. 
However, it is regrettable that everyone has his/her own way of creating from other’s creativity, but finding ways to say it correctly is more than half the battle. Recycling like CRTV Bamenda is worthless of emulation. 
“It is pathetic that CRTV Bamenda wants those who have been organizing awards of excellence for the past fifteen years to emulate from them”, one journalist was heard expressing self in anger. Implicitly, each columnist and radio programme should embark in awards of excellence to emulate CRTV Bamenda. To others, it is easier to assail and obliterate an act of creation than to create one. Questions as to why Nuck Protus, the King of Youths and initiator of the CRTV Bamenda talk-show youth forum was conspicuously absent abounds high. “Is that the model they want us to emulate?” another journalist questioned. Expressionists were quick to question whether the private press was called up to emulate such a bad example where creativity has no loyalty, could not be recognized and or patronized, yet hook-winged. A school of thought holds that the youth forum youth promoter award (not awards) was a mark of displaced priorities for CRTV management. The viciousness of renaming the 2nd edition as the maiden edition as indicated above stamps out clearly that the greatness,  which means rewriting what has been written in poor handwriting is worthwhile.  The Eye is aware that Amadou Valmouke, CRTV General Manager as observed may be trimmed to measure as the bubble explosion has ignited infuriated tones of unguided missiles.
(To be continued) 

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