Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fon Azefor of Nkwen Declares CPDM, Martin Ngante Tipped Ahead Reorganization

HRH Fon Azefor III dressed in CPDM
There was commotion and seventh heaven at the Nkwen palace esplanade on September 19, 2014 when HRH Fon Azefor III reaffirmed his commitment as a militant of the CPDM. The ceremony which from the onset was a mere courtesy visit to the palace suddenly transformed into a political rally when Martin Ngante Ngoh took to the rostrum to lead a CPDM delegation to hand gifts to the Fon. Not only was Senator Fon Teche zeroed into the scene, the gift themselves were symbiotic of the unexpected.
In a flamboyant manner, Martin Ngante said that the day marked the turning of a new page for the people of Nkwen who have spotted the dot of light. He said that the CPDM in Nkwen has moved geometrically from the 1000 votes to 5000 votes during the last elections. Described by impressionists as the foreman of the CPDM in Nkwen, Martin Ngante also used the opportunity to usher Nkwen population into a new horizon with hopes. “We did not win the election but we are working hard” Ngante tol journalists. Harping on the future of the CPDM in Mezam said that Nkwen is happy to have a fon that knows that the CPDM is the light and the truth. “I think challenges, the fon has many subjects, it is Nkwen that is standing strong behind the Head of State”. He said he felt fulfilled when he was called up for others to line behind him.
Before dressing Fon Azefor, Senator Fon Teche called on the people of Nkwen to support their rulers so much so that he could foster development process. He said that by choosing the CPDM, Fon Azefor made the right choice.

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Speaker after speaker sounded optimistic but casted doubts whether late John Ngu Foncha died with the future. In fact, the keynote message was that this is time for Nkwen to produce a government delegate and or government minister and why not Foncha’s successor. It should be recalled that before his enthronement, Fon Azefor III was formerly a militant of the CPDM IN Douala.The most interesting is that the Fon of Nkwen made it clear that the people of Nkwen will have to choice where to meditate meaning that he will not impose on them. More importantly, he is relying on the strength and mobilization spirit of people like Martin Ngante Ngoh to semornize the population to understand the importance of supporting the ruling party.

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Dr. Ndonwie Peter said...

It is no doubt that Cameroonian journalist are very bias in their reporting of news items. they are blind and never verify news before giving it out to the wider audience. Projecting Martin Ngante as the brain behind this important CPDM occasion which happens on the 19th September 2014 in Nkwen palace demonstrate how street journalist can send out wrong information to the world. Please the brain behind the occasion in NKWEN Palace was Dr. Ndonwie Peter who contribute 1000,000frs to make it happen. Ngante Martin you are project was totally against this occasion and never donated any franc to see it happen. All gift handed over to the Fon and CPDM T-shirts were printed by Dr, Ndonwie Peter and his family. Funds for entertainment etc were from the money Dr. Ndonwie Peter, for YCPDM Section President for Mezam I donated. Planning of the occasion started when Dr. Ndonwie Peter arrive Cameroon from Ghana and put in a place an organising committee make up of Ruth Ndonyi,Valentine NZIE, Alhadji Denis Gambo, Roland Tanjong, Che Dakah etc. please your reporting is also seen to be bias because you fail to mention the name of this important son of Nkwen who make this occasion to happen nor his organising committee members names because you were paid by Ngante Martin to publish this rubbish. you think you have achieved your aim to push his name higher. Surprisingly you will see that security report sent to the party head quarter in Yaounde say who are the brain behind the occasion in Nkwen place. Ngante Martin only came into the occasion when he discovered that the occasion will not stop as he hope to stop it. it is a shame to this type of reporting from journalist like this. Let me asked you did you verify you information well before publishing this article. Did you asked yourself how came all those you saw at Nkwen palace. if you want to know more about this occasion contact CPDM Section Mezam and will be briefed on who sponsored the occasion. Ngante Martin has fail in this direction that is why he now resort to be using street journalist like you to give out false information to the public. it is not your poor reporting that will make Ngante Martin seen as such but the public is aware of whom he is and his selfish political ambition which is self centered and not for the interest of Nkwen.