Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ebola: SDF Sensitizes Populace in Ndu District

 There was commotion and fanfare in Ndu West as the SDF District chairman Ngabah Eric and the 1st Deputy Mayor Fon Martin Yembe led a powerful delegation to thank the population of Luh, Ntundip, Taku and Ngarum villages for making the right choice at the September 2013 polls. Addressing SDF militants and sympathizers, Fon Martin Yembe was categorical that the people voted rightly reasons why they have come back to give a balance sheet of what they have achieved at the council and to thank them. Fon Martin Yembe also took time to present the numerous achievements by the council. He also announced the holding of the Mbum Cultural Festival this December with the collaboration of the Nkambe Council.Fon Martin Yembe cautioned the population to be very vigilant. He talked elaborately on the ebola virus, how it is manifested and how deadly it is to the entire human race. He cautioned that it is a very dangerous illness and that the population should avoid eating bush meat, especially bats and monkeys. 
On his part Ngabah Eric warned that no one should bring such a illness into their community. He emphasized that if for any reason there is a family member in Nigeria, that person should not come back home now because the borders have been closed. He said this is not to punish anyone but it is for the security of everyone. He told the women that they could only go to their farms when they are in good health and that Ebola is so destructive and could erase a village. He called on the youths to work in close collaboration with the traditional rulers and councilors to secure their villages. He also called on the women not to sell their crops in green leaves. (More up next)

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