Friday, October 3, 2014

How Fon Azefor III, Dr. Ndonwie Peter Turn Tables for CPDM in Bamenda III

Fon Azefor III
 Last September 19, 2014 Fon Azefor III of Nkwen declared for the CPDM. The fon of Nkwen used the ceremony to make a declaration on some important issues. Amongst the most important and pertinent issue was the appointment of Nkwen sons and daughters, the appointment of someone into late Foncha's shoe. HRH Fon Azefor made it clear that the population was growing rapidly with limited water supply, poor road, infrastructure etc.  Implicitly, the rise in the population indicates that Nkwen needs to be raised to a first class fondom and besides, the construction of more educational institutions. The Fon of Nkwen also declared that he will continue to rally his people to stand behind President Biya when the need arises. He recalled that his father whom he succeeded was amongst the North West fons who crowned President Biya "Fon of Fons" and he would never let down the CPDM. He said time for the appointment of his subjects was this time especially as he has well educated elite. 
Speaking earlier, Dr. Ndonwie Peter described the CPDM as the party of development, a party of peace, hope and the only party that will lead the people through in the President Paul Biya's program of emergence by 2035. "In life how do you know that "Day don Break" is just when you have seen light from the horizon and able to distinguish between a mango tree and a pear tree". To him, we cannot say "Day don Break" when we are unable to see, choose, or decide, Dr. Ndonwie Peter told the Nkwen population. He said sons and daughters of Nkwen at home and abroad have delegated him to come and inform all citizens of Nkwen and Bamenda III that "our day has break and we should use the present rising sun to illuminate and clear the darkness that has put us in stagnant position for more than 20 years. He called on the population of Nkwen and Ndzah to partner with the ruling government lead by H.E President Paul Biya to "gain our psoition in this government for the betterment of our children and our entire Bamenda III today and tomorrow. 
Dr. Ndonwie Peter: The Locomotive for CPDM
He lamented that one thing that is keeping the population back is lack of "goodwill".
 "For the past 23 years some Bamenda III citizens have been brainwashed to believe that supporting a particular opposition party and its slogan "Power to the People" will bring better life, better hospitals....... I think for now they have seen that it is not what they were deceived to believe and voted for that is working". He called on the Nkwen and Ndzah to know whether they should invest their votes in the future. In fact where they can get "recognition and the power to lobby and negotiate for rapid development".
Dr. Ndonwie Peter, should be praised for the success story and not Martin Ngante popular opinion holds in Nkwen. According to what we gathered, Dr. Ndonwie Peter sponsored that historic event. That he (Ndonwie) donated 1.000.000 FCFA to make it happen is a mark of greatness. Besides, we have been reliably informed that all gift handed over to the Fon and CPDM T-shirts were printed by Dr, Ndonwie Peter and his family. A well-placed source also hinted us that the planning of the occasion started when Dr. Ndonwie Peter arrive Cameroon from Ghana and put in a place an organizing committee made up of Ruth Ndonyi,Valentine NZIE, others. 
Contrary to a report that Martin Ngante, the truth has been uncovered. Martin Ngante we gathered did not contribute a dime for the organizing committee. Yet Dr. Ndonwie Peter did it. Opinion poll in Nkwen sees Ndonwie Peter as the real patriotic flag bearer of the CPDM due to the fact that he has proven worth of late. However, the decision by the Fon of Nkwen to join the CPDM has been applauded by many. It should be noted that it is thanks to the fon of Nkwen and Dr. Ndonwie Peter that the wife of late SDF mayor decided to say "Day don Break" by joining the CPDM. Political analysts say for Rosa Amandou to have changed camp into the CPDM indicates that the tables have turned in favour of the CDPM thanks to Fon Azefor III, and Dr. Ndonwie Peter.

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Thanks for the good work. Actually the organising committee of the CPDM Fons salute is happy with this lone article. We will continue to work with the Eye news paper to see that truth about events are published the way they odd to be. Nkwen is moving forward and by next election in Cameroon CPDM will win votes in Nkwen