Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Breaking News: Rev. Fonki Samuel Wins PCC Top Job, Rev. Fochang Too

The 54th Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon-PCC has ended with the election of Reverend Fonki Samuel and Reverend Fochang Babila George winning top jobs in the house of God. The elections of the PCC Moderator and Synod clerk that took place at the Church Centre in Bamenda today November 25, 2014 was characterized by serious lobbying and intrigues.

For over 3 hours, anxious Christians waited outside amidst tension for the delegates to select the two clergies who will oversee the PCC. At about 5:pm information started filtering that Rev. Fonki Samuel had crushed Rev. Abwenzo to win the position of Moderator. Rev. Fonki emerged winner with 74 votes as against 46 votes for Rev. Abwenzo William (the out-going Synod Clerk).
On the other hand, Rev. Fochang Babila George recorded 70 votes while Rev. Nganji walked off with 47 votes. Rev. Fochang was elected the new synod clerk even though with 3 null votes. Even though the elections (selection) took place under tied security, with a police van stationed in the church premise, it is feared that this year’s elections could split the PCC. Some PCC Christians fear that the election results could bring about problems in the house of God as rumours about a dog being buried were rive.(Up next)
It should be noted that Rev. Fonki was presbyteries secretary for East Mongo North and Parish Pastor of Presbyterian Church Bastos in Yaounde. 
Rev. Fonki talking to Press

Newly elected Moderator and Synod Clerk flanked by out-going Moderator

Camcorders and smartphones swing into action

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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