Friday, July 3, 2015

At 47th AGM: CamCCul Applauds Gov’t, SDF Chieftain, LABOGENIE, Others

CamCCUL Head office in Bamenda

The representative of the minister of Finance Mballa Benile cautioned credit unions to put an eye on those who borrow big and turn to fight the credit unions in courts instead of repaying. He said the government shall continue protect the interest of CamCCUL by providing security in times of need and would not relent in the effort to recover those who are out to crumple credit unions with such big loans. As to the question of membership of CamCCUL the minister’s representative reiterated that affiliation and disaffiliation of members in to or out of the network is regulated by Cobac. Clara Ngwin representing the Minister of agriculture and rural development lauded CamCCUL for granting loans to farmers under the PADMIR project. According to her this is in line with government action to promote second generation agriculture in the country. Julie Chiambi of the Bamenda City council rather saw the pride of place given to Bamenda city with the construction of such a beautiful giant structure to host the CamCCUL headquarter.
Musa Shey Nfor CamCCUL President
The Governor’s representative, Monono Absalom Wolua who is Secretary General of the Region while declaring open the AGM observed that the mass turn out by members from all the regions was proof of the dearness to which the credit union is held. The credit union serves as catalyst to development given the impact of the movement in capital mobilization, poverty alleviation to improve living standards of members. The Governor did not hesitate to observe that the fallout of the investments that members undertake with loans obtained from credit unions benefits the entire nation directly or indirectly with concrete example being the beautiful building which is the pride of the regional capital today. He denounced initiators of the blackmail that almost caused the administration not to authorize the holding of this meeting in the structure but for the timely dispatch by the Governor, a team of engineers carried out technical inspections and declared the rumour as unfounded given that the structure had no crack nor did it develop any signs of stress. The chief executive cautioned members to identify shortcomings that could weaken the movement and make it to be unable to withstand the pressure of dynamic, competitive and volatile forces from the national and international environment. He promised members that government shall continue to partner with CamCCUL as has been the case through MINADER, MINEPIA and MINEPAT. The Governor applauded KENDELY Construction for realizing such a gargantuan structure which stands out on the Commercial Avenue.

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