Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hon. Njingum Musa Donates Gifts Worth over FCFA 18 Million to Muslim Communities

 By FC Ndi

The Member of Parliament for Ngoketunjia North Constituency has extended a hand of fellowship to the Muslim communities of Babessi and Ndop Central Sub Divisions. Hon. Njingum Musa and Choh Issa (mayor of Babessi) stormed Babungo, Baba, Bangolang, Babessi and Mambim with Parliamentary goodies to fellowship with the Muslims at fasting. The gifts included amongst others, a cow each for each Muslim Community, cartons of sugar, and cartons of soap, kettles, prayer mats, paints and loudspeakers.
On July 12, Hon. Njingum Musa stormed Ndop Central Sub Division. In Bamunka, the MP donated tons of cement, prayer mats, cartons of sugar, plywood, roofing sheets and paints in six different Muslim communities. The distribution started at the Bamunka Central Mosque and ended at Mile 27, Ndop. At Bamessing, the MP who was flanked by the Mayor of Ndop Council were received on arrival by enthusiastic Muslims. Before handing over cartons of sugar to the leaders of the three Muslim communities of Bamessing, Hon. Njingum Musa prescribed love, vigilance and prayers of peace for the nation. The team moved to Bamali Mosque where the MP handed over roofing sheets, paints, plywood and cartons of sugar.
In Bambalang, the Member of Parliament for Ngoketunjia North Constituency donated to 8 different Muslim communities. At the Bambalang Central Mosque, the MP handed two tons of cement, roofing sheets, cartons of sugar and prayer kettles. He moved to the waterside where three Muslim communities from the Mbissa Island have been waiting. The MP and entourage moved to Mbishie, Njoron, and six other areas. From Babessi to Ndop Central, the Muslim community leaders prayed for peace and disassociated themselves from those who are hiding behind their religion to create trouble and disorder. They also vomited the act of terror by the Islamic terrorist group Boko Haram.

What Hon. Njingum Musa Told Muslim Communities
Before handing the gifts to the Muslim leaders in the various mosques, Hon. Njingum Musa alias Islami Musa urged them to pray for peace to reign in Cameroon. He also recommended that they should live in the spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood. Hon. Njingum’s key messages were for the Muslim to pray for peace, the Head of State and other elected officials. “I think it’s a matter of practice that I do every year when Muslims are fasting that I came to share with them. When I came here the message is for them to pray for all statesmen in the country so that we can develop this country. They need to reinforce it to pray for the leader of this country, H.E President Biya”.  Hon. Njingum concluded that the idea is to fight through prayers to destroy the evil spirit that wants to create confusion in Cameroon and keep people on the alert on the bad elements that want to destroy or destabilize the nation. “Being a Muslim myself, I think it imperative for me to always share with my fellow people at this very crucial moment of fasting. I have been doing so and I will continue to share with others in as much as Allah continues to provide. We are a nation of peace and we have to promote the notion of peace in our communities”, he concluded. At the end of the distribution, Hon. Njingum told journalists that all the items he distributed could be estimated at above FCFA 18 million.
To his detractors, Njingum exploded at Bamali that even though he has been victim of all sort of blackmail, he is aware that only the strong are blackmailed. He called on the Muslims to pray not to destroy his enemies but for them to change into being positive.

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