Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How Visiting NW Senators Failed to Convince Donga Mantung on Whereabout of Late Senator Jikong's Micro Grants

Senator Achidi and Senator Teche
 Tongues are waging in Donga Mantung Division over the marathon visit to the Division by North West senators that lasted about four hours. The team led by Senator Achidi Achu Simon was made up of Senator Fon Teche, Senator Fon Gahyongha III, Senator Emma Lafon, Senator Zacharie Awanga and Senator Wanlo John. Conspicuously absent was Senator

Councilors who took the pains from Nwa, Ako, Misaje and Ndu to travel to Nkambe to welcome the senators left more confused than when they were coming. This is so due to the fact that the senators were more confused in responding to worries raised by councilors. Tempers almost escalidated when senator Fon Teche said that “the constitution of the senator” does take care of some issues as to what happens to the micro grants of a senator when he/she dies. Some councilors were surprised that the Standing Orders of the Upper House should be different to those of Parliament. To them, the micro grants of late Senator Jikong must have been siphoned given that in Parliament when an MPs dies, his/her micro grant is handed to the closest neigbour. “I was not convinced at all. I am sure they told us a lie”, Nfor Clearance told this reporter. The question as to whether the senators lied abound high.

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