Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Bangolang Chieftaincy Wahala: Kingmakers Back Fon Chafah

Fon Chafah has been on the throne for the past 34 years as the Fon of Bangolang village until late last month when a few misguided individuals wanted to challenge tradition. It has been proven that while Fon Chafah was in Yaounde, the dissident group picked one bar man and declared him as their new fon. In a letter issued recently, the kingmakers have disassociated themselves from the disorder in their village. They argue that succession in the fondom is only when the fon "disappears". The kingmakers also made it clear that salvation is personal and not collective reasons why they have no problem to have a God fearing ruler than someone who doesn't know God. They have also declared faulty the rumours that Fon Chafah had destroyed their (kwifon, Ngumba or Nwerong).
Reacting to the decision by kingmakers, Fon Chafah said that he he is shocked at the level of blackmail in his village just from the fact that he decided to give his life to God. He wondered whether it was such a huge crime for traditional rulers to be Christians. "People said things that were never done. I have not abolished any traditional institution" Fon Chafah continued. According to Fon Chafah, the coup plotters were not kingmakers.

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Moses Ngek said...

I just hate judgemental journalists. When you label people "misguided, bar man" you override objectivity with bias. Please, Stay straight and give out just the facts.