Thursday, March 10, 2016

International women’s day: The difference from Akeh

Choves Loh flanked by the beneficiaries 
The 2016 edition of the international Women’s day is now history and the impression is that institutional seminars, conferences, debates and talk shows dominated activities ahead of the day proper when match pasts by women was domineering
While we get away with another impression that it was all about talk…talk and talk, speeches and speeches that do not impact on the personal development of women, there was a more original approach to celebrate the event in far away, Akeh village, Boyo division.
Choves Loh, Journalist, Chief of SOPECAM Bamenda and an elite of Akeh went putting smiles on the faces of aging great grand mothers and mothers of Akeh. These are women who did not need any extravaganza for celebrations on their day. All they need is kerosene, salt, palm oil, savon and good health.
It was against this backdrop that, Choves Loh choose to dress virtually all the elderly women of Akeh with new “Kabas” . In collaboration with staff of the Akeh CBC Health Center, the women also benefitted from a health campaign during which they enjoyed free consultation and treatment for Hypertension and diabetes while Akeh women who travelled from Bamenda for the event, made available salt, palm oil and kerosene for their kitchens. That was the difference from Akeh where the personal development of women took central stage with Choves Loh to thank.
Ahead of the International day of Women, Choves Loh also funded the rehabilitation of collapsing, make shift bridges in Akeh. It was a rare moment during which Akeh youths played a front role in the mobilization of local expertise in the community to ease traffic over the bridges that appeared to be a death trap for the several Commercial motorcycles and a few vehicles that cross the bridges.
HRH Fon Mbah III 

Choves is also rehabilitating bridges 

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Moses Ngek said...

Did he just show what women's day is suppose to look like? Not the boring talk shows in the metros. Congrats to my Uncle, Choves Loh.