Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Anglophone Problem: Garga Haman Leaves Bamenda with Two Options from Consortium

Garga Haman ADJI
 Garga Haman Adji held an informal meeting with members of The Consortium yesterday January 10, 2017 at Ayaba in Bamenda. During the meeting, members of The Consortium (including leaders of the various teachers trade unions, lawyers, traders etc) were unanimous on the options that would solve the Anglophone Problem. According to a hint, Garga was given only two options as a solution to the present deadlock. The two options according what we gathered were Federation or Secession. The mediator who was vocal over CRTV that he will succeed in his mission may leave Bamenda a little disappointed. Those who took the pains to attend the informal meeting left the hall as they came. Garga, the mediator brought nothing but surely left with two options. Apparently Garga came only to listen. When some members of the Consortium discovered that Garga had nothing to offer or was just playing round, some leaders left without notifying their departure. The meeting was one of the shortest ever. After the short meeting, Garga Haman was to meet Ni John Fru Ndi yesterday evening. Prospects are high at that Garga will also seek advice from SDF chieftain on the precarious situation in the North West and South West Regions of Cameroon. Though Garga,  it should be noted is still turning around Ayaba hotel and will hopefully meet some personalities before leaving Bamenda.  As to when he will be going back,  no one can tell. Popular opinion holds that the outcome of last January 9, 2017 "Ghost town" has shown the Anglophone community is united and invisible. Apart from a few overzealous anglophones, there is a general consensus that there is a problem and that there is an urgent need for lasting solutions. 

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