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Friday, April 17, 2015

Senator Jikong's Scholarship Fund: Misaje Mayor Publishes List of Beneficiaries

By Haruna Muhammadou
Misaje Council has published the list of beneficiaries of the scholarship donated by late Senator Jikong Stephen Yeriwa.  22 beneficiaries according to the list have benefitted from the first phase of the program for 2015/2016 academic year.  Talking to this reporter on phone, the mayor of Misaje council Sammy Mbgata debunked newspaper reports that the funds were mismanaged. Harping on why it took the council more than 6 months to get to beneficiaries, Mayor Sammy said that program had to pass through a council deliberation before implementation. According to Sammy Mbgata, youths who had expressed the desire to go to teachers training college were endorsed by the councilors. “That is why the council had to take time to identify the beneficiaries in order to help them register for the entrance examination into GTTC Nkambe,” he added. He also added that the fund is boosting the scholarship scheme earlier setup by Minister Fuh Calistus to build up the weak human resource of the sub Division. Successful candidates, he concluded will also benefit from the second phase in the form of school fees. See attached list below.

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Xenophobia in South Africa: Beyond the Culture of Violence

The recent wretched treatments on humans living in South Africa has received worldwide condemnation. This is the second time in its history of violence that South African youths have taken the laws into their hands to treat others like animals. In 2008, 64 foreigners were killed in similar attacks. Foreigners were burnt to death. As the South Africa human cruelty acts intensifies, 6 foreigners are reported already death and thousands fleeing the country for safety. Even though the violence stemmed from a blinded argument that while South Africans were jobless in their own country immigrants were having all the jobs, the outcome has had diversified interpretations. Allegedly, the flames of cruelty were ignited by comments from Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, who declared that foreigners should “pack their bags” and leave, while others are accusing President Jacob Zuma’s son (Edward) who is also quoted to have exploded that the South African government needs to stop running away from dealing with xenophobia, and it must also stop unnecessarily accommodating foreign nationals. The South African Human Rights Commission can arrest me for my comments, it’s fine. I am not the citizen of President Jacob Zuma. I am a citizen of South Africa. My thinking is independent to that of the president. These are my personal views and I am sticking to what I said and I will die with it” he said. This is a joke of very bad omen. However, it is well known and accepted principle that education is the key to life. But this is not the case in South Africa. According to a report released in 2011 by the UN Development Programme, South Africa ranked 123 out of 187 countries surveyed, with a literacy rate of 88.7% (2007 figures). This means that in South Africa, 4.7-million adults are totally illiterate as they never had a day’s schooling in their lives, and a further 4.9-million never completed their primary schooling and are considered functionally illiterate. Unicef’s website quotes the literacy rate for young South Africans between 15 and 24 years of age, measured between 2005 and 2010, as 97% for young men and 98% for young women. This is however extremely very dangerous. Former South African President Nelson Mandela took great exceptional attempt to look into the predicaments when he declared at the launch of the Mindset Network on July 16, 2000 that “"Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world." He knew the fruits of apartheid will one day explode in his country. Those who want confirmation should thereof be served rightly. The truth is that those who are attacking African migrants are of a majority those who have not gone above primary six.
The attacks on African migrants in South Africa this week reminds us that the country is built on a more complex and complicated state of nature. This is so because after decades of isolation from the rest of the African continent, and the world, during apartheid, South Africa finally opened up to the rest of world with bits of accumulated grieves. Yet at the dawn of the “new South Africa” in 1994, the country became home to many outsiders. The recent explosion is a complex problem loaded with meaning of the term foreigner.” Pejoratively, the term “foreigner” in South Africa usually refers to African and Asian non-nationals.
South Africa’s xenophobia reflects the country’s history of isolation. Of course this intolerance is a by-product of apartheid. For black people, apartheid was an dangerous tool used to induce self-hate and tribalize people of the same race. For white South Africans, apartheid was a false rubber-stamp of the white race as superior.
It is these two conceptions that gave rise to the myth that South Africa is not part of the African continent, but a different place that just happens to be on the tip of the continent. Xenophobia need to be fought and fought relentlessly. Musicians like Bob Marley, Alpha Blondy, Lucky Dube sang down on Babylon, symbol of justice and humanity. The fall of apartheid in South Africa can be partly attributed to these songs; this to confirm that the voice of the people is the voice of God. What is currently happening in South Africa requires more than songs, if they be, maybe perhaps SARAFINA would give meaning. 

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Nigeria First Female Governor: How Taraba State Missed with Aisha Al-Hassan

Source: International Business Times 
Aisha Al-Hassan
Many Nigerians thought voters in Taraba state would make history by electing the nation's first female governor. But Aisha Jummai Al-Hassan, known as "Mama Taraba" by her supporters, lost to her main challenger, Darius Ishaku of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), the Premium Times in Nigeria said Tuesday.
As the April 11 election neared, Al-Hassan of the All Progressives Congress (APC) emerged as a leading candidate in the race for the Taraba governorship, making it one of the most contested polls in Nigeria this year. Al-Hassan, an attorney, defected from the PDP and joined the opposition party after she was elected senator for the Taraba North constituency in 2011. She was the Taraba state attorney general and commissioner of justice as well as the chief registrar of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory.
Al-Hassan, a Muslim, pooled a large number of votes from the Gasol local government area as vote counting entered its second day in Taraba, allowing her to surpass the PDP’s candidate, Nigerian newspaper Osun Defender reported.  The lead triggered early celebrations nationwide by those who expected Al-Hassan to become the first female state executive. But as the final results from all 16 local government areas in the eastern state trickled in, Ishaku regained the lead by nearly 64,000 votes and hopes of making history sunk, the Premium Times said

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Bamali Crisis: 13 Arrested and Detained Amidst Sparkling Controversy

villagers who was shot on the leg on Dec. 29
Villagers of Bamali in Ngoketunjia of the North West Region have frowned at what they call an unlawful detention masterminded by a handful of persons to destabilize their village. 
Newspaper report indicated last week that 13 villagers were arrested and detained at the Bamenda prison since March 10, 2015 in connection to the brouhaha with Law enforcement officials that took place on December 29, 2014. It is alleged that 17 villagers were earlier summoned for questioning and when they arrived, they were whisked off to Bamenda where they are still in detention. It is also aired that the fon of Bamali was among the 17 that were summoned. When villagers got the information that their fon was carted to Bamenda, the villagers threatened to march to Bamenda Prison but Hon. Njingum Musa allegedly told them to stay calm. Allegations are rife in Ngoketunjia that the brouhaha was masterminded by a handful of manipulators who were bent on reinstating the ousted fon. Yet, another classified source hinted that the purported letter threatening the life of SDO for Ngoketunjia claimed to have been written by Bamali elite was also masterminded. Some four names have been cited in connection to the letter. It is even alleged that the idea was to ignite tension in the village so much so that the fon, the queen mother and chairman of the traditional council could be picked up as well. But the administration did not fail prey to the act. Rumour peddlers say during the meeting that the said plan was hatched, a lumpsum was dolled out to bribe the administration. 
Public opinion in Bamali holds that the only person who could solve the issue is only North West Governor Adolph Lele Lafrique given that he is God fearing and he would accept to be party to blackmail.   

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Meet Elung Paul Che, Personality of the Month

Elung Paul 

Life they say is a race and at birth everyone is at the starting block. This is so because the world is made up of three categories of people; those who fold their arms and see things happen, those who wait for things to happen to them, and those who work hard for thing to happen to them and others. 

However, those on whom society relies are those who make things happen to themselves and others. This category of persons is the role models. What is so interesting about role models is that they use their God given talent to influence the growth and development of society. Without role models, life would have no meaning to a larger segment of the population given that some people would never leave the starting block of life. But role models give them the inspiration and meaning to life and why they too have their own words. While some people would give meaning to life to others for self aggrandizement, role models do so to support God’s work on earth. They are those who believe that anything worth doing should be done well. They do just the right things and people copy from them.
The Anglophone community of late has been full with role models of all walks of life. This has not occurred as an accident but relentless efforts by some Anglophone role models to pull others from the rubbles and give meaning to what they do. They are those who would make a significant contribution for Cameroon to emerge by 2035. Of this new breed that many look up is Elung Paul Che, the General Manager of Hydrocarbon Prices Stabilization Fund-CSPH.   
If management skills were to be measured by impact, Elung Paul Che would be described as a role model given that his appealingly skills on the hinges of a weighing machine would tell the story of a nation builder. And if leadership as they say is a career committed to solving societal problems, Elung Paul Che therefore is a gargantuan problem solver.
And he has been fairly rewarded for his management and leadership skills in nation building.  But since nature demands that everyone who exudes excellence in the line of duty deserves a pat on the back or some prizes for making the difference, Elung Paul has enjoyed some good romance with glittering accolades for his leadership qualities. In his present position as the General Manager of the Hydrocarbon Prices Stabilization Fund (CSPH) his management skills have influenced to excellently empower a new generation. He is one that always takes the lead and receives the support of others.

Who is Elung Paul?
Elung Paul Che hails from Kupe Muanenguba in the South West Region. After a brilliant primary education the quest for more knowledge took him to Government Secondary School Nyasoso. In 1985, he obtained the General Certificate of Education (O level) in flying colours. His brilliant results in the GCE O level took him to the doorsteps of the renowned Cameroon College of Arts, Science and Technology-CCAST Bambili and while at CCAST, he opted for A1 where he studied Literature, History and French. After the Advanced Level certificate, Elung Paul Che registered in the then University of Yaounde in the Faculty of Laws and Economic Sciences. After three years, he obtained an LLB in Public Law and immediately proceeded to do a post graduate diploma (Maitrise) course and later the “Diplome des Etudes Approfondies-DEA. Yet, Paul still had the burning desire for more knowledge which led him to enrolling for a PHD (Doctorat) in Public Law. Being a very intelligent young man, Elung wrote and passed the entrance into the prestigious National School of Administration and Magistracy-ENAM where he enrolled in the treasury section of the administration department. The most interesting thing is that Elung graduated as one of the best students of his batch. After a successful professional life in the treasury, Elung Paul proceeded to Harvard University-USA where he took a Master’s degree in Administration and Public Policy with emphasis on Finance and Development Policy. 

Proficient Career
Today’s glories, they say are the products of yesterday’s planning. Thus tomorrow’s better days are also the product of today’s planning. But do people ever plan for tomorrow? Most people do not, relaying on the adage that let tomorrow take care of itself. This is however a defeatist nature by those who are weak. That is why those who adopt this do not excel in life. But those who do are always able to draw a line from one cause to effect. This is certainly so because development has become a singsong on every lip and modern technology has placed humanity on a fast line. But on this fast line, many do falter especially the managers of public corporations.
Anyone who has never seen excellence incarnated in one person should go for Elung Paul Che. He is a good example of a perfectly organized individual. He is smart, intelligent, gentle, accommodating, sociable and agreeably very generous man. Anybody who comes across him for the first time is immediately taken away by his humble nature and personality. His attractive built is complimented by his soft spoken nature and multifaceted personality. And underneath his soft nature lies his intelligence. His intervention in any conversation is imbued with the wisdom of King Solomon. But most importantly, Elung Paul is a refined administrator. He required them very early in life reasons why when he wants to listen, he gives the ear and when he wants to give an advice, he does it well.
When Elung started working in the treasury department after ENAM, his workaholic nature was indicative of his climbing the professional ladder. That was why he was constantly promoted.
He served in the following position. Paymaster general in Bamenda and Buea, director of treasury, director general of treasury,, auditor at the bank of Central African States-BEAC, Commissioner at COBAC, Commissioner at the financial markets commission BEAC, member of the audit committee of BEAC, focal point of the reform of the payment system in the CEMAC and presently the General Manager of CSPH. It was not surprising when he became the first Anglophone to be appointed to head a petroleum company. Previously, Anglophone pioneer director general of treasury, financial and monetary cooperation at the then ministry of finance and budget. He is therefore the first Southern Cameroonian since reunification in 1961 to occupy such a prestigious position. Although many considered the appointment to be a summon for him to play his role as a role model, the assertion for him pulling along with him many Anglophones is extremely positive. The truth is that Elung Paul has and continues to make a significant towards nation building. When he was dropped from the post of Director General and kept in the cold, elements of darkness thought they had destroyed the lone Anglophone luminary yet it came to past that the sky is his limit. He is a man of faith and principle. But Elung remains a man whose quest for knowledge is unending, the lavender many have always equipped him to be. At CSPH recently, the board chairman Luc Magloire Mbarga Atangana confirmed at his installation that Elung has the profile for the top job.

Innovative GM

Life, they say is a combination of trials and tribulations but great people look beyond trials and tribulations. They look beyond the horizon that appears to be the end of the world and see other opportunities that nobody imagines can exist. And their interested act of dreaming, acting and realizing the dreams have positive multiplier effect on society. This is because they are born with talent and to make things happen, they combine talent with hard work and determination. The very essence of development that is needed to have vision since you can’t blow an uncertain trumpet. Nevertheless, innovation distinguishes between a great manager and a charlatan. On May 3, 2015, Elung Paul Che will clock two years at the helm of CSPH. Many changes have occurred. According hints, the structure has been transformed into a beehive of activities. It is alleged that workers have been more productive than ever before. They are inspired by the workaholic nature of their boss. The routine is that documents that are meant to be treated today are not taken over for tomorrow. Transparency in the management of company’s resources have been intensified given that all financial transactions at CSPH are carried out only through the bank and not checques as was the case before. Barely two years in office, there is no gainsaying that CSPH will make significant contribution towards an emerging Cameroon.

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Boyo: US-based Elite Assists Pupils, Orphans

 By Leinyuy Marilyn

Teachers and pupils of Government Primary School Jinkfuin, in Belo sub division in Boyo division of the North West region have hailed Emmanuel Ngwainbin for donating sports equipment and didactic materials to encourage excellence within school milieu. 
Emmanuel Nwainbi handing over a ball to beneficiary
 Emmanuel is a son of the soil who after staying in the United States of America for many years returned home to his people with an individual initiative to put smiles on their faces.
An enthusiastic atmosphere was observed amongst the teachers and most especially the pupils upon the sight of the materials brought fought by the professor as they were visibly clapping and jumping on their feet, an indication that they were happy not only to receive their elite but a man whose books are being used by the same school.
Before presenting the gifts to the school, Prof Emmanuel, who is a senior international communication expert, took out time to instill educative and moral values in the pupils. He stressed on the importance of education in today’s society and enjoined them to take their studies seriously. To achieve a brighter future, he added entails respect for oneself, respect for elders, teachers, the administration and above all seeking the face of the lord in every difficulties and every situation of life.
According to the media management and advocacy expert, the development of any community depends on the collective effort of people leaving in that area. His laudable initiative according to him, is aimed at enabling the pupils to grow up and become better persons in society so that they can be able to do unto others what he had done to them triple folds.
To match words with action, Prof Emmanuel who is a lover of football and sports in general donated a football and sports jerseys to the primary school’s team. Carefully selecting the choice of jersey, the learned professor chose that belonging to a France based team dubbed Paris St Germaine which he said is one of the best performing team that sees victory and success as their watchwords. In like manner, the sports promoter would love the same spirit to reign amongst the pupils.
Handing over the items to the vice headmaster of the said school, he said “football is a very good and unifying game; a way to socialize and relate with one another. I call on all of you to use this medium to build sustainable friendship amongst yourselves for a better tomorrow”.
Besides the ball and jerseys, the pupils equally received some didactic materials like pens, pencils amongst others. As if that was not enough, pupils received with delight when the communication expert announced his willingness to pay the school fees of meritorious pupils in each class come next academic year 2015. He urged the pupils to work harder and grab the opportunity. He also promised to pay the fees of pupils from very poor homes whose parents barely manage to send them to school.
Thanking the august guest on behalf of the school, the vice head master, Suh Alfred Yuh heaped encouraging words to him saying that God will shower his blessings upon him for a better Cameroon tomorrow.
Coming back to his homeland with such an astounding initiative, Prof Emmanuel believed that education begins in the home and he had come to continue the works of his father who was the pioneer headmaster and teacher of the said primary school and a lover and promoter of community development. Carrying out such a gesture for the second time, Prof Emmanuel intends to continue on a yearly basis for the growth and development of his community.
He equally paid a courtesy visit on the Njinikom Catholic Orphanage where he offered some financial assistance to the children.
Picture with pupils

Visit at the Orphanage

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Go to tribunal, INEC tells aggrieved politicians

 Source: Nigeria Eye
The Independent National Electoral Commission has asked aggrieved politicians to take their grievances to the Election Petition Tribunal. The commission said though there were pockets of violent incidents recorded during Saturday’s governorship and State Houses of Assembly elections, it still maintained that the exercise recorded a pass mark.
The electoral body stated this in a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday.  It said INEC’s records showed that there were 66 reports of violent incidents targeted at polling units, the commission’s officials, voters and election materials.

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Governorship: PDP Candidate, Ibrahim Dankwambo, Staging Spectacular Comeback for his Party in Gombe

Source: SaharaReporters
Ibrahim Dankwambo, the Peoples Democratic Party candidate and incumbent governor of Gombe State, has a significant lead in the results so far. The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has released results from 10 out of 11 total local governments.
Ibrahim Dankwambo
The PDP won majority votes in nine out of ten announced local government results, only losing in one local government to the opposition party, All Progressives Congress or APC.
PDP’s sweeping victory also comes as a surprise in light of the victory of the presidential opposition candidate, Buhari, in Gombe State only two weeks ago.

1. Funakaye: APC 18,09, PDP 21,210
2. Kwami APC 17,43, PDP 22,014
3. Gombe APC 33,062 PDP 27061
4. Shongom APC 9409 PDP 14,571
5. Dukku APC 12,543 PDP 22,326
6. Billiri APC 10,448 PDP 30,332
7. Kaltungo APC 10,448 PDP 26,209
8. Nafada APC 6,721 PDP 15,408
9. Yamaltu Deba APC 30695 PDP 33,488
10. Akko APC 30336 PDP 43,066

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