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Friday, October 24, 2014


By Wamey Panky
The yesterday storm was wild,
Arrogant ‘nd the unkind form,
That swept away the political icon,
The icon and the people’s reckon.
 Oh Mangoh that was! Will never be.
The man that stung his adversaries like bee;
The man who loved his people;
The man that to the end worked for his people.
 Where were the vanguards when the earth quark came?
Where were the Awudu Mbayas when the storm came?
If the people had known the thief’s time,
With spears, guns, bows and arrows fought the tide.
 O life a stage!
Yes, Mangoh walked gently away from the stage.
Mortal man says he abandoned incomplete assigns;
Yet, God approves he was done with own assigns.
 Mangoh bows out from the sinful world;
He quilts suffering and troublesome world;
He bye-byes the witch–hunting ‘nd vampires of Donga;
He adieus the vindictive cum archaic politicians of Donga.
Hear some mortals celebrated his departure,
This world not our home for soon shall they embark same.
He who dances today shall tomorrow lame ‘nd  cry;
Yes! Mangoh shall his beloved Donga to God cry.
 He leaves stony foot-prints on the sand of time!
The town green, Grandstand and many resemble him fine.
The man who inscribed on the town’s development tabloid;
Yes every village his name engraved on the development tabloid.
 The S- Doubts and mourns;
Yet his adversaries dance and mows,
Though to eternity gone;
Many Mangohs again are born to keep the struggle flaming.
 Those who know Death ‘nd God Weep no more:
With God’s reasons shall bless the more;
Mbayas weep no more, the party here must live.
Hard work, truth and justice here must live.
His works stares at our faces.
His hard words continue to haunt their faces.
Here lies a man who loved truth and Justice.
In eternity like God’s spouse he now practice.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mangoh, The Indelible Ink in Council Business

By Nkuh Nsinwe, Son-in-Law

RIP Pa Mangoh Jones Tanko
Pa mangoh Jones was too good to be hated and yet so infectious to be loved.
He was exceptionally vocal or perhaps most of the time tendentiously critical.
While he wanted to set things straight, his manner of doing so almost left the chicken-hearted breathless. Mangoh Jones was of a different class and so he would hardly fit with the conventional. A society that thrived with mediocrity and hypocrisy of the elite was not Mangoh’s type. He was consistent with his feelings and so he voiced out irrespective of who was concerned. The last time I saw him before his demise was on Friday 10th October, on my way back from school. He asked me whether everything was fine in his house in Mbot in which I lived. He told me always to strive for excellence as a teacher and left for Nkambe with a promise to be back in Mbort on Monday 13th October. The news of your death in the evening of Sunday 12th October was too shocking as I learned on phone from your driver. Your passing on to glory at this time was gruesome to cogitate and even digest. Yes, Pa Mangoh can be forgotten but his legacy will remain indelible in the history of council business in Nkambe in particular and Cameroon in general. As we remember Pa Mangoh Jones who has gone before. Let us give credence to those we still have before we lose it all.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)


By Wamey Panky
 On that fateful Sunday after noon the news of the sudden death of the one time Mayor of Nkambe Mangoh
RIP Mangoh Jones Tanko
Jones Tangko spread like whirl wind. It was quite difficult to believe especially by those who had fellowshipped with him that morning in his Nkambe Town Baptist Church. Even those at the Mbor- Abi meeting where he collapsed and checked-out on the spot, could not believe but felt he was just unconscious. It was until his corpse was taken to the Nkambe mortuary that many believed that Pa Mangoh was no more. Many were beaten by shock, the wife went to a comma and was quickly rushed to the hospital and only discharged the next day. She entertained counseling from medical experts.
            Militants of the Social Democratic Front, (SDF) party especially of the Nkambe electoral district received the shock with very heavy hearts. Many considered it a political earthquake within the party in Donga–Mantung Division while others considered it as an unprecedented storm that had swept away their political monument. Still others wept that Donga Mantung Division had lost their mobile – library.
            It is still hard to believe that the icon is no more. His great things  live behind him. From his political history, Mangoh Jones Tangko was one of the main actors and advocate at the official launching of the Social Democratic Front, SDF, party in Bamenda on the 26th of May 1990. So, because of his political choice, Mangoh suffered heavily from the claws of late Hon. Samuel Ngeh Tamfu, the then CPDM Poli-bureau member and Member of the Central Committee. He suffered punitive transfer as he was catapulted to the Northern Region just as he returned to Nkambe to saw seeds of the SDF. This action intended to frustrate and wither the young implanted SDF in Nkambe and Donga-Mantung rather favoured multiplicity of militants and forestalled trust and firmness. He later suffered salary suspension that rendered the life of his family more miserable yet he buried his faith in the party with wanton resistance.         
            The people’s messiah
            During the first Municipal elections in 1996, the SDF party won the Council and Mangoh Jones Tangko became the Mayor. He was like a destined messiah for the people of Nkambe. In fact because of his hard work and devotedness to the party during the following elections of 2002, 2007 he was continuously returned in the office of the Mayor.
            As a family head, Mangoh said he was a happy father because his last daughter had just succeeded into IRIC, and without him, her elder brothers and sisters could assist her to complete her course. “If I die now, I will have no regret because I have left a worthy legacy to my children. I remain thankful  to God Almighty for making me an achieved man. I will advise others to trust in God by doing the right” These were his last words with this writer, two weeks before his demise. He satisfactorily retired as a teacher, a Mayor and as Mangoh Jones Tangko to rest in God’s kingdom. He only bowed out of the Office during the 2013 September Municipal elections where the CPDM by, hooks and crooks won the Council. It was like God’s design for Mangoh not to die in Office, because he died some 13months after.                                              
Mangoh Died Smiling 
            From conversations and his writings, Mangoh Jones Tangko accomplished his ambitions, consequently died with no regrets  but smiles.
 He had hinted this writer (as his one time teacher of History) that while he was still a school boy, he had the ambition to be a teacher and to rule/lead his people. He said, he was happy that he became a teacher, built-up so many Cameroonians and just retired to rest at home. He added that when in 1996, his people preferred him as their Mayor, it was just a dream come true.
            He boasted that he had a successful life as a Mayor, leader of his people. He said, he had development records in every village of his Municipality: In the domain of education; classrooms were constructed, benches supplied and teachers recruited in schools under the council payroll;  roads were constructed, bridges and pipe-borne water supplied in other villages; some palaces benefited zinc and other material from the council. He encouraged environmental upkeep by nursing ornamental trees and not only planting them on the main street of Nkambe but also shared to villages to plant especially for water shade. He initiated the construction of the Nkambe Modern Municipal Stadium; constructed the most admirable Nkambe Grandstand, and the Nkambe Town Green which remains an edifice of the millennium in Donga-Mantung Division. This and many more for sure kept Mangoh smiling at death.
Mangoh’s last five years as Mayor, history holds, was not without thorns. He flaunted his agreement with party hierarchy to step dawn from his Mayorship in favour of the party’s candidate. He divided councilors overnight with thick envelops and carried away a favoured majority that through the ballot box imposed him back as the Mayor. Mangoh, the hardliner, despite the famous article 82 slammed on him, opened several administration doors and stayed on against the party’s wish. As a die-hard militant of the SDF party, despite the humiliating 8.2, he remained steadfast to the party. During this crisis many struggled in vein to convince Mangoh to cross carpet or form his own party. No one could defeat his faith in the SDF party – so he remained steadfast and died as a staunched SDF militant whose vacuum created will only be filled by God. As democratic and flexible as the party’s dogma, Mangoh was reconciled with the party, and was blessed by the party to continue the reign. The party was admired by many

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Tribute to Mangoh Jones: Sleep Well My Hero

By Tamngwa Marcel Kwalar

Just like the sun that rises from the East
And sets to the West
Sleep Well My Hero
Shinning bright on all bringing dusk to the world
So too were you Mangoh Jones Tanko
But you took us aback as suddenly went to sleep
Leaving the municipality cool and fresh
And the weather thundered ….splashes of light
To confirm your comparable greatness
And Mbot burst out in tears
Where is Mangoh Jones Tanko?
You were strong than the lion
And swifter than the eagle
You were always the head and not the tail
And you wrote your name
Amongst the type of names found in our great books
A larger universal just like the sun
That doesn’t discriminate on whosoever it shines
And your loyalty to a course so consistent
You stood firm to those founding principles
Which our forebears fought for and died for
An encyclopedia of Wimbum culture and history
A political marathoner who was ever present
You were home to three virtues
You taught us patience, courage and persistence
You were brave even to death
Now you are right behind the hills and mountains
And I weep for you my Hero and friend
The no-nonsense Mangoh Jones Tanko
You were like a jewel to the Mbot people
That is why the haves and the have-nots
Even our childrens’ children yet to be born
Shall seek earnestly for knowledge of you
But here you lie in the casket
Deaf to our cries, weeping and mourning
We search in the dark thinking that you will see us
But your eyes are blind even to the
Thousands that pay you tribute from the silence of their hearts
Sleep well pride of Mbot
Sleep well friend of the people
Sleep well son of the lion
Sleep well our history book
Sleep well bever of great dreams and vision
Sleep well Mangoh Jones Tanko
Sleep well my Hero

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Tribute to Mangoh Jones Tanko

By Sajoh Amidu Yerima, SDF District Secretary/ Mangoh's Political Adviser

RIP Mangoh Jones
Mangoh Jones Tanko, your sudden exit from this planet has created a void in the minds of thousands of Social Democrats and freedom fighters. The dignity and hopes of the people found expression in your life. Your relentless fight for democracy, justice and development is and will forever be your cherished legacy. A giant of history you were for this Division and are very proud of you as such.
In the arc of your life, we saw a man who earned a place in the history pages of Donga Mantung in particular and Cameroon as a Nation through your struggle and shrewdness, and persistence and faith. Like other democrats you disciplined your thoughts and channeled your desire to fight tyranny under the banner of the SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC FRONT. You have always cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and equal opportunities. During the 1992 presidential elections campaigns you said ‘ it is an ideal which I will fight for as long as I live and I am ready to die for………’.
 When people see goodness in a person, they reciprocate and all I can now say is two simple words.
Thank you

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

For the Fallen Hero

By Ngala Donaldson

Oh death! Where is your pride?
Gone is the obscurity that blinded our forefathers
RIP My Hero Mangoh Jones Tanko
As they wept and waited in Black and went after feathers
In vain hope to placate the Morning tribe.
Our combat to unveil death’s pale mantle remains a dark venture
Feeble and brittle are the counter inventions of the rational creatures
To bar the doors to the unseen, destruction, death who is shameless
Today, we have come of age to know that death is shapeless
Oh! Critical minds shall mourn the big loss
The intelligentsia shall mourn the loss of a big boss
It’s too hard to bear but yet too real to believe
That we al are at injury time
Alas! The valiant soldier is no more
The man who has done so much
And now he lies dreaming of the glorious echoes of his sheep
As we mourn and reflect on him good deeds, we rejoice
As he has paid a solid foundation, let’s get ready to build and continue
Now that we celebrate and jubilate his heroic life
Oh you death! Where is your pride?
Adieu Pa Mangoh

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Tribute to My Mayor, My Mentor My Father

By Fon Yembe

When I was born in 1968, Kort was there by my mum.
When I was ready to trek to school, Jones was there
to carry me along
When I sweated at Sabongari in mid elementary, Tanko was there to chide me
When I was ripe to start fighting for democracy, Mangoh was there to inspire me
My Mentor, you were, as you stood for what is good, right and just
My Father you were, as you guided me along the path of righteousness
My Mayor, you were, when you built and led Nkambe to see real light
My Pastor, you were, when you made me see God as He is
Death did not first strike Adam, the first sinful man, nor Cain, the
first hypocrite, but Abel, the innocent and righteous.
The first soul that met death overcame death; the first soul parted
from earth went to to heaven.
Death argues not displeasure, because whom God loved best dies first,
and their murderer is punished with living ( so says a wise one)
You were not a hypocrite, but righteous and innocent
Let the world know that you have fallen to rise in multitude form
For your dreams as a democrat to take root in Nkambe and Mbum forever.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Kort Mangoh’s Legacy as Mayor of Nkambe 1996-2013 (Tribute)

By Fai Cassian Ndi

Nkambe Council Chamber
“My dream is to make Nkambe to have a look that is similar to  Washington or Nairobi and my vision is that Nkambe should be a green city” Mangoh Jones Tanko once told the population of Nkambe during his Public Hearing. 
Since great men do great things; Kort Mangoh Jones would be remembered from the numerous legacies he left behind in the Nkambe council area. Thousands of students he taught will always remember him. The villages that benefitted from his development agenda will do same. Kort Mangoh had a very soft spot for development and he did it with a lot of dexterity. In giving Nkambe its rightful position as the Divisional headquarters of Donga Mantung Division, Mangoh constructed a grandstand estimated at about FCFA 35.000.000, the best ever realized by a local council in the Region. The construction of the Nkambe Council town hall worth over FCFA 350.000.000 is one of the biggest ever in the North West after Kumbo. A master plan he developed for Nkambe town is also one of those giant projects whose fall out will spillover for years. “What people do not know is that Nkambe town begins from Binshua to Ntumbe, Moh, Njema, Njimpto and Kungi. That is how he obtained FCFA 61.000.000 to map out the council new layout. The opening of streets actually going on in Nkambe is the fallout of that Master plan which is financed by the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing. In all, the Nkambe council is expected to benefit at least FCFA 500.000.000 from this ministry to develop roads network in the town. 
Improving Access to Education
Nkambe Council chamber
Being a teacher, Kort Mangoh knew that development is best acquired by building the weak human resource base. After offering 400 scholarships to children, he thought of a more sustainable way which was to recruit teachers. He recruited the first set of 76 teachers and after a year, government absorbed almost all of them and shared to schools in Nkambe and the entire Division. He did not end there, he moved to the recruitment of a second set who taught under council payroll for two more years before some were absorbed. 
With the problem of staffing already solved, he embarked on providing schools that had no classroom and were operating in borrowed premises infrastructure. The school without classroom program in 2010 provided five schools with a befitting block of two classrooms each, head teachers’ offices, a store and pit toilet. The first beneficiaries were GS Saah, GS Mayo-Binka, GS Mbirboh, GS Bih and GS Mantu. From 1996 to 2013, Kort Mangoh constructed over 46 classrooms in his municipality with funding from FEICOM, GP DERUDEP and PNDP. The emergency rescue programme of the Nkambe council which he also initiated for schools was geared towards assisting schools that have suffered from disasters also created its impact. Over 18 schools received two bundles of zinc each while 13 others benefitted from a bundle of zinc each. For example CBC School Nkambe-wind disaster, PSS Nkambe-fire disaster, GS Ntali- winds disaster etc. FROM 1996-2013 about 8 thousand benches were shared to schools. 
Improving Access to Water
Since water they say is life, Mangoh Jones Tanko spared no efforts to make sure that the fears linked to water borne diseases were eradicated. By the time, Mangoh was leaving office, statistics show that access to potable water stood at about 85%. Old water schemes were rehabilitated and management committees setup and trained while new ones were established. Some of the schemes included the rehabilitation of the Tabenken water scheme, the construction of Chup/Bongom water scheme, the extension of Mbot water scheme, the construction of Mbijah water scheme etc etc. At the time water scarcity hit Nkambe town due to the poor management of wetlands and watersheds, with the support of Shumas, 50.000 water friendly trees were planted in watersheds and 20.000 others from the council nursery. Through the support of the Ministry of Forestry and Fauna, 5000 trees were planted in watersheds. Mangoh launched the eucalyptus project to fight water scarcity in Nkambe. His dream to establish a 700 million water giant scheme in Nkambe town may not have reached its logical end but the studies had been done. 
Development of Farms to Market Roads
Mangoh had always been apt to tell the population that the development of farms to market roads is the priority of the council but not far above water. From 1996-2013, about 845 km of eart roads were opened. Some of the roads that could be remembered are: Nkmabe-Ngie-Bongom-Lassin road, Binshua-Bih-Sah road, Wat-Chup-Mbabi-River Mbi road, Chup-Tuku-Tabenken road, Wat-Mbanka, Wat-Wanti-Mbaa road, Saah-Binjeng-Binka road, Binka-Mbomansu road, Nkambe-Moh road, Nkambe-Nimpto etc etc…
Development of Social Infrastructure
Mangoh Jones Tanko would be remembered for the construction of the Nkambe council chamber, the Nkambe grandstand, the Nkambe municipal complex, the rehabilitation of the Nkambe Rest House, the rehabilitation of the Nkambe community hall, the setting up of the Nkambe council cyber space, the construction of meat slaughter houses in Nkambe town, Binka, and the construction of meat sales slabs in the municipality. Mangoh established the Donga Mantung Community radio and others developmental projects. 
Mangoh- The Distinct Icon 
Mangoh Jones stands tall as one of the exemplary leader Cameroon has ever had. Both in the media and traditional side. Mangoh Jones was voted by Readers of The Eye Newspaper as the Best Mayor of the Year in 2013, in 2012 and 2013; Kort Mangoh was also rated by CHAMECC Communication Consul as the Best Mayor of Donga Mantung Division. In 2008, he was voted and honoured by Donga Mantung Association of Journalists-DOMAJ. At the traditional level Kort Mangoh got his first traditional title from the fon of Mbunti-in Ndu (Ta Nformi Mbunti) before he was conferred (Ta Nformi Nwaah) by the people of Tabenken.  
Kort Mangoh Jones would be remembered as one of the founding fathers of the Wimbum Student Union-WISU. He died as the patron of the student association. On the other side, he was the President of the Wimbum Literary Association-WILA, Vice National President of Warr Cultural and Development Association-WACUDA and an executive of the Wimbum Cultural ad Development Association-WICUDA.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Tribute to Mangoh Jones Tanko, Mayor of Nkambe Council 1996-2013

By Haruna Mohammadou
In March 1996, Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko took over the management of the Nkambe council. “ I went to
Mangoh flanked by his deputies in 1996 waiting to take over
the Nkambe Council and there was not even one paper on which I could write an instruction. I met council staff had spent thirty eight (38) months without salary. I inherited debts of about FCFA 43.000.000”. In the council coffers there was zero francs and zero revenue. He continued with his job of teaching while going to the council. By then the budget of the Nkambe council stood at FCFA 24.000.000 while realization was at FCFA 19.000.000. The amount was not even sufficient to pay staff. In 1998, the budget rose to FCFA 31.000.000 and Kort Mangoh and his team were able to realize FCFA 26.000.000. IN 1999, Kort Mangoh battled and raised the FCFA 31.000.000 and realized FCFA 28.000.000. “With this budget, the Nkambe council was qualified to apply for a municipal treasurer. Before we could apply for a municipal treasurer, all finances of the council were managed at the government treasury”. By then the mayor had no right to ask for money from the treasury to buy pens or papers. Everything was done on the whims and caprices of the treasurer. 
In the year 2000, Mangoh struggled and raised the budget of the Nkambe council to FCFA 45.000.000 in order to benefit from FEICOM Council additional taxes. “When I realized it, government gave us FCFA 24.000.000”. This amount was added to what was collected locally to raise the administrative account to FCFA 31.000.000. That is how the first municipal treasurer by name Suffo Michael was transferred to Nkambe Council. By 2002, the Nkambe Council was listed among the biggest councils in the region. The number of councilors were increased to 41 and instead of three deputies, Nkambe council rose to four deputies with a budget of FCFA 48.000.000. “We were able to offer 400 scholarships to our children and we started struggling how we could develop roads in the municipality”. He tried and repaired the lone bulldozer the council had and embarked on opening up farms to market roads. But the machine could not given that the parts were rare. The project for the construction of the Nkambe Municipal Complex was also envisaged and adopted by the council. In 2002, Kort Mangoh was already at the end of his first mandate. Fortunately, the mandates of mayors were extended for six months.
Second Mandate
After the 2002 Municipal elections, the SDF still won in Nkambe and Kort Mangoh was elected mayor. He had gathered enough experience in council management and system. His experience catapulted him to the helm of the Union of Cities and Councils of Cameroon-UCCC, North West Region for a second mandate. “This made me to understand what was going on in other municipalities. In 2002, I was also reelected as the President of UCCC North West”. He used the opportunity to porch development projects for his municipality and North West Councils. At UCCC, he signed several conventions especially with the Canadians to carryout feasibility studies in councils of the region. The appointment of Marafa Hamidou Yaya as Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization changed the face of development in councils and much was geared towards decentralization. In 2004, Kort Mangoh was part of the team that prepared an alternative law on decentralization to MINATD. “As an association of mayors and government delegates, we had solicited the services of experts coupled with our experiences prepared the laws but unfortunately for us, only the document prepared by government went through”. 
During Kort Mangoh’s second mandate, he discovered that the standard of education in the municipality had fallen drastically due to the lack of teachers. “I discovered that primary school graduates were not able to read or write even their names correctly. The council then opted to recruit 76 council teachers to the detriment of the scholarship programme that was only for 400 children every year”. With the collaboration of the Inspectorate of Basic Education, all schools without a trained teacher benefit for at least one. The following year, FSLC and Common Entrance results changed positively. At that time questions and worries about communication given that the council had cleared all its debts including the FCFA 19.000.000 owed SONEL they inherited. He then embarked on the creation of streets in Nkambe town. The dream of putting up the Donga Mantung Community radio arose and he embarked on it with the support of HELVESTAS after he struggled and obtained UNESCO’s okay for a community radio which unfortunately ended somewhere in Bamenda. “We had gone for years without information, at times when Television signals would come, they came without sound. I went out searching for a radio for my people. Government of Cameroon promised through UNESCO that they will give us a community radio. We did all the necessary requirements as they wanted. The unfortunate thing is that when the radio was finally approved for Nkambe, it ended up in Bamenda”. The sad incident pushed the mayor of Nkambe to continue the search. Luckily his landed him on a UK based organization, Radio Active that accepted to supply the equipment. With the collaboration of Chifu Edward and Hon. Awudu Mbaya, Nkambe finally got a community radio. The moment the equipment was shipped to Cameroon, Kort Mangoh had traveled to the United States of America. “I was excited when Mbeh Wilfred called me to inform me that some whites have come to install the radio. That made me happy and I said in my mind that at last my people are free”. But before Mangoh left office, he had obtained a loan from FEICOM to purchase two transmitters of 600 KWA each to increase the coverage of the radio. This was one of the giant strikes of Kort Mangoh as would be seen in his development agenda for Nkambe. 
Third Mandate
Installation of Mayor Mangoh and 4 deputies in 2007
During the 2007 Twin Elections the SDF won the Nkambe council again and Kort Mangoh was re-elected mayor amidst the ill decision of his party investiture. Mboke Godlive Ntua, the then SDO for Donga Mantung Division was smart to calm down flaring tempers as 16 councilors who had voted against raised illusions for being rushed. Kort Mangoh emerged victorious with 24 votes against 16. 
The SDF stepped in and threatened to dismiss all the councilors who had voted him. A few weak ones back paddled while those who adhered to the principle and slogan of “Power to the People” ignored the threats. For close to two years, Mangoh could not organize a successful council session as boycott became the meal of the day. 
To the greatest surprise of all, Kort Mangoh was at his best. He concentrated his energy and efforts in writing and lobbying for projects. At a blow, he inaugurated the construction of 5 schools with two classrooms each, headteachers office and pit toilet attached. During that inauguration, Kort Mangoh used the opportunity as a free thinker, to question whether the Social Democratic Front was now a social front. It angered party hierarchy and he (Mangoh, DK Nfor of Ndu, Chiato of Njinikom, Tikanjoh of Babessi and the mayor of Bafoussam II were sacked from the SDF). Mangoh became the spokesperson of the group of mayors who had challenged party investiture-There was a lot of wrangling left and right. But this did not stop him from implementing his development agenda for Nkambe. After two years or so, Kort Mangoh and co were rehabilitated back into the SDF.  
It was at that particular moment that Nkambe council was benefiting from its partnership with UCCC and GP DERUDEP. Having mastered the council system and how it operates, he sorted and lobbied for development projects from all angles. The administrative accounts of the Nkambe council had also risen to about FCFA 378.000.000. He embarked on the school without classroom program. Schools and health centres were constructed left and right. Water schemes were rehabilitated and new one established. Operation Greening Nkambe and catchment protection set in. A Master-plan was done for Nkambe town alongside Monographic Studies, Local Economic Development Plan and Strategic Plan. When the National Community Driven Program-PNDP zoomed in and with the Nkambe council market slabs were constructed, health centres, meat sales slabs and many others. Mangoh gave Nkambe the biggest Grandstand second to none in Cameroon, and, a Council Hall that is rated as the best in the Region. 

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Tribute to The Legendary Teacher, Politician, Social Democrat, Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko

By Fai Cassian Ndi
RIP Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko
Cometh the hour, cometh the man, that’s the only suitable and most fitting tribute I can reserve for my departed likeable hero, Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko, who exited the game of life on Sunday October 12, 2014.  
In fact that day was one of the bad days that I would have loved to see it erased from the calendar, but since Heaven needed a hero, I had no other option than to succumb to the Lord Almighty. His decision is supreme. 
The Man Whom I know as the mayor of Nkambe, the teacher and a father can be described in many ways as a jovial man who never failed to crack a joke whenever the opportunity arose. He was an easygoing teacher, politician and an advocate who was affectionately known in all circles. Kort Mangoh Jones had an affinity for people from all walks of life, while his enthusiasm and passion for development, democracy and education knew no borders.
In fact I had the privilege to enjoy an amicable relationship with him, benefitting from his sages in administration and activism. 
When I got news that Kort Mangoh Jones was called up to prepare a better place for all of us, I felt a pinch in my throat about the sad news.
Throughout the day, I was uttering incoherently to myself that this can’t be true and pinched myself several times in an effort to drag myself back to reality, in thought that I was daydreaming. 
Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko became the mayor of Nkambe council after having spent his youthful life learning and teaching. As primary school teacher, he rose from a classroom teacher to head teacher and supervisor of community schools. After a Bachelor Degree in Nigeria, government called him back on pretext that he had abandoned his job as teacher. This was after he had spent close to 14 years as a teacher. For fear not to squash the years hard labour and lost his pension, he was obliged to come back home and forfeit his postgraduate programme at the University of Ilorin-Nigeria. 
In November 1986, Kort Mangoh resumed duty in the then Ministry of National Education in Yaounde. While in Yaounde, he was able to see how Yaounde functions. Working in an office wasn’t comfortable for him given that he was more at ease teaching. He decided to meet the then Secretary of National Education, Eko Ngomba and pleaded if he could be posted to teach in Nkambe as classroom teacher. Unfortunately for him, he was instead transferred to the then North West Provincial Delegation of National Education in Bamenda.
Kort Mangoh Jones took over functions in Bamenda in October 1987. When his boss was sacked and sent to the classroom, Mangoh went on his knees for a second time to plead if he too could be moved to the classroom. Instead of Nkambe Government High School, he was sent to the only bilingual High School in Bamenda to teach world affairs, a subject he enjoyed teaching given that he used to have at least 200 to 300 students in a class. “It kept me busy and I enjoyed that teaching life. They loved me and I loved them. Maybe that is why I have many friends today left and right both in the administration and other services”. He started enjoying the freedom he missed. 
While in Bamenda, Kort Mangoh Jones was elected Secretary of the Wimbum Community and was also selected to be the National Language broadcaster for the Wimbum Community. The management of radio Bamenda by then also decided to engage him in the broadcasting of some programmes in English. He was anchoring one of the most popular radio programmes “The World Around You”. He was appointed as Assistant Chief Examiner of the GCE “A” Level, a post he held for 8 years. “As we were working we made the town of Bamenda very lively due to the fact that we were holding debates trying to put in place a mafia that could really change this country. On March 16, 1990, Ni John Fru Ndi presented a paper that he deposited documents for the legalization of a political party. We were the first people to rush to him. And that is how we really caused the population to feel happy that Cameroon has at last has another political party”. Tension mounted in Bamenda to the point that Mangoh’s programmes on CRTV Bamenda were being monitored. What happened was that when the Social Democratic Front-SDF was launched on May 26, 1990, he joined several others to register as a militant. “When I went down to Yaonde in July of that year for the marking of the GCE, I met Hon. SN Tamfu and during our discussions, I told him that Pa I know one can only win elections in Nkambe as an opposition. Now that a new political party will start operating in Cameroon, could he tell me he used to do to win in Nkambe. He replied that: my son I have suffered too long in the opposition. I travelled on foot and my shoes were torn. I want to be in Government so that I can enjoy a bit before I die”. Mangoh said he asked Hon. SN Tamfu that “now that he wants to enjoy” where he keeps them who were his supporters. The reply was “I want you people to stand with me in the government party”. That was the beginning of a new page in the life of the teacher. In fact a new line that would bring him heat and then lands him into the hall of fame as a pragmatic politician. 
As civil servant, it was not going to be easy for the teacher, Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko. The town of Bamenda which in normal situation is cold was producing a lot of heat for Kort Mangoh and others. During the Presidential elections of 1992, Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko was transferred to Lycee du Kouseri-Extreme North. “I was baffled by the fact that I was being transferred to a Francophone area to go and teach history in English. In fact was being asked to go and teach students where we cannot even communicate because I could not speak or understand basic French”. 
Faced with this, Mangoh Jones travelled down to Yaounde and begged the Minister of National Education to transfer him to Nkambe where he could live happily with his people. Robert Mbella Mbappe, the then Minister of National Education wrote his transfer with a pen, signed and handed to him. In 1993, Kort Mangoh Jones took up teaching at GHS Nkambe but became a thorn in the flesh to many; maybe because he was always very open. While at GHS Nkambe, Kort Mangoh discovered that the school was suffering from lack of teachers. When he was travelling to Yaounde, he asked the Principal of GHS if he could give him the list of subjects without teachers. He took the list to Yaounde and before he could get to Nkambe, 19 new teachers were transferred to GHS Nkambe but unfortunately for him the 20th name of the list was Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko transferred from GHS Nkambe to Lycee du Mora, in Far North. “I could not face all the torture because I had already put in more than twenty years as a teacher. It angered me to the point that I decided to apply for voluntary retirement. I personally took my application to the Minister and told him I wanted to be a free and happy man. Since I had no class to teach in Nkambe, I did go to class. I stayed home for one year four months and the Principal pleaded with the Minister to transfer me from Lycee du Mora back to Nkambe”. But the reason was that in 1993, Mangoh Jones Tanko was voted as SDF District chairman for Nkambe and his political opponents saw him as a threat and want him far off before local elections. 
In 1995, Kort Mangoh Jones was transferred from Lycee du Mora back to GHS Nkambe. Mangoh then decided to travel to Mora just to see the place and the school he was posted to go and teach. By then even his salary was suspended. And he lost his wife during those hard moments. 
In October 1995, Municipal and Legislative elections were announced and he started mobilizing strongly to get councilors. He managed with some few friends to establish a council list representing all the villages of Nkambe Central. The SDF with Mangoh as District chairman was the first to submit the council list for the municipal elections given that no other political party succeeded. When elections were conducted, the SDF won by 80% and in January 1996, the councilors of Nkambe Council elected Kort Mangoh Jones as the first democratically elected mayor of the then Nkambe Rural Council. 

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Tribute: Pa Mangoh Jones; The Man I Know

By Shey Rene
RIP Mangoh Jones Tanko
Fondly called in Mbot as Pa Yenikeh her first daughter) Pa Mayor, Pa Mangoh met with me during the Mbot Youth National Council (MYNACO) Convention of 2009. After a long chat with him in the domain of politics especially or with emphases on my education project where I wrote on “Issues in Local Politics” with a case study on Post Elections Crisis in Nkambe Council where he was at the center of the crisis. We extended the discussions to the socio-economic life of our people of Mbot. Some few months later, maybe motivated by the tied political relationship with my father or our discussion, he called me from Buea to come and work with him as a private secretary. 
As a former private secretary, the Man I know Pa Mangoh was a complete master in the management of council affairs. He metamorphosed and changed the socio-economic lives of council workers, added a fresh impetus in it management and had the dexterity to always challenging some council workers who were below the expected standards to go back to school else they would face the rage of decentralization by losing their jobs. 
OMG!!! Here lies the visionary leader, development luminary, a man of powerful speeches. He won the hearts and trust of Nkambe people when it comes to delivery speeches especially when the municipality is highly quested. People will listen keenly and thereafter scramble to have copies his ever authoritative and critical speeches. He was very meticulous in checking mistakes and hates them.  
The Man I know knew that he was a legend when it comes to the management of council in Cameroon. He was proudly know and called by his peers as “Big Mayor” of Donga Mantung Division given that he was often the favourite choice of the then Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralization Marafa Hamidou Yaya to partake in pertinent decisions on decentralization. The Man I worked for as private secretary is one of the pillars of decentralization in Cameroon. 
Here lies a Great Teacher, an Intellectual and a well informed Historian. A man who would always like to say what is in his mind even in front of the supervisory authority especially on the differences in the interpretation of the law on decentralization. He would not even listen to others; knowing within him that he was not only a colossus in stature but a giant in knowledge that had no bounds. From this perspective, he would always like to force his facts or idea through. He had never cherished following the crow. 
I can vividly remember when the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung assigned the Divisional Officer for Nkambe Central to meet him so that they can look for long lasting solutions to the problem at the Nkambe Park. The Divisional Officer met us in his house his reasons of coming to the house. He listened and said “Mr. Divisional Officer, I am a senior citizen, I have served this country so well and I have been at the helm of the council for 14 years attending meetings on decentralization and I have an in-depth knowledge about the law. Parks in Cameroon are managed by councils and not Dos or SDOs. I am sorry that I will not have time to talk on an issue that is very clear like this”.
The DO left in anger expressing discontent that the mayor did not want peace to rein in the municipality. He turned to me and said that “Rene I cannot attend a meeting of the Nkambe Council convened by the Divisional Officer, for he is supposed to be a mere Secretary General of the country if this country is finally decentralized”. 
When I left him to join the teaching profession, Pa Mangoh Jones was the man who advised me to join active politics. When I hesitated, Pa Manogh told me that Cameroon in the present dispensation needs people who are fast and ready to sacrifice for the welfare of the people. “Come on board; I know you will be up to the task”. I accepted the advised and we went in for the October 2013 Municipal elections. The outcome is that our defeat was highly contested. 
At this particular point in time, I lack words to describe Pa Mangoh I know. To sum it all, Pa Mangoh was fearless, bold; the real son of Mbit who would never missed any occasion. 
Rest in Peace my Hero… You fought the fight and you won the race. 
The Lord that you served on that Sunday and the ancestors of the people will bless and keep you. OMG!!! Pa Mangoh: The legend, Baoba, Warrior of Nkambe.
In fact I am flabbergasted and deeply touched by your untimely departure.

Congratulations Pa Mangoh my mentor
Congratulations for the legacies you left
Congratulations the visionary and Revolutionary Icon
Congratulations to a Warrior; 
so accomplished and Great

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Tribute: Synopsis of The Legendary Icon: Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko

By Ngwani John Nganyu
RIP Lord Mayor
Kort Mangoh Jones Tanko was born in Mbot village by humble parents who lived in the traditional sedentary society characterized by hand to mouth agriculture. He attended primary and secondary education at Mbot, Mbipgo, Binka and Joseph Merrick Baptist College-JMBC Ndu to acquire the required certifications that facilitated his desire for further education (FSLC and GCE “O” Levels). 
The desire and love he developed for the teaching profession, made him to discover that the way forward to fulfill that dream to register in a teacher training college. Kort Mangoh Jones registered at Baptist Teacher Training College Soppo-Buea where he enrolled for the Grade II Certificate and hence continued with the Grade I. Kort Mangoh graduated with credits in most of the subjects. These certificates enabled him to teach in the primary segment of the education system. Kort Mangoh Jones started his teaching career as a Baptist Mission teacher at Mbipgo village but was forcefully absorbed into the Cameroon public service where he continued on his own to study for his Advanced Level papers. I can remember him travelling from Sabongari to Taku on foot to meet me copy some advanced level notes on various subjects. He continued in his endeavour and finally acquired prerequisite papers for further and higher education. 
As we grow up in the village, we had high aspirations for further prolonged arguments and debate on various issues. Our lifestyle was characterized by prolonged arguments and debates on various topics. As head teacher of Government School Ntumbaw, he created 9 community schools that were attached to the main school at Ntumbaw where he later became a Supervising Head Teacher. As a primary school teacher, Kort Mangoh’s teaching abilities and the love for the profession earned him two distinct titles. He was honoured with the title of “Ta Nformi Mbo-nti” by seven fons of the Mbo-nti area in Ndu Sub Division when Government decided to take over the seven community schools he created and was Supervising head teacher. When he was teaching at GS Tabenken, he produced a record time result that pushed the Fon of Tabenken to honour him with the title of “Ta Nformi Nwah” meaning Ta Nformi Education.  
Despite his prestigious position, Nfor Ngala Nfor and I while pursuing post graduate programmes in Education at the Ahmadou Bello University Zaria in Nigeria, persuaded and encouraged him to enroll for a University Programme in Nigeria. 
He left the position of Head Teacher and went to the University of Ilorin in Nigeria where on graduation he obtained with Honors a Bachelors degree in History (BA Hons. History). While carrying out his research on the history of Wimbum people and questioning brilliantly the sub chief of Tamba-Taku, Fai Ndichijap and suing his knowledge of historiography to acquire the relevant facts about the Wimbum people, the Sub Chief wondered aloud whether Kort Mangoh was not an ancestral spirit sent by the gods of the land to get information from him. At the time Kort Mangoh was carrying that research, Fai Ndichijap was the oldest and living information bank in Mbum land. From the research, Kort Mangoh emerged as the most authentic author of Wimbum history. In short he was the live encyclopedia on Wimbum history. 
Kort Mangoh’s life as a politician was as controversial as the controversies that surrounded the formation of the Social Democratic Front-SDF party on May 26, 1990. As a social and political scientist, he emerged from the classroom as well as from being a GCE Examiner on World Affairs to be a visionary leader of the Mbum people, a dream of his aspirations and expectations. As the mayor of Nkambe, his contributions are immense. He lived and died as a strong advocate of decentralization and democracy.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

IFPRI Issues Release on Preventing an Ebola-related Food Crisis

October 21, 2014--As the Ebola outbreak continues to unfold, Shenggen Fan, director general of IFPRI, has released a press statement about the outbreak and the rising food crisis that is unfolding in West Africa.

Press Statement:

"While the health impacts of Ebola are devastating, this recent outbreak is triggering a food crisis that may persist for decades, posing significant challenges not just for food security in the region, but also for future economic growth. Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone were already experiencing food security issues before the outbreak, and undernourishment has long been a problem. Now, schools in Sierra Leone have closed, shutting down critical feeding programs for children. And restrictions on the consumption of bush meat, the suspected source of Ebola, have eliminated a traditional source of protein and nutrition from local diets. 
"In addition, the costs of staple foods – including rice and cassava – are rising precipitously in the affected areas as crops are abandoned and as labor shortages grow. Food that would be imported from these areas is not making its way to other regions, either. So, as we weigh the dangers of this dreaded disease, we must not forget the very real threats it poses to food security. The global community must come together to ensure that there are safety nets to protect not only those infected with the disease, but also those whose access to food is severely affected." 

For more information or if you would like to speak to Shenggen Fan, call 202-627-4310.
Deborah Horan

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Lassin Wins Noni Unity Cup (Euphoria in Pics)

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Wache Francis Performing Njang Dances with Populace at Noni Unity Cup Football Final (in pics 3)

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Fanfare at Noni Unity Cup Final (fanfare in pics)

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

The Fanfare at Noni Unity Cup Football Final (in Pics)

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

Wache Pulls Thousands at Noni Unity Cup (Event in Pics 1)

Arrival of Laasin supporters

Mayor Wache sitting at the Grandstand (Trophy) 

SG of Nkor Council

Traditional rulers present


Players on the pitch 

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)