Monday, August 25, 2014

Ebola Scare: Policeman Abandons Suspect, Flees Checkpoint

Olufamous-A funny scenario played out at what looked like illegal road block mounted by some mobile policemen around the Umunede new Road junction on the Asaba-Benin Expressway at the weekend as one of the policemen, believed to have hailed from the North, ran and shouted for help after mistaking Eboka for Ebola.
Those who saw the policeman running at the state of confusion also took to their heels, while others trapped in their vehicles that could not immediately run for their dare lives watched hopelessly for the worst to come.
It was gathered that the mobile policeman had demanded to check the particularly of a privately owned car and shouted at the owner of the car to bring out his cars particulars, almost treating him like a suspect.
With the threatening look on the face of the policeman and the gun he was clutching, the car owner was said to have told him Eboka, causing him to take off at a frightening speed and shouting for help.
Soon, other vehicles behind and his colleagues were also said to have run away as well, until they were told that the man’s name was Eboka, not Ebola
After being told that Eboka (which means Family Is Supreme in Ika language) was different from the Ebola virus by those who rushed to catch a glimpse of the unfolding drama, the fleeing police man returned.

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480 Soldiers Flee Nigeria…Defect To Cameroon BBC Says

In spate of the incessant attack in the north-eastern states by the terrorist Islamic sect, Boko Haram, 480 Nigerian soldiers have fled the region and defected to the northern city of Maroua, in Cameroon.
The British Broadcasting Service (BBC) Africa, said in the Twitter handle that the soldiers defected to Cameroon, but gave no reason for the defection.
The inability of the Nigerian military to acquire superior weapons to confront the dreaded Boko Haram sect has caused some soldiers to abandon the force while some willingly gave up arms.
Leader of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, had earlier released a video claiming dominance over Gwoza town and declaring it an Islamic caliphate, an action the Director of Defence Information, Maj. Gen Chris Olukolade had denied.
The defence spokesman mentioned that the territorial integrity of Nigeria was intact but a military operation to retake Gwoza was underway.
Last Wednesday, 200 AK 47 assault rifles belonging to the police were carted away by Boko Haram who attacked the Police Academy in Gwoza. The guns were seized from three mobile police units-Mopol 50, Abuja; Mopol 38 and Mopol 58 based in Akwanga and Lafia respectively.

Source: NewsRescue

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Consul General Applauds Nigerian Community in Donga Mantung

H.E Dan Wari flanked by Fon Ibrahim Japbfu Nfor (Fon of Nkambe)
The Nigerian Consul General for North West and South West Region has applauded Chief Kennet Obiora, the chief of the Nigerian Community in Donga Mantung Division for their dynamism. Dan Wari made the declaration during a two day meet the people tour that took him to Ndu and Nkambe. Talking to journalists after the two-day visit, Dan Wari said he was touched by the way Nigerians are live and commune with their brothers and sisters of this part of the country. To him, the Nigerian Community in Donga Mantung Division is the most organized and " i am delighted that they at home here" he continued. H.E Dan Wari didn't hide his feelings when he said that other communities should learn from the example from this part of the country.

On his part Chief Kennet Obiora expressed thanks and gratitude to the Consul General for the timely visit. He also used the opportunity to call on all Nigerians resident in Donga Mantung Division to adhere into the union. To Chief Kennet Obiora Nkambe is home away from home. He also congratulated other dignified business magnets like Shey Auto (proprietor of Auto International, one of the contractors in the Division), and others who have invested much in Donga Mantung Division. Also another giant like Onyeka who is MTN distributor in Donga Mantung Division who employs hundreds directly or indirectly as Call Boxers It should be noted that Chief Kennet Obiora is also one of the biggest Apropastoral entrepreneur in the North West Region. He has invested in the processing and transformation of kernels into various forms and is actually putting in place a pastoral complex which is expected to provide jobs to the youth.

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Batibo Council Embarks on Promoting Sustainable Inland Fish Farming

By Dorothy Agbor
Besides impressive farm produce like cocoyam, yam, palm oil and the famous “futchu” the Batibo Council in the North West Region of Cameroon has embarked on empowering fish farmers in a discovery of new fish technologies to boost the breeding of fishes. Unlike before when cash crops used to be the only main source of income in that municipality, fish farming is hoped to become another potential source of income which will go a long way to impact lives positively.
In line with this, the Batibo Council in collaboration with the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries on August 20, 2014 organized a training workshop to drill fish farmers and would-be fish breeders on inland fish farming techniques.
In his opening speech, the mayor of Batibo Council Tanjoh Fridrick urged councilors to come up with an action plan for fishing. Harping on the economic importance of inland fishing, Mayor Tanjoh Fridrick disclosed that the Batibo could support in buying fingerlings as part of their contribution to farmers. Batibo council he added is committed to support sustainable inland fish farming. He also encouraged all those going into fish farming that by so doing they will not only depend on cocoyam and other crops but that fish farming will fetch them better income. “It will also increase the intake of protein in the municipality” he argued.
The workshop according to the Sub Delegate for MINEPIA-Batibo was entirely sponsored by the council while his service provided the technical know-how. The workshop was more of practical (on farm demonstration) than theory as participants visited Pa Godfrey Asanji’s farm where they shared ideas, experiences and knowledge on the construction of fish ponds, selection of fingerlings, fertilization, feeding, harvesting etc.  Talking to this reporter, Pa Asanji says it took him alot of time, energy and money to come up with the fish pond and being one of the largest in the region, important agriculturalists who visited his pond promised giving him a medal which was never fulfilled. Yet,  “I have never had any subvention from government ever since I started. I remember I was once told that the governor was to visit my fish pond, but finally he did not”, he concluded. However, Pa Asanji remained committed to fish farming; today he is being presented as a model to newcomers and would-be fish farmers in Batibo Sub Division.
 The discoveries made by this humble farmer portray good techniques of breeding and preservation, which other farmers who visited his pond were eager to learn in order to reduce  costs of production and increase the productivity of their ponds.
In that regard, Nugang Godwin Forbang, a field technician in-charge of training practicing farmers, told participants that fish farming is good business. Hear him “we try to make them understand that what they are doing is business not any kind of subsistence farming or activity and also government has invested a lot of money and is still promising more inorder for them to be well trained”. To him the workshop is expected to empower farmers on the modern techniques of fish farming such as site selection, pond management, as well as feed production using local available produce. He said that a pond must be made in a place with sun light to facilitate the growing of algae in the surface of the water; algae are the main food for fish.  He also instructed farmers to avoid making the pond near a raffia palm bush or eucalyptus so that these trees will not absorb all the water in the pond with their roots. The pond he added must be well protected with bamboos well netted around to protect it from predators and thieves.
“The surface area of a pond can vary from 10m2 to more than 400m2 according to the set objective for the production. The dept should be at least 1.2m at the level of the water supply pipe and 1.5m at the emptying pipe.  A good pond should have the form of a wheelbarrow raised at the level of the knees. The dike at the end should be at least 6 m and its top 1m with a gentle slant that allows for entering the pond without the least difficult. We are trying as much as possible to use the most comprehensive language-pidgin English to reach them so that they can understand”, he continued. In order to stratify fish farming, Nugang says prospects of submitting a project for Islamic Bank funding are high given that very soon they will embark in setting fish farming groups in the municipality. This he said will sustain their actions and boost the sector as well given that the environment is already an asset. He emphasized that they will go for funding that will enable farmers to acquire fingerlings and set up sales points with refrigerators as well.
Background Information
Out of an estimated 176,000 tons of fish produced in Cameroon annually, only 1,000 come from aquaculture sector or inland fish farming. This represents 0.1% of national production despite the available natural resources that allow for higher fish farming. Cameroon allegedly spends close to 100 billion francs CfA each year to import fish to supplement the production deficit which is estimated to be 230,000 tons of fish.
Pa Asanji testified recently that during the year there is enough fish in his farm at harvesting, he makes money. But unfortunately most farmers who have ventured into it do not have the yields they expected at the end of the year.  “Unfortunately, pond fish farming, which started in Cameroon in the early 1950s, is still poorly established and far from realizing its potential”, says the Fon of Mbengwi, Fon Thaddeus, another renowned farmer in the North West Region. In the past, farmers were able to acquire fingerlings at the Nkwen Fish Pond and Mbengwi, yet some of these ponds which were financed from government financing have been neglected. Since fish farming is not like poultry that a farmer gets a new band every time, it is hoped that the Batibo model will go a long way to revamp the one-time flourishing sector that collapsed into the doldrums.    A study carried out on the ‘Development and Status of Freshwater Aquaculture in Cameroon’ in 2008 indicated that “fish is a preferred protein source for most Cameroonians because it is cheap compared to other meats as bush meat, pork, chicken and beef”. Although there is a problem of fingerlings, finance to open up fish farming businesses, poor organization by the farmers, the dominant use of earthen pond instead of modern structures, some farmers do not know even the basics in fish farming before getting into the activity. They are unable to get the good varieties, they do not construct good fish ponds and they do not feed the fish well. Earthen ponds are the commonest rearing structure of aquaculture in Cameroon up to date thus production is low and discouraging for many farmers, who remain at the subsistence level and lack the basic know-how. As a result most fish farmers according to researchers are not satisfied with their harvests, thus getting discouraged.
However, prospects are high with the coming of LIFEDEP, giant project intended to boost livestock and fisheries activities in the North West Region.
Rearing Tilapia
Tilapia is very common in the North West Region. However, if raised alone in the pond, the farmer will harvests much fish but of very small sizes that are just like fingerlings. This is due to rampant tilapia reproduction in the pond. This explains why tilapia should be raised in ponds with other carnivorous species of fish like clarias, African cat fish that eat and regulate the number of tilapia in the pond.
African cat fish or claria
This fish is generally used in the pond as predator. The species grow faster than the tilapia but it is not easy to get its fingerlings. It is advised that fish farmers who can afford them make provision of one cat fish for two tilapias. Thus, for a pond of 300m2 the farmer can put 300 tilapias to 150 catfish. If the fish farmer cannot buy the cat fish, ‘hemicromis fasciatus’ locally called ‘banga fish’ can be got from streams around and put in the pond to regulate the tilapia population.
‘Hemicromis fasciatus’ (Yellowish fish with five black marks on each side)
This fish is very effective in the control of tilapia in the pond, but grows slowly. It is advised to put one hemicromis fasciatus for 20 tilapias. Some fish farmers have nicknamed it a tiger in the mist of sheep.
‘Parchena obscura’ (viper fish)
Put two viper fish for two tilapias. Yields in tilapia ponds in association with predator fish
After 8 months of rearing tilapia alone one can harvest lots of tilapia but very tiny fish just like fingerlings.To get one kg of fish, you need at list ten fish from such a pond. This is good if the fish farmer wanted to produce fingerlings. When you associate tilapia with cat fish or viper fish you could harvest tilapia large enough for three to five fish to weigh one kg, with catfish weighing 800g and some tilapia fingerlings.  With ‘hemichromis’, you will have tilapia that two to 4 fish will weigh a kg and no tilapia fingerling will be got, but much of the hemichromis fingerlings and adults of small sizes (more than 10 of such fish can get into one kg).

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hon. Awudu Mbaya Wins Man of The Year Again

 The Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung Centre, Hon Awudu Mbaya who doubles as Questor at the National Assembly has been voted by readers of The Eye as "Man of The Year" for a second time. He was represented at the fun filled ceremony by his wife Mary Awudu. Mary Awudu receiving the award from the hands of the Chairman of the (12 man) Jury Gwain Colbert Fulai (L'Action/ Dignity Tv) 

Mary Awudu receiving The Man of the Year Award on behalf of the husband
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Madame Mary Awudu making an acceptance speech

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Recognizing People Role Models for Nation Building (The 7th Anniversay in Pics)

The awards were handed to the Laureates by the Chairman of the Jury Gwain Colbert Fulai (L'Action/ Dignity TV)
Abdou Borno receiving Gerard Ngala's award as Political Philanthropist of the Year

Joe Bashi receiving 2014 Jury Award as Best Football Promoter

Mr. Gibip receiving Njilah Isaiah Tata's award as Best Divisional Delegate of the South West Region

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Standing Ovation for Traditional Rulers at The Eye 7th Anniversary

Distinct Traditional Rulers received their Recognitions from the Hands of Hon. Esther Ngala, Awah Cletus and Augustine Powege Halle. ( A Clean Community Program was Sponsored by Yaah Patience Tamfu, Dr. Nick Ngwanyam, Juliette Schlegl, Mafor Achidi Achu Judith and Eric Motumo (Chronicle newspaper)

Most Popular Traditional Ruler (Fon of Nkambe/ Cleanest Palace)

Fon of Kungi (For Dynamism and Igniting traditional rulers to go to school after graduating from GTTC
Fon of Nkanchi (Cleanest Palace)

Fon of Ngouluh (Cleanest Palace)
Fon of Ngom(Sabongari) Cleanest Palace
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Standing Ovation for Role Models at The Eye 7th Anniversary(III)

Laureates received their Recognitions from the Hands of Augustine Powege Halle ( the Twin Award Winning Manager of Blue Pearl Hotel)
Best Contractor; Ets Auto International (Ndu) Receiving his Recognition
Shey Auto flanked by friends/family

Ndoumba Godlove Honoured for Instilling discipline at GBHS Misaje

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Standing Ovation for Role Models at The Eye 7th Anniversary (II)

Representative of Nkambe Cooperative Credit Union receiving for his structure
Shey Toobako receiving his award as Best Folklore (Wanmauh) 
Ndi Ephiciance: Best Young Farmer of the National Civil Agency for Participation in Development

Representative of Wamey Pankracius ( For Investigative Journalism)

SG of Jakiri Council Representing Jaff Romanus, Mayor of Jakiri

Representative of Bawe Vincent Receiving " Most Popular Radio Program" IF NA YOU

Tarfen Warta (Promoter of Matignon Night Cub) Rising Businessman
 Laureates received their Recognitions from the Hands of Awah Cletus Fobuzi alias AC Risky ( Most Claimed Civil Society Activist/ CEO of NECLA Hotel Bamenda)
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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Standing Ovation for Role Models at The Eye 7th Anniversary

Role Models received their Recognitions from the Hands of Ma Manjuh of Donga Mantung, Madame Mary Awudu. 
Representative of Youth and Women Empowerment for Change-Yde
Ken Martin Atanga: Best in School Management

Sister Yvette honoured as Best Tailor in African wear
Branch Manager of BAPCCUL Ndu Usmanu Baba as best in Micro finance
Representative of the Divisional Delegate of Agriculture Donga Mantung, Ncham George
District Chairman for Ndu, Ngabah Eric honoured as Most Dynamic DC

Gonga Timothy Kari honoured as Best Cameraman

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Euphoria That Saluted Winners of The Eye Award

 Laureates Receiving their Recognitions from the President of the Donga Mantung High Court Justice Nfonsam Dieudonne
John Kongor: Proprietor of AGAPE Best Primary and Nursery School
Gerald Ngeh alais Uche: Best Stand up Comedian

Abdou Borno Kamfon: For Political Endurance and Youth Emancipation
Representative Ndu Elecam Council Head
Loya Lawrence: Donga Mantung Divisional President for FECAFOOT

Abanda Marcel: All Round Best CNYC President
Sajoh Amidu: For Political Strategies

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

At 7th Anniversary: The Eye Recognizes Societal Role Models (ceremony in Pics Two)

Halle Augustin (Representing Ntumfor Barrister Nico Halle)

President of Donga Mantung High Court Receiving Award
Halle Augustine (Director of Blue Pearl Hotel Bda) receives Twin Awards ( as Best Hotel and Best Manager)

Manjong Sixtus: Best Divisional Delegate for Mezam
Hon Njingum Musa Quaestor at the National Assembly represented by Private Secretary

Frankline Ndzi Nformi: Best Sub Treasurer

Tamfu Blessing receiving award as Best Elecam Staff

Musa Shey Nfor, CamCCUL President Represented by BAPCCUL Branch Manager Ndu

James Onu for Business Excellence

Chief Obiora Kennet recognized as Best Agropastoral Entrepreneur
It should be noted that the laureates received their recognitions from the hands of 1st Assistant SDO for Donga Mantung Division

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