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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Matters Arising: What if Atanga Nji’s Closeness to Biya is the Problem?

Paul Nji Atanga: What if he is not guilty?
Counterfeit indictments are always of particular interest to Judases because cynicism has often been at the forefront of giving voice to wrong accusations and or drummed up intrigues. A good example is the famous Salem witch trials (in which innocent young women were falsely accused of being witches) as well as the Satanic Panic moral panic (in which dozens of innocent men and women were falsely accused of sexually assaulting children and others) and hundreds of examples in between, skeptics have often been there to remind the public to ask for evidence before rushing to judgment. Of course, this is nothing new; people routinely do things because they have an interest in doing so, especially the so-called politicians.

The much trumpeted summon by the Special Tribunal arguing Minister Paul Nji Atanga to report for interrogation could easily be captured through Roy Baumeister’s theory of two spheres of evolution. It is obvious to believe that the way information from the Special Tribunal is filtering out to the media has shaped men and women psychologically similar in this matter. Could it be that Minister Paul Nji Atanga’s closeness to President Biya is giving some people sleepless nights?
Of course, men especially politicians always make numerous false accusations when their interest is seen to be or is at stake, simply because every other thing is all in matters of the public sphere. Political villainy is out in the open and common knowledge and tactics of character assassination, and the Special Tribunal Court is seemingly tilted to it. In Cameroon, it is common that every time someone is arrested, a list of embezzlers is published by the various media. The arrest of Mendo Ze, former General Manager of CRTV is a case in point. Some politicians have used this method to settle political scores while others have used it as a means to give the dog a bad name for it to be hanged.
Paul Atanga Nji is Minister of Special Duties at the Presidency of the Republic and Permanent Secretary of the Security Council. Popular opinion especially in the North West holds that it is obvious that Minister Paul Nji Atanga is victim of a well calculated obnoxious act by those who continue to wonder who and why an "Anglo" could be so close to the Head of State. Like the witches in Macbeth, they feed social guards with fabricated information as well as the media, many have observed. As to how Atanga Nji illegally received into his account the some 469 MFCFA (as reported by some media organs) remains another mystery. The amount, according to the reports was deposited into account no. 031562-004-58 bearing the name “Ets des Jeunes homes d’affaires” but owned by Atanga. The issue is not the amount; on the contrary, the issue is who is feeding the Press with half baked information? Could it be that someone is doing so just to because "Anglophones" are considered as second class citizens and non should be so close to President Biya? This is the multimillion FCFA question..

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Public Health Minister Shuts Down Bakeries in North West

Mama Fouda
The Minister of Public Health Mama Fouda has issued a communiqué closing down some bakeries in the North West Region. The communiqué ordered the complete closure of four bakeries while fifteen were suspended and fourteen others warned. According to what we gathered, the bakeries were ordered to shutdown following allegations that most of the bakeries in the North West region allegedly used saccharine (potassium bromated, carcinogene product) in producing bread, which health Minister says is harmful.  A total of 33 bakeries were found wanting for the non respect of hygienic conditions and other related malpractices in the sector. It is alleged that the use of these potassium bromated causes cancer. This according to some health experts could put the health situation in danger given the level of consumption of bread.
The four bakeries closed down include Ben Bakery-Batibo, Winners’ Bakery-Batibo, Family Modern Bakery-Mbengwi and Saint Bernard Bakery Bamenda II.
Those that have been suspended till further notice are Our Lady Bakery-Bafut, Best Bread-Bali, International Bakery-B’da II, Our Favourite Bakery-Bda II, Pee Bread-Bamenda III, Muchou Bread-Bda II, Confidence Bakery-Bda III, Ferdinand Special Bread-Bda III, Glorious Bakery Bda II, MECIG Bakery-Bda III, Young Boy Bakery-Bda III, Molo Molo, C & Bros, Alhadji Bakery-Batibo and Muswe Bakery.
On the list of 15 bakeries that have been warned features SAJOCAH-Bafut, Emmanuel Sisters-Bafut, Kave, Prince, A&G, Osaka, Best Bread, Imagine, Patisserie Bakery, King Claude, Top Star, Omeka, Mr. Barker, Abi Falls.
It is feared that the situation in Bui, Donga Mantung and Menchum could be precarious given some of these tablets (they call them) come from Nigeria. Public opinion has been wondering whether the inspection team also visited bakeries in these divisions given that from all indications the inspection might have been limited to Mezam and Momo.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

FECAFOOT Election: 5 Contenders for 1 Seat

The deadline for nominations for President of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT) was set for Monday, November 17, 2014. Yet only five applications are said to have been submitted. As November 29th draws closer there heat in the air as who succeeds Iya Mohammed at the helm of FECAFOOT. It is worth mentioning the constitution of the Electoral College was made public by the Fécafoot who also recalled through a press release, the eligibility for the position of President and the composition of the list of the executive committee. While all eyes are set towards the validation, The Eye gathered that Jules Nyongha, Robert Penne, Joseph Antoine Bell, Robert Atah and Tombi Roko are on the starting block.

Jules Nyongha: He announced his candidacy on November 13 during a press conference in Yaounde. The former coach of the Indomitable Lions wants to use his experience with all of football, and clubs or national technical direction as in the past to revamp soccer.

Robert Penne: The former vice-president of the FECAFOOT is probably person with the right profile, especially for being at the head of the Cameroonian delegation to the Sydney Olympics in 2000. In the sports world, he also managed CENAJES Bertoua and the regional Football League in the East region.

Joseph Antoine Bell: The former Indomitable Lions goalkeeper solemnly declared his candidacy at a press conference in Yaounde on November 9. Since then, this former player of Union Douala is campaigning to both business magnates and club presidents to support his programme to revamp football.

Robert Atah: He was the early bird given he was one of the first to have publicly announced his Presidential ambitions. Atah many thinks is also a good man and "the only candidate that can straighten our football."

Tombi Roko Sidiki: He is the former Secretary General of FECAFOOT and he is maybe one of the last to have declared his ambition publicly. His candidacy, however, was expected in the world of football, particularly with regard to support and calls for his candidacy by some players.

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Ndu Council ECCUForum: Opportunity for Investors and Economic Operators

 The Ndu Council Economic and Cultural Forum has been billed to kickstart from December 11-14, 2014 in Ndu Town. The event is code-named Ndu Council ECCUForum 2014, is expected to bring together over 200,000 people from all walks of life. 
Highlights of the event shall include a Mini Agro-Pastoral show; Trade fair, Parade of Traditional Dance Groups from the Seventeen Villages in the municipality; parade of Traditional Wears by Mbum Men and women; Exhibition of Mbum Traditional dishes; Launch of Limbum/English dictionary and other Mbum Writings; Performances by Mbum Artists and Musicians; Panel Discussions on Mbum Cultural Values and Christianity/ Islam; The Tea Sector in Mbum Land; Politics and the Unity of the Mbum People; Maximizing the Economic Potentials in Mbumland; Mechanizing and Modernizing the Agriculture and Livestock Sectors;etc.
Stands shall be erected for companies, business enterprises and organizations of all sorts at the New and Old Markets in Ndu. 
Companies desirous of promoting their products should get in touch with the Economic Forum Committee c/o 4th Deputy Mayor i/c of Financial Affairs, Mr. Nformi Lucas Dotta Tel: 77 129 667/ 97264893 or the 1st Deputy Mayor i/c of Education and social Welfare ( Chair of the Organizing Committee), Martin Fon Yembe Tel: 77370238/ 61275249/ 97039491 Email: or the Lord mayor Ndu Council , General Supervision Tel: 77848107/ 94025802/ 61135479 Email: .

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Fon Thanks WICUDA; Says Njirong-Ntumbaw Problem was Resolved in 2004

 HRH Fon Kennedy Nagnjo of Njirong has issued a letter in which he has expressed his mind on the decision by WICUDA to put in place a crisis management committee on the Njirong-Ntumbaw land crisis. Here below is the letter..

Dear All,
We wish to thank the delegates to the recently held enlarged exco meeting of WICUDA National in Bamenda. We particularly thank them for their resolution creating a so-called crisis management committee to examine the Njirong-Ntumbaw problem. In this so-called resolution they have indicated they will be asking the parties concern to submit documents to the committee so they look into this matter. We appreciate this attempt. However, we wish, to remind the WICUDA National EXCO that the matter was resolved by the government of Cameroon in June 2004 and reconfirmed on October 18th 20012 following the numerous appeal petitions submitted by Ntumbaw. The politicians who organized this meeting are fully aware of the various administrative decisions that have been taken regarding this matter. In short they know this matter was resolved. It is, therefore, ridiculously shameful that these political leaders are attempting to re-harsh history and consequently stepping into a no go zone. This matter was resolved legally by the administrative authorities, period. We advise our leaders to stop bringing politics into sensitive issues that have led to loss of lives, people physically handicapped and others almost rendered physically incapacitated. We remember one of them stating in a meeting in Mbot that even in parliament they make laws and change them at will . We wish to ask if they are out to reverse the administrative decisions that have resolved a crisis that have lasted for over 40 years as they do with the laws in parliament? Njirong will not be part of any political man-oeuvre wherein politicians want to attain cheap popularity by propagating evil and falsehood in Wimbum land at the expense of the truth. We are fully aware of this agenda and thus would like to remind them that Njirong will not be a yardstick for political adventurism and indulgent nonsense. We suggest WICUDA focuses its attention on development issues and those pertaining to our culture. Attempting to venture into an issue that has been legally resolved is in itself naive and senseless. God bless WICUDA.
FON Kennedy Nganjo
Fon of Njirong

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Saturday, November 15, 2014

Thousands Pay Last Repect to Senator Francis Nkwain (PhotoNews II)

 Here lieth the Man; Senator Bochong Francis Nkwain

Here lieth the Man Senator Bochong Francis Nkwain

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Thousands Pay Last Repect to Senator Francis Nkwain (PhotoNews)

 Senator Bochong Francis Isidore Wainchom Nkwain: 
Alpha April 19, 1930; 
Omega: October 19, 2014

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Friday, November 14, 2014

CRTV Goes Mute

“When it started some 8 months ago, I thought my television set was bad but when I enquired from my neighbors, they too said they were witnessing the same problem” says Tantoh Emmanuel. “It is too bad that we have been having images without sound for the past 7 or 8 months” Ngwayi Theophilus told this reporter.

The population of Nkambe, the Divisional Headquarters of Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region have gone for over 8 months now with enjoying CTRV. This is so due to the fact that the lone CRTV transmitter recorded a breakdown. It is alleged that the part that transmit sound is bad yet nothing is being done. The manner at which some of this transmission equipment is neglected is becoming a cause for concern. “Every month I pay audiovisual taxes yet I do not enjoy the services I pay for. This is not fair at all” lamented Ngiri Joseph Lamo, a secondary school teacher. “Is CRTV management not aware of this problem?”, Tata Roland questioned in anger.
“We get news from the National Station thanks to the efforts of our local community radio but I was informed that if this transmitter is repaired, the entire Division can receive the mother station on FM” Kimbi Jethro vomited. “In fact I do not want to talk about this issue; we rely mostly on our local radio stations when they do relay the National Station. In fact this is bad”, Komo Thomson said.
The situation of Nkambe is so wretched that almost everyone we accosted expressed disgust. Since the last world cup matches it is alleged television images went off, but when the image resurfaced, it came without sound. The population is wondering whether they are part of this country and or why they have been neglected constantly.      

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Press Release: 2014 Global Nutrition Report


For more information, please contact:
Deborah Horan,, +1 (202)627-4310
First-ever Global Nutrition Report provides comprehensive narrative on levels of malnutrition across the world
Report includes 193 country profiles

November 13, 2014, London—A consortium of nations, organizations, researchers, and academics has released the first-ever comprehensive narrative on global health and country-level progress toward reducing malnutrition across the globe.

The Global Nutrition Report (GNR) provides a global profile and country profiles on nutrition for each of the United Nations’ 192 member states, and includes specific progress for each country. It will be a centerpiece of the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) in Rome on 19-21 November, organized by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization.

“The GNR will contribute to country-led efforts to strengthen accountability, share learning about what is working, and highlight bottlenecks to progress and how they may be overcome,” said Lawrence Haddad, a senior research fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) and co-chair of the independent expert group that produced the report.

The report provides a one-stop composite of the often fragmented and disparate information available on global nutrition, and fills in some critical gaps in knowledge and data collection. It covers nutrition status outcomes, program coverage, and underlying determinants, such as food security and water, sanitation and hygiene, resource allocations, and institutional and policy transformations.

The report offers case studies from Bangladesh, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Indonesia, and the Indian state of Maharashtra. Country profiles provide dashboards of more than 80 indicators on nutrition outcomes, determinants, program coverage, resources, and political commitment.

Almost every country in the world, rich or poor, faces a serious public health risk due to malnutrition, either from undernutrition, obesity, or micronutrient deficiencies. The cost of poor nutrition is high: premature death, stressed health systems, and a severe drag on economic progress. While economic growth can help reduce malnutrition, boosting an economy is not enough to rid a country of malnutrition, and often makes overweight and obesity more likely.

“Because the costs of failing to act are tragically high for all countries, we must develop stronger accountability mechanisms with better data and more transparency, as well as stronger feedback systems to improve nutrition status,” Haddad said. “This report is a critical first step in that direction.”


The International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) seeks sustainable solutions for ending hunger and poverty. IFPRI was established in 1975 to identify and analyze alternative national and international strategies and policies for meeting the food needs of the developing world, with particular emphasis on low-income countries and on the poorer groups in those countries.

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Land Conflict: Fonfuka, Misaje Municipalities Tussle over Piece of Land; Bloodshed Feared

Tempers are reported to have flared last week between two neighboring municipalities in the North West Region. The Senior Divisional Officers for Donga Mantung and Boyo Division visited the disputed piece of land. The place known as Chiako by the people of Nkanchi and known as Kichiako by the people of Bum became the centre of controversy between the two neighboring villages. Matters came to a head recently between the two villages. For over four months now, an atmosphere of stale familiarity looms large between the two. It is alleged that the problem escalidated when the people of Fonfuka opted to construct a school on the said piece of land. When the people of Nkanchi challenged the decision, it almost resulted to a bloody confrontation. Yet Fonfuka say the land belongs to them and Nkanchi is also claiming the same rights over the very piece of land. Farmers of both municipalities who were farming on the said piece of land are scared we gathered. It is also alleged that some elite were behind the brouhaha, yet only the reports of the administration will decide whether Chiako belongs to Misaje Sub Division or Kichiako is part of Bum Sub Division.

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Sparrow Hawk: CRTV Former GM Gervais Mendo Ze Arrested, 12 Others Shortlisted

Prof. Gervais Mendo Ze
Former General Manager of Cameroon Radio Television, Prof. Gervais Mendo Ze has been arrested. The former GM who served as Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Communication from 2005 to 2007 was napped and transferred to the  Kondengui Maximum Prison for allegedly embezzled over FCFA 2.6 billion when he was General Manager. It should be recalled that Prof. Gervais Mendo Ze served as GM at CRTV from 1998 to 2005. According to classified sources, the former GM was transferred to Kondegui after appearing infront of the Special Criminal Court on embezzlement charges.  Currently the traditional ruler of Otoakam village-Sangmelima, the arrest of Gervais Mendo Ze has ignited panic in the nation’s capital. He was arrested alongside three other accomplices and a warrant has been issued for one other. Classified sources say over 20 other state agents and civil servants are connected and will be napped. 
Classified sources say some 12 high profile personalities have been shortlisted for arrest. It is even alleged that a cabinet shakeup is imminent given that some sitting ministers have been shortlisted. A classified source hinted that some marabouts have been spotted in Yaounde as an atmosphere of uncertainty looms large..on Who Next?

However, public opinion is skeptical on the arrest given that it has taken too long. Another school of thought holds that it is intended to divert public attention as government is scared after the “Blaise” saga.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Ndu Council ECCUForum Kick-starts December 12-14( A Not to Miss Event Economic/ Cultural Fiesta)

The Ndu Council Economic and Cultural Forum, dubbed ECCUForum has been scheduled to hold from December 12 to 14. In view of the smooth function of the Ndu Council ECCUForum, the Mayor has issued a Press Release that spells out the modalities of participators as well as the various committees that will oversee the activities of the forum. Here below is the Press Release issued by Bunyui Emmanuel, the Lord Mayor on November 5, 2014. 

 Press Release

Considering the Law No. 2004/018 of 22nd July 2004 laying down rules governing Local Councils in Cameroon;
Considering the deliberations of the Education and Social Welfare Committee instituting an annual Festival of Arts and Culture, Agric and pastoral/ Economic Forum in December 2014 in Ndu;
In view of the fact that MINADER, Donga Mantung will be organizing the mini Agro-Pastoral show in Ndu on Saturday Lih ( 13th Dec 2014) to catch up with the Regional show in Bamenda, and given that 70% of participants will comprise those coming for the Cultural and Economic Forum;
Mindful of the Ndu Council schedule for the end of year, 2014, and viewing the preparations so far put in this regard;
The Ndu Municipal Council will be organizing an Economic & Cultural Forum  ECCUForum from December 12-14, 2014 in Ndu Town.
The Council has put in place various Committees as follows:
(1)   Organizing and Planning Committee: This committee will meet to chat out the best approach to making the activities and events a success. It will oversee the activities of the other committees.( Chair, 1st Dep. Mayor D1)
(2)   Arts and Culture Committee: This committee shall identify the various cultural and artistic activities and groups or individuals who will animate in this sector. It shall equally communicate and give modalities for their participation at the festival.( Chair, Tantoh Emmanuel)
(3)   Agro-pastoral Committee: This committee shall work in line with the committee that has been handling Agro-Pastoral shows in past years, and liaise this up within the framework of the Festival. It shall as well work out modalities for mobilizing farmers and cattle rearers and other livestock farmers.( Chair, Sub Del. MINADER, Ndu)
(4)   Economic Forum Committee: This committee shall work out strategies to encourage economic operators to invest in the Ndu Council area. It shall as well invite small and medium size entrepreneurs to display their saviors faire and prospects during this forum. It shall also identify economic potentials of the area, in various fields, like Tourism, Crafts, Agriculture, livestock, transport, etc.( 4th Deputy Mayor, D4)
(5)   Communication and Outreach Committee: This committee shall publicize the event as much and far as possible. It shall use all available avenues, viz, radio, telephone, internet, markets, churches, schools newspapers, television etc to publicize the Festival, as well as mobilize and sensitize the local, national and international community to massively take part in the event. ( Chair, Fai Cassien Ndi, Sec. Jitzi George Tanko Tandoh..Tarlusi)).
(6)   Logistics, Feeding and Transport Committee: It shall put up stands for the event; get the necessary equipment to ensure a total success; organize feeding and transportation of invited guests, groups and traditional/ public authorities during the event. ( Chair, 3rd Dep. Mayor, D3)
General supervision shall be under the auspices of the Lord Mayor.
Time Line of the Events:
(a)   September-October 2014:       Putting in place the Committees and making them go operational
(b)   November 2014: Mobilization, sensitization and Publicity go into high gear; Identification of groups in various sectors like Culture, crafts, agriculture, livestock, economic potentials and registering same; Council session                 ( Nov. 28, 2014)
(c)   December 1- December 10, 2014: Meetings of all the Committees with the Lord Mayor; Final preparatory meetings in committees
(d)   December 11, 2014:  Examination of logistics, equipment and other necessities
(e)   December 12, 2014: Launching of the event proper with cultural manifestations
(f)     December 13, 2014: Agro-Pastoral Show opened by SDO, Donga Mantung
(g)   December 14, 2014: Dedication in Churches; Discussions in various for a on the Economy/ Trade and Potentials of the Ndu Municipality with Resource persons/ while Mbum artists animate and display in various stands
The Following shall be of interest for forum discussions to the Ndu Council:
(1) The Tea Sector in Ndu
(2) Cash /Food crops and other agric issues
(3) Our Health, our Economy
(4) Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries
(5) Small & Medium size enterprises
(6) Taxation and business in Ndu
(7) Farm to Market roads
(8) Ethics, Values and the future of Mbum
(9) Limbum, Mbum Tradition, Mbum Culture and Christianity/Islam
(10)      Others
Those willing to present papers on December 14 to get in touch with the Lord mayor ( 77848107 ) or 1st Deputy Mayor (D1),( 77370238)
Visit our website 

DONE IN NDU THIS 5TH DAY OF November, 2014

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

GBHS Nkambe Gets Facelift

Government Bilingual High School Nkambe, which sank into the doldrums, has emerged strongly to regain its leading position in Donga Mantung Division as the citadel of standards. This is so because the new Principal of GBHS Nkambe, Ken Martin Atanga and the new PTA President Alhadj Abdou Borno have embarked on the rehabilitation of the dilapidated structures. The process which started not long ago has started yielding fruits.
A visit to GBHS Nkambe brings back to memories the old days of the Nanga Company architectural work and the foremost role of GBHS Nkambe as a mother institution in Donga Mantung Division.
As stated, renovation work at the school campus has been greeted with joy by both the parents, teachers and students. “I am happy that we now have a new basketball court”, says a form Four student whose name we got as Michael Nfor. A walk at GBHS Campus reveals that Ken Martin Atanga and Alhadj Borno are at work. The window glasses that were carted away and or destroyed have been replaced. Besides, the boys and girls dormitories have been painted within and without. Almost all the classes have received coaches of paint from within and in the weeks ahead, it is expected that the buildings shall as well be painted. “The campus looks neat with the clear-cutting of all the cypress trees at the entrance of the school”, says the day-watchman.

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