Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fon Susan Hands Tons of Books to Improve NW Basic Education Sector

Tons of volumes of books were recently handed to some Inspectors of Basic Education in the North West Region. Before handing the books to beneficiaries, North West Regional Delegate for Basic Education warned that any mismanagement will not be tolerated. She expressed thanks and appreciations to the Minister of Basic Education for the timely support. The books she said will reinforce school libraries in the region.
It should be recalled that the distribution exercise took place at the regional delegation in Bamenda where stakeholders were also empowered on data collection. During the seminar on data collection, Fon Susan told participants that workshop is part of a national strategy to procure data that match field realities. Since at the back of almost every anecdote is the indispensable weight of not only a person of integrity, but also the good fortune of finding an excellent educationist who love to redress situations for a better future. At this point in time that the world population has crossed 7 billion, competition for the best educational provisions and resources will increase, especially for basic education reasons why North West Regional Delegate for Basic Education Madame Fon Susan says this exercise will go a long way to provide realistic data in the region. In a way that enrollment of each school is known so much so that in case of need assessment and action, the impact will be felt by both the pupils and teachers. According to Fon Susan, poor data especially in rural areas gives room poor diagnostic and as a result, there is a risk of education improving in cities and the education gap between rural and urban areas widening further. Accordingly, Fon Susan said the seminar will go a long way to eradicate fake statistics particularly in mission schools.
However, breaking barriers and improving access to basic education is certainly why education is worthwhile.

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