Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tubah Council, Under Sofa Stanislaus Meji Acclaimed at CPI Award

Sofa Stanislaus looking to sky as the limit
The mayor of Tubah Council is not a man to pigeon-hole with when it comes to development. While the population is counting blessings of several developmental projects realized by the council under Mayor Meji Stanislaus Sofa, Council staff and workers hailed him for the constant salary pay out promising to be assiduous in their work. All these praises were corroborated by Cameroon Post International in its Annual Award for Excellence. Mayor Sofa as an exemplary icon in the 86 year history of Tubah Council received another acolyte for transforming lives in Tubah. Mayor Sofa has done a lot in Tubah that caught the admiration of Cameroon Post International especially when it comes to the fight against poverty.
Since behind every great man is a great woman, Mayor Sofa’s family is part of the many successes recorded at the level of the council. The Tubah council created since 1926 has been and shall continue to be on the move despite some black legs. But with Mayor Sofa at the helm, the Tubah Council distinguished itself as driving force in fostering development through numerous projects such as the construction of water points, community halls, and supply of materials to health centers as well as support to the needy. Mayor in 2010 and 2011 received two awards of excellence respectively as precursors of credit for a job well-done.
Under Sofa, revenue collection increased not because he was harsh in the tax drive but simply because the taxpayers were happy to happy witnesses of the changes in the municipality ranging from the construction of more farms to market roads, the construction of water schemes and classrooms. With financial and material support from partners like FEICOM, VSO, PNDP and GP DERUDEP, Mayor Sofa was able to achieve in four years what some mayors could not in 10 years. Having transformed the Tubah Council into a beehive of activities in 2011 to catch the admiration of Cameroon Post International, Mayor Sofa has always been apt to caution workers to stay off politicians and their polemic saying they should play a neutral role and do only what is required of them. The staff should work with every one despite their views on certain aspects this the mayor said is to create a harmony at all times without jeopardizing the future should in case a particular person is not at the Council. Of the lot that were honoured by the Publisher/Editor of Cameroon Post International, Sama Steve it should be noted that Mayor Sofa award was highly acclaimed. Speaking to this reporter after the occasion that took place on March 10, 2012 at the Mankon Cathedral Hall, the mayor of Tubah said he was delighted that they were some people somewhere watching at what he was doing. He emphasized that the award will encourage him to work harder. To Sofa, the award is the fruit of a collective effort. He used the opportunity to thanks members of his executive, councilors and council staff for being collaborative because without them, he won’t have been seen and encouraged as is the case

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