Wednesday, March 28, 2012

You have 5-6 Months to Leave the Council-Hon. Awudu Tells Mangoh

Mangoh Jones Tanko with sach round the waist
No incident has ever confirmed the popular saying by Thomas Sowel in which he stated that “There is nothing so bad that politics cannot make it worse”. The political skirmishes within the SDF in Nkambe between Hon. Awudu Mbaya, MP and Mangoh Jones Tanko, the mayor, both self-proclaimed political kings have resurfaced again. Like in 2007, sources say negotiations and maneuvers are underway to outsmart Mangoh Jones from the position of mayor. Like volcano, whether it is ignorance, lack of intelligence or incapability, Hon. Awudu Mbaya exploded during a Press briefing in Nkambe telling Mangoh Jones Tanko that he has only 5-6 months at the helm of the council. The cracks and internal wrangling in the SDF party is again paving way for observers to notice that the two self-proclaimed political giants never had any genuine reconciliation.  It was during that Press Conference that Hon. Awudu Mbaya who reminiscent of a political king and political teacher told Mangoh JONES Tanko in his face that he has only 5 to six months to quit the council. In short, Hon. Awudu was clear that Mangoh should forget about the 2007 smartness and start arranging his items to quit the council. Those who took the pains to be part of that controversial Press briefing went home more confused than when they were going. Hon. Awudu said that the population and especially administrators hate Mangoh because he doesn’t give in.
Hear him, “Mangoh should be warned if you continue to give money, Epervier is outside. You should be warned that the prison yard will be your place. You should be warned that CONAC is outside. If other Mayors carry money to give them, Mangoh you have four, five, six months to go don’t use the people’s money to give to administrators.  Tomorrow they will go and your people will remain in poverty. I have said it” Hon Awudu Concluded. In fact political analysts are of the opinion that what was never said in speeches and in songs was said in public to the admiration of the mayor of Nkambe who had declared that he will seek re-election as mayor. No doubt, there is tension in the air as the unexpected has resurfaced between two political friends. What is however pathetic is that even though Hon. Awudu told Mangoh that he will quit the council, he (Hon. Awudu) for the first time in the history of his political career declared his candidature for the upcoming Parliamentary elections.

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