Saturday, September 8, 2012

Ntumfor Nico Halle’s Congratulatory Message to Simon Nkwenti


Ntumfor Nico Halle
That dreaded and fateful August 21st 2012 was exactly 12 days after I had come and prayed with you at the Reanimation Unit of the Bamenda Regional Hospital and I returned with hope that you would be fine. Then I received an excruciating thunderbolt from our venerated King Martin Buzie Asanji FOBUZIE II of Chomba that you had passed on to glory. How devastated, crushed and smashed I was.

Gripped by consternation, rejection, shock and pain though, I soon remembered that you Simon Nkwenti were not a candle in the wind. Your varied and various achievements and successes for humanity are there for any honest Cameroonian to see. CONGRATULATIONS!

Brother, you lived an accomplished and fulfilled life, bringing joy to the destitute and speaking for the voiceless. You were the change you wanted (Mahatma Gandhi). You positively impacted society. You called things by their true names. You peacefully shunned hypocrisy and falsehood. You were patriotic and respected State Institutions. CONGRATULATIONS!

You are a fallen hero whose good works will forever be indelible on man’s mind. Simon, you will never die because you lived in the Lord. I am comforted that you are with your awesome God. CONGRATULATIONS!

Ashia to the King of Chomba and his people;
Ashia to CHODECA;
Ashia to Mrs. Mary Lum Azonga Nkwenti and children;
Ashia to Great CATTU;
Ashia to the Civil Society;
Ashia to the Media;
Ashia to the North West Region;
Ashia to Cameroon.

To God be the Glory.

Nico Halle

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