Monday, October 22, 2012

AES SONEL Carelessnes Leaves One Dead in Nkambe

Ali was a herdsman and for over 10 years before that fateful day, he has lived his life looking after cows. But little could he imagine that he would die by electric shock whereas he doesn't use electricity in his own house. A father of two he was and was 42 years old before AES SONEL neglect took him away from this world. According to eyewitness account, the accident that led to Ali's dead took place at about 11 am, as he was moving along the slope after the cows. 
It is alleged when he discovered that two of his cows were been electrocuted, he ignorantly rushed to rescue the animals and when he stepped on the cable, he was killed as well. The electrocution was such that he could not move an inch and he died with his stick in the hand. Ali's death is one of the most shocking and portrays how careless the agents of AES SONEL are in our communities. In fact what is even more annoying is that even with Ali's death, the high tension cables are still there waiting for more lives to swallow. In all, one person has been killed and two cows.  The most serious threat is that the high tension cable has been there for months and seems not to bother anybody even the officials of AES SONEL, Julius Ngala hinted. Whether the presence of the Senior Divisional Officer for Donga Mantung to the accident area meant anything to the almighty AES SONEL remains another mystery the population cannot understand. Many have been questioning whether with decentralization and with the carelessness demonstrated by AES SONEL, the Nkambe Council cannot produce and distribute it own electricity so much so that the security of the population is guaranteed. It is a common phenomenon in rural areas that high tension cables have been allowed to serve as dead traps. The complaints are many, in fact electricity in this part of the country is as scarce as dog tears. In Nkambe for example, cold stores have ceased to operate due to rampant electricity cuts. Electricity just seems to be too damn complex for AES SONEL people to handle if the company cannot care for the welfare of the people by carrying out immediate interventions in rural areas to avoid people being killed carelessly.

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