Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dr. Fru Introduces New Discoveries

Dr. Fru presenting new discoveries
It is no more news that for time immemorial traditional medicine has served as the only reliable source of hope for humanity yet conventional Medics nowadays continue to see the sector as flooded by quacks and charlatans. More so, they see the aggressive and persuasive ways of advertisements both in public places and the media as unorthodox. Besides, they have been doubting the fact that some of these tradi-medics claim that some of their drugs can cure as many as hundreds of diseases including terminal diseases like Cancer, Diabetes and even AIDS have been rising controversy. Whereas, WHO still looks at traditional medicine as a subsidiary to conventional medicine.
Cameroon for example is lucky to have a lot of plants that could rescue humanity from the present calamities and if the sector is encouraged, research work developed, it will go a long way to stand side by side with the Chinese natural medicine.
Dr. Fru, is a renowned tradi-practitioner, who a week ago, took the media in Bamenda, capital of the Northwest Region by storm. Dr. Fru who granted a press briefing to give more light on the use of traditional medicine, controversies and to present some of his new discoveries, was categorical that even Jesus Christ used traditional medicine to cure people. To him, plants are gift from God and should be used to treat people whenever the need arises. According to him, traditional Medicine or indigenous medicine unlike conventional medicine is holistic in treatment and as such does not depend on dosage or laboratory findings. The laboratory where conventional medicines are tested according to him is a man made machines with its limitations while traditional medicine is tested only in the human system over time and had proven its effectiveness. He argued that while conventional medics take care of only the physical, tradi-practitioners take care of both the physical and the spiritual and as such more effective and nature friendly.
While admitting that quacks exist in all fields, Dr Fru was categorical in denouncing attempts by conventional Medics to denigrate folk medicine saying that a true tradi-practitioner has no lessons to learn from a conventional medical doctor. Many patients who could not find solace after treatment have been referred to him from hospitals around the country.
Dr. Fru talking to the Press in Bamenda on Traditional medicine
At the end of the press briefing, a wide range of well packaged traditional medicines were presented to the press. Dr Fru told press men that most of the medicines are imbued with some spiritual aspects because the mystery surrounding every germ cannot be minimized. He disclosed that most of his medicines are tonics and cleaners and does not kill germs but prevent the germs from living and growing in the system because of dirt. According to him, germs like flies don’t strive in clean environments and as such a clean system will be free of germs which cause diseases.
It should be understood that in a country like Cameroon where Medicare is a luxury and expensive, the use of traditional medicine is the sole alternative and a panacea with many families depending on it. The consequences of using this form of medication are not yet scientifically stated but WHO states thus; “the inappropriate use of traditional medicines or practices can have negative or dangerous effects” and that “further research is needed to ascertain the efficacy and safety” of several of the practices and medicinal plants used by traditional medicine systems.

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