Saturday, October 6, 2012

France Will Continue to Give Consular Protection to Michel Thierry Atangana, Diplomat Says

Ndi E. Ndi
 French Ambassador to Cameroon, Brumo Gain has made pertinent remarks in relation to the jail term slammed on Michel Thierry Atangana.  The French diplomat said "I read with disappointment the judgment yesterday October 4 by the Mfoundi High Court oin the case between our compatriot Michel Thierry Atangana the State of Cameroon.
While following the case with extreme vigilance, yet took the interest of its citizen Michel Thierry Atangana which according to the French diplomat, "France has of course no intention to interfere in the judicial process. Here as elsewhere, it is the policy of never commenting on court decisions. I will therefore refrain from commenting on the verdict by the court yesterday".
 Even though the diplomat refused to comment on the judgement, he however observed that "Let me, however observe that the sentence imposed on Mr. Atangana is particularly heavy. He has already served a substantial prison sentence. It is more than 5475 days - 15 years ago - that he is incarcerated. Such a long period is likely to break the strongest of men".
 He also observed that " Cameroonian authorities have legal system has basis that would allow them to show leniency to a litigant who has already largely paid his debt vis-à-vis society. I express the wish that Michel Thierry Atangana  gains his freedom as soon as possible.
Considering the fact that Michel Thierry Atangana though born a Cameroonian, he later obtained French Citizenship, the French diplomat concluded that "in the meantime, we will continue to fully exercise consular protection of France for Mr. Atangana, in accordance with international law, including the relevant provisions of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations of 24 April 1963
It should be noted that Michel Thierry Atangana and Titus Edzoa were arrested and have been in detention for more than 15 years. They are accused of embezzling state funds. However, President Biya's critics say the fight against embezzlement and corruption has been transformed into a sink hole for character assassination and settling scores. 

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