Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April 14, Senatorial: After Crushing Fru Ndi, Achidi Achu Eyes Senate Presidency

By Fai Cassian Ndi
 With CPDM North haven crushed the SDF in the preliminary votes count, the real business lays in the hands of the Supreme Court which began validating the votes today afternoon. The North West CPDM list headed by Achidi Achu is leading with a 51.3% as against 48.66% for the SDF of Ni John Fru Ndi. Yet, speculations are high at that if the North West results are validated, nothing would stop Achidi Achu from being elected President of the senate. It should be recalled that on March 24, 2013 during the 28th anniversary of the CPDM, Simon Achidi Achu vowed that he would crush Fru Ndi to go to senate as was the case in 1988. Recalling the 1988 legislative elections which the Khaki list won the Green, Achi reminded CPDM militants that he would win Fru Ndi in any election. Yet,  Achidi Achu was beaten by Fru Ndi in Mezam but vote counts in the region placed the CPDM on the lead. In Mezam, 222 councilors were expected to go to the polls last Sunday and at the end of the day, 221 casted their votes. 178 voted SDF while 40 voted CPDM with one void ballot casted by a Bawock woman who instead dashed the waste basket with her vote.  With the stage set for the CPDM to carry the day, analysts are of the opinion that Achidi Achu could be elected senate President. A school of thought holds that Biya has been longing for someone who could execute his succession plan. It is no longer news that with the senate in place, succession will move from the National Assembly Speaker to Senate President.  The Eye gathered from a Presidential insider that President Biya has three options to make between Jean Nkwete, Hamadjodi or Achidi Achu. Hamadjodi according to the hint is well-placed given that he sacrificed Adamawa for the SDF and Jean Nkwete too. Yet, according to the hint if that position is given to the West, those of Adamawa will be angered reasons why Achidi Achu has been preferred. By implication, the position of Prime Minister will have to quit the North West to either Adamawa or West Region for geopolitical reasons.  Achidi Achu’s election as Senate President by mid-May if it those happen would be tantamount to Philemon Yang leaving the post of Prime Minister. Northwesterneres have been contemplating what Philemon Yang will show as legacies of his being at the Star Building for good four years.  

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