Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Philemon Yang Gives VIP Treatment to CPDM Councilors, Snobs Traditional Rulers

 By Fai Cassian Ndi
Prime Minister Philemon Yang met CPDM councilors of Donga Mantung in strict intimacy as part of the campaign strategy to woo voters to respect party discipline. The meeting that took place at the Nkambe Community Hall on April 7, 2013 brought together CPDM councilors of Nwa, Misaje and Ako council respectively. Also present during the meeting were some three councilors who decamped from the Nkambe council to join the CPDM. Philemon Yang who was flanked by some members of the CPDM senatorial campaign team among them Regina Mundi, Ghoghomu Paul, Fon Teche Njei, Akwa Patrick, Prof. Lantum and others.  It is alleged that during the meeting Prime Minister Philemon Yang told CPDM councilors to vote with their free consciences. Yet Philemon Yang reminded them that on April 14, all CPDM councilors in Donga Mantung should vote along party lines.
According to what we gathered one of the key speakers Regina Mundi told CPDM councilors that the senatorial election will give them the opportunity portray their trust in the CPDM. Regina Mundi, CPDM Vice campaign team leader urged councilors to remain loyal to the ideals of the new deal of President Biya because it is their votes that will determine the future of the party. She said North West senatorial candidates were selected based on their aptitudes and that the councilors should avoid to fall into the dirty traps of the SDF.
Speaking to the over 90 Cpdm councilors gathered at the Nkambe Community hall after the departure of the Prime Minister Dr Fuh Calistus Gentry, Divisional Campaign Team leader for Donga Mantung, said Donga Mantung councilors occupied a central place in the political life of the Region, reason why the Prime Minister took upon himself to personally come and see them. He stressed that the financial support brought along by the P.M  was  proof that President Paul Biya and the Central Committee relied on the efforts and votes of Donga Mantung councilors to win a comfortable majority. He told them that the SDF was becoming a thing of the past in Donga Mantung and that the Cpdm would give Ni John Fru Ndi and his SDF a run for their money during this senatorial in the Division. On his part, MP for Nwa, Hon, Genesis Mbucksek expressed surprise that the Sdf that had all along claimed it was a transparent party is today going round and proposing financial benefits to Cpdm councilors to vote the SDF list.
 Dr. Calistus used the opportunity to present to the electorate and party officials the cpdm senatorial candidate for Donga Mantung. Here is the Profile of Prof. Jikong Stephen Yeriwa, the CDPM Senatorial Candidate for Donga Mantung Division as presented by Dr. Fuh Calistus  
Prof. Jikong Stephen is the senatorial candidate representing the interest of Donga Mantung Division on the list headed by Rt. Hon. Achidi Achu. Prof. Jikong Stephen was born on February 2, 1945 in Jator village. He attended the Cameroon Baptist Mission Primary School in Mbem village Nwa from 1953-1960 where he obtained the First School Leaving Certificate. He then proceeded to the Cameroon Protestant College-CPC Bali from 1961 to 1965, where he obtained the Ordinary Level London General Certificate of Education. Thereafter, Jikong Stephen was recruited to teach English language in Government Secondary School Bangante where he taught from 1965 to 1969. Within this period, he studied at home and later in 1969 he obtained the Advanced level in three papers. Jikong Stephen registered in the Federal University of Cameroon in 1969 where he studied combined English and French and in 1973 he obtained a postgraduate diploma in English. He was then recruited to teach English at the Federal University where besides teaching English, he also taught French Sociolingistics and Communication  while pursuing studies until he obtained the “Doctorat du 3eme Cycle” in 1979. Jikong later obtained the “Doctorat d’Etat es letters” in 1995. He taught and supervised students at under graduate and post graduate levels until 2011 when he was retired. It should be recalled that Jikong Stephen Yeriwa is also a traditional ruler. He is the fon of Jator village.
Political activities of Prof. Jikong Stephen
From 1971 to 1973, he was the President of the association of the Students of the Faculty of Letters ad Social Sciences, representing students in the Board if Directors of the Federal University of Cameroon. In 1971, he joined the CNU Party until 1985. From November 15, 1985 the date of creation of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, Jikong Stephen has remained a faithful militant. In 1992, he was appointed “Charge de Missions” for the Central Committee to the North West Province and at the same time “Charge de Missions” to Donga Mantung Division. In short, he has been participating in all the missions of the CPDM to the North West Region and particularly Donga Mantung Division. On September 15, 2011, Prof. Jikong was voted as Member of the Central Committee of the CPDM.
Yang Snobs Traditional Rulers
 Traditional rulers who travelled from Ako, Misaje and Nwa to receive the Prime Minister left Nkambe yesterday more confused than when they were going. There was nervousness at the Nkambe Fons palace when the over 40 traditional rulers got information that due to tide schedule, Prime Minister Philemon Yang has already left Nkambe after the meeting with councilors. One traditional ruler from Ako told this reporter that it is unfortunate that the Prime Minister has always dribbled them. “It is really an unfortunate situation. In fact we the traditional rulers are disappointed”, he said. Even though it is alleged Yang sent a package to the fons to calm flaring tempers, yet we gathered that the fons are aghast.The fons are even angry that PM Yang dolled out 100.000 FCFA to each councilors whereas they (fons) were sent chicken feed as transport back to their villages after spending two days in Nkambe.

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