Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Senatorial Challenge: The Fru Ndi-Achidi Achu Last Political Battle

 By Cherrylane N
With the difference of councillors between the CPDM and the SDF in the North West Region narrowing down to two, the challenge between Fru Ndi and Achidi Achu in the April 14, 2013 senatorial election historical. The complexity in the senate victory for either the SDF or CPDM in the North West is a matter of luck. Yet political commentators say the scenario could be dramatic should the CPDM list loses or wins. However, political analysys are of the opinion that in case the CPDM list wins in the North West Region, Simon Achidi Achu being the head of the list will be appointed President of the Senate. And the reverse of it is that for geopolitical reasons, Yang Philemon will lose his position as Prime Minister, Head of Government. On the other hand, it would even be more dangerous if the CPDM list doesn’t win in the Northwest Region. It would simply imply that Prime Minister Yang Philemon is very unpopular in the region. Should the SDF list headed by its National chairman Ni John Fru Ndi wins, Achidi Achu will carry the blame. Both Simon Achidi Achu and Ni John Fru Ndi belong to the “Santa Mafia”. While Achidi Achu takes credit to having defeated Fru Ndi in 1988 during the days of “Khaki and Green”, when the two of them contested in the parliamentary elections on CPDM ticket, Fru Ndi on the other side has crushed Achidi Achu’s CPDM party severally during Presidential, municipal and legislative elections in their Santa Special Constituency. As such , Fru Ndi believes that the SDF will win all the seven seats yet last March 24th during the 28th anniversary of the CPDM, Achidid Achu re-echoed that history must repeat itself, meaning since he crushed Fru Ndi in 1988, nothing will stop him from doing that in 2013. Contrary to what Achidi Achu has been saying, public opinion in Bamenda holds that Bali Council may emerge as the joker of the senatorial elections. Though the only CPDM Council in Mezam, Bali councillors are aghast with the fact that their fon submitted alongside Doh Anderson but their candidatures were rejected. Bali people are of the opinion that Achidi Achu masterminded it. The same Achidi Achu who was accused of trying to carve out Bawock to add to Santa, conspicuously selected the fon of Bawock as his alternate. Sources hinted that rather than Bali councillors to vote Achidi Achu’s list, they would prefer a void ballot paper, if voting the SDF is forbidden. It is crystal clear that no matter the negotiations and the amount of money dished out, Bali councillors will not vote for Achidi Achu. The most serious threat is that Bawock has only five councillors. This would mean that the SDF will have an easy walk over the CPDM. Yet, political pundits have presaged how Paul Biya has had alot of trust in Achidi. He remains the only head of government ever granted audience by the Head of State after leaving office. More so, twice he has been evacuated abroad on presidential instructions and recommendations. It is even aired that Biya would have preferred that Achidi Achu should fold his arms and would be appointed as senator. More so, for him to be the head of the list from the North West region was by no mistake. But the secrecy in what President Paul Biya assigned Belinga Eboutou to discuss with Fru Ndihas been the major secret that even CPDM militants have tried to decipher to no avail. With the non-disqualification of CPDM list in the North West as predicted, commentators are completely blank. Yet the SDF we gathered has a well fine-tuned strategy to woo councillors in Bali, Balikumbat, Wum, Nwa and Misaje. If the contrary happens, the SDF will place it force in the lone AFP councillor in Mbengwi for a 50-50 with the CPDM. Yet SDF chairman still claims that his only rival in the country today is Paul Biya and not the lightweight Achidi Achu. To cut the story short, if the election of senators were by universal suffrage; Achidi Achu would be no match to Fru Ndi.
Whether the CPDM wins or loses in the North West Region, the fate of Yang Philemon as Prime Minister would be an issue. Once the CPDM is beaten, it is alleged Biya will capitalize on it to dismiss Yang Philemon, yet if the CPDM wins the probabilities of Achidi Achu becoming Senate President are very high, which implies that both Senate President and Prime Minister cannot all come from the North West Region.  Even though a source hinted that if CPDM wins Pa Achidi would be appointed Vice President, Yang chances are still very slim. Already over four years as Prime Minister, an average man doesn’t know his feats. Maybe the road to Oku yet travelling from Kumbo through Ngondzen, Nseh and Mbinon down to Lassin is a nightmare.

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