Thursday, April 11, 2013

Senatorial Challenges: NW CPDM Campaign Team in Financial Crisis

 By Fai Cassian 
During the 2011 Presidential campaigns, North West elite staged a fundraising in Bamenda to finance the campaigns, probably because they wanted to flatter President Biya. The fundraising took place under the general supervision of Prime Minister Philemon Yang. Yet classified sources have hinted that North West elite are in the worst of shapes financially. According to information we gathered all Divisional team leaders including members of the regional team were spotted in Bamenda waiting desperately for the central committee to react. We also gathered that PM Yang Philemon who championed the fundraising is very skeptical as to the outcome of the results. One member also opined that he also learnt that PM Yang is refusing to stage the fundraising because if the CPDM list wins in the North West, he is likely to go jobless. Yet the same Philemon Yang is quoted to have told the North West campaign team in an in-camera meeting some weeks ago at Ayaba that during the campaign councilors will be treated like eggs. One CPDM Councilor in Menchum is also alleged to have questioned whether the 100.000 FCFA Philemon Yang is dolling out to councilors is to buy their consciences. “If it is for that then the amount is insignificant”, he said. A school of thought holds that the reason why PM Yang is reluctant in disbursing funds for campaign is clear and pragmatic. That if the CPDM wins in the North West the senators would likely impose one of them to be appointed Prime Minister. More so, some ministers from the North West are also scared that if the list wins and Achidi Achu is voted Speaker Yang will also lost his job due to geopolitical balance. Besides, even some of them with vaulting ministerial ambitions like Awanga Zacharia, Dingha Ignatius and Eno Emma Lafon would likely take up their positions. As in 1991, the Achidi team may go in and upset the table in their favour. It is complicated because if Yang were to be thrown out of government, Prof. Ghoghomu, Director of Cabinet will also be shown the door. Even the long stay of Dr. Fuh Calistus in government is also attributed to his relationship with Yang Philemon. Ama Tutu Muna too may not survive, if it were to happen. It therefore implies that Ama Muna, Fuh Calistus, Moh Sylvester and Ghoghomu will leave the corridors of power. This is thus a bitter pile for the CPDM in the Northwest to swallow. But if the SDF were to win, PM Yang may justify that the SDF is a religion and Paul Biya may likely give an ear to it. But yet, his detractors will also question why he should remain Prime Minister when even with five councilors up, he cannot win an election.

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