Sunday, April 14, 2013

Senatorial Challenges: Opinion Poll Puts SDF and CPDM Neck to Neck in NW

As municipals councilors go to the polls to elect the first ever senators for Cameroon, all eyes are focused on the North West Region. This is so because the chairman of the leading opposition party in Cameroon is candidate. With Ni John Fru Ndi gunning for senate, the North West region has been described as the battle ground for senate. However, opinion polls put SDF and the CPDM neck to neck given the narrow gab. Public opinion in the region is however skeptical as to which political party will win given that the municipal councilors will vote along party discipline. Whatever Paul Biya assigned Belinga Eboutou to discuss with Fru Ndi may not hold in the North West region. Jean Kwete, CPDM Secretary General called on CPDM militants in the West region to vote SDF list and in response, Fru Ndi also called on SDF councilors in the Littoral to vote CPDM list. Yet, this gentleman agreement will not hold in the North West region where the CPDM is ready to ridicule the SDF in its base. This is why the CPDM is bent on crushing the SDF by all cost. But SDF insiders have assured The Eye that it will not happen. With allegations rife at that the Supreme Court may likely validate only 60.1% as absolute majority, public opinions that with the present dispensation it would be difficult for any of the political parties to get a crushing majority. 
As hinted, allegations are rife at that whether the SDF wins or not, Ni John Fru Ndi will be appointed senator and same goes with the CPDM. Achidi Achu former Prime Minister is head of the CPDM list in the North West and public opinion also holds that he has been tipped as well in case his list doesn't sail through. 

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