Sunday, August 3, 2014

At Civic Reception: Senator Jikong Donates to Nkambe, Misaje Councils


Prof. Jikong Stephen addressing Nkambe Council councilors
The Senator for Donga Mantung Division,  Jikong Stephen Yeriwa has donated the sum of FCFA 2 million to the Nkambe and Misaje councils to revamp the old day’s scholarship fund that used to be the pride of the councils. Speaking to councilors in Nkambe and Misaje, Senator Jikong said that the reasons why he decided to support the Nkambe and Misaje councils with the sum of FCFA 1 million each to revamp the abandoned scholarship fund in the two councils of Donga Mantung Division tie with his concept of human development. “We can only have doctors and engineers in this division if we concentrate on human development”. HRH Prof. Jikong also told the story of how some of his classmates benefited from the council scholarship fund to be what they are today yet unfortunately the fund collapsed. “We can only hope of development when our kids are taught physics and chemistry in schools” he observed. He reminded councilors that the senate is the house for the old wise people and it is not of their duty to do what government cannot do. Senator Jikong also debunked allegations that senators are paid huge allowances. “I am not the kind that organizes feasting for people to eat and dance”, he told the councilors of Nkambe and Misaje. Senator Jikong also urged the mayors of Nkambe and Misaje to write projects and submit to the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Regional Development for funding.
Oh his part the Mayor of Nkambe council, Ngabir Paul Bantar told Senator Jikong that “since
Ngabir Paul, Jikong and Ngi Christopher
April 2013, we have patiently waited to receive you in Nkambe in your new capacity. 20th May 2013 and 6th November 2013, were too soon for you to come. March 24th 2014 and May 20th 2014, we hoped to see you but in vain. We are glad that you have made it at last”. In presenting the basket full-problems facing the Nkambe council area, Ngabir Paul said that “Nkambe-Ndu Constituencies is our main problem. Why should two councils with two parliamentarians have one constituency? We know this is a prerogative of the President of the Republic of Cameroon”. He also decried the nonchalant nature of AES SONEL and CDE to provide potable water to villages as well as the inadequate approach of decentralization whereby means have not been sent to the local councils for effective work. “We the councilors are the only elected officials who have no monthly allowances. We should be given a monthly allowance commensurate to our level” Ngabir appealed.
Ecstasy there was in Misaje when on August 3, Senator Jikong Stephen Yeriwa flanked by his Alternate Ngi Christopher accompanied by Lon Ernest stormed the council premises. Upon arrival, they were saluted by the Fuebuen Dance of Chunghe( the Royal Dance). In his welcome speech, the mayor of Misaje Sammy Mgbata Nforkemba told the senator that the history of the election of Senator Jikong into the first ever Cameroon’s senate can never be told to the end without mentioning Misaje sub Division. “For it is thanks to the dynamism and the political fairness of our illustrious son H.E Dr. Fuh Calistus Gentry, on his capacity as the President of Donga Mantung CPDM Divisional Committee, whom in consultation with other top Donga Mantung Political elite felt that in terms of fairness and geopolitics, Nwa was better placed to produce a winning candidate and that in terms of substance, Prof Jikong Stephen was and is the square peg for the square hole reserved for Donga Mantung Division in the senate”. To Sammy it is for this reason that the councilors of Misaje voted overwhelmingly for his candidature. “Based on this notion, we remain strong behind him and promise to support him in his quest to develop and bring Donga Mantung Division to the limelight”, Mgbata continued. The mayor of Misaje also presented a long list of projects which he termed as priority projects of the municipality. These projects include the construction and equipping of a science laboratory at GBS Misaje, the provision of potable water for Akweto, Bem and the construction of two classrooms at GS Chiako-Nkanchi among others.
Yet tongues are waging in Ndu and Ako over what some politicians say is gross political blunder. Many have questioned whether Jikong is senator for Donga Mantung or Nkambe and Misaje given that the SDF run councils of Ako and Ndu were sidelined. (A suivre)

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