Monday, October 5, 2015

Fru Ndi Extends Hand of Fellowship to Flood Victims in Ngoketunjia, Donates FCFA 1.7 Million

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front has donated FCFA 1.7 million to flood victims in Baba I village, Ngoketunjia in the North West Region. Ni John Fru who was flanked by some senators and MPs, stormed Baba I last October 4, to extend a hand of fellowship to the 36 families that have been rendered homeless. 
Approximately more than 400 people are without shelter in Baba I after the September 13, 2015 flood.  Ni John Fru Ndi before handing the support to the affected families said that the flood was as a result of the construction of the ring road and poor drainage systems. According to the national chairman,the drainage systems were not created to give way to runoff giving room for pools of water to be created.. He blamed the government for failing to follow up the contractor who constructed the road. Fru Ndi also used the occasion to advice the people of Baba I put up better foundations whenever they want to build. 
Ni John Fru Ndi charged Hon Benadzem Joseph the SDF Parliamentary Group leader to make sure that government comes to the rescue of the victims. Banadzem was told never to sleep until the government come to the help of the victims. Committee Chairman to oversee the flood victims Forbeh Hamid appreciated the SDF family for the timely support. As usual, this was another opportunity for the fallen almighty Yoyo to try to stage a spectacular comeback as he is said to have donated FCFA 500.000 of the 1.7 donated. 

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