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Job Opportunity: Farm Manager Wanted (Apply Now)

Title: Farm Manager
Sector: Pork farming
Function: Breeding
Location: Bamenda
Salary: Negotiable
·         Job Overview: The primary responsibility of the section manager is to manage, lead, train, and work with a team that will safely and efficiently oversee the welfare, care and day-to-day management of animals. They will insure good production through the implementation of standard operating procedures, maintenance of accurate records, employee development, promotion of the wellbeing of animals, and sound environmental stewardship.
Duties include:
·         Having the skills, knowledge and abilities to perform by committing to being the best team member, site manager, leader and individual they can be.
·         Responsible for the development and training of all team members’ production and interpersonal skills through open and honest informal daily feedback, goal setting and daily organization of their activities.
·         Promote safe work habits, maintain a safe working environment and document all work related injuries within 24 hours of occurrence.
·         Lead their team and themselves to perform timely duties and ensure compliance with practices that promote the health of the animals under their care (bio-security practices).
·         Organize and participate in the daily production activities of their departments including:
o    Implementation and review of the execution of standard operating procedures on the farm. Provide feedback to employees and report on the daily execution status.
o    Communicating with the owner on department needs such as feed, supplies, maintenance, personnel issues, etc.
o    Daily care that promotes well-being and increased productivity of all animals. Ensuring humane animal handling, including the safeguard of animal health, providing access to water and feed, and the best possible environment.
o    Monitoring the health of all animals. Communicate all animal well-being issues and/or concerns to the site manager. Ensure proper vaccinations, medications, and injections are given and documented as needed to promote animal well-being, achieve regulatory compliance and increase production.
o    Organization of team members’ time including regular discussions with team members on short and long term planning, goal setting and prioritization of activities
·         Keep and maintain accurate production records to assist in the development of the team, themselves and the improvement of the system.
·         Perform minor maintenance and repairs on buildings and equipment, as well as, housekeeping responsibilities of the facility.
·         Implement best management practices for environmental stewardship including:
o    Proper regulation of manure storage facility (pit) levels
o    Flushing time and recharge of manure handling systems within the barns
Minimum Qualifications
Certification in Agric Business
·         Experience
2 years experience in the swine industry and/or 2 years of leadership experience in any similar Agric sector.
1.       Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
  • Agriculture industry preferred
·         Company policies and procedures
·         Standard Operating Procedures of the system (thorough understanding)
·         Proper pig terminology and livestock handling (advanced)
·         MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) and basic understanding of computers is preferred
·         Familiar with commercialisation (previous experience in commercial marketing channels)
·         Having a working command of French language.
·         Familiar with modern techniques such as boar semen collection.
2.       Skill in:
·         Excellent oral and written communication skills
·         Organizational and Leadership skills
·         Highly Computer Literate/ versed with Media, Internet
·         Training and development of team members on standard operating procedures
3.       Ability to:
·         Work independently, as well as being a team player
·         Effectively monitor and develop subordinates to insure smooth operation of the farm
·         Maintain confidentiality
·         Desire to learn new skills
·         Use production records to facilitate improvements
Ability to handle exposure to dust, odors, noise.
Ability to stand and walk on concrete for extended periods of time
Friendly with mud
Interview includes and not limited to:
1.      Business pitch- Making a successful pig farm business in Cameroon
2.      Presenting a business plan based on 500.000frs monthly profit
Please send cv’s to:

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