Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Race for Mezam IC Section President of the CPDM: Pupolar Opinion Puts Dr. Ndonwie Peter Ahead

Dr. Ndonwie Peter

Bamenda is a rapidly changing for the ruling Cameroon Peoples' Democratic Movement-CPDM. The defunct Mezam 1 Section of the CPDM is expected to split into three  sections. With elections expected soon, the CPDM is seeking a more efficient leadership in the three sections and Mezam IC happens to be one reasons why giving room to savory reports on public opinion polls is gaining ground.  Ahead of this reorganization, popular opinion in the Mezam IC Section of the CPDM-Nkwen puts Dr. Ndonwie Peter ahead of his immediate contender Ngante Martin.  This is so because popular opinion in Nkwen holds that the political class must choose a candidate with character and conscience who has the knack to reduce the proclivity for dirty politics. What the Nkwen people need now according what we gathered are things that would help them foster development initiatives and not forecasts that can only worsen the dilemma, that since the demise of Late statesman Foncha the Nkwen people have not had a share of the national cake.
As caucuses continue to lobby for electorates ahead of the  Section election, opinions as to who knows the party and is fit to lead the Nkwen CPDM to a safer shore is tilting towards Dr. Ndonwie Peter. Political pundits say Ndonwie has narrowed the gap in the race. Commentators have pointed out that it is easy to find almost any pattern in the Mezam IC Section results if the desire of the population is respected. By influencing popular opinion through his work, Ndonwie seeks to demonstrate that the time frame that one examines or  measure of success ( through universal suffrage)is favourable for the Dr. Ndonwie led team.
However, looking at wins and losses in such a twofold approach is almost certainly the best way to weigh up the evidence. Many in Nkwen who spoke to us have essentially described Ndonwie as an emerging leader. With this in mind, it is better to examine the contributions the two main protagonists have made for the growth of the party, a school of thought holds.
Considering that Ndonwie previously served the Mezam I Section in various capacities, he is therefore an asset given that one of the prerequisites requires candidates for the position of Section President to have ample knowledge about the basic texts of the party and must have served the party as Section Executive and or Sub Section.  One major question lingering on all the lips is whether the other contenders have had such experience or just-having a jump-start in politics.
Majority of the youths are of the opinion that these distinctions matter for the growth of the section. Accordingly, a popular candidate carry the day while unpopular ones might retire or be rejected by party hierarchy for non-conformity. That is why humbleness is called for when interpreting the evidences. As election draw near Ndonwie Peter is becoming a very reliable candidate. This is so because majority of the voters know the identities of the candidates which makes it possible for them to make relatively bold and precise forecasts about the outcome.

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