Sunday, October 11, 2015

Shock of Titans in Menchum I CPDM as Wallang, Dighanbong, Chou Cyprian Declare Candidatures

Dighanbong /  Wallang
Wum is gathering momentum as Hon. Wallang Richard, Dighanbong Anthony and ChoU Cyprian have all declared for the position of Section President of the CPDM in Menchum I. The three contenders are considered as CPDM heavyweights in Aghem land have for once disagreed to come to a compromise.

Hon. Wallang Richard is the Member of Parliament for Menchum South (Wum and Benakuma) while Dihangbong is the mayor of Wum and Chou Cyprian is CPDM resource person. Sources say this is the first time that the three will clash at the polls. However, popular opinion in Wum is diversified as to who will win the post of section President. Majority of the youths we gathered are in favour of Chou Cyprian while Dighanbong has the blessing of Aghem fons. Hon. Wallang’s candidature on the other side is supported by the old guards. Contrary to speculations that Aghem would come up with a consensus candidate, the three contenders are bent of making the difference at the polls.
Even before this happened, analysts surmised that those in elective positions would have allowed Chou Cyprian yet this has been ignored. It is therefore believed that the exercise is necessary so as to streamline the CPDM kingpin in Aghem. Aware of what may crop up, the CPDM has tactfully handed the task to oversee the election process to H.E Ama Tutu Muna is head of the election Commission to Menchum. Yet this is not enough given the caliber of candidates. The three contenders we gathered are actually bulldozing in the field ahead of the official launching on Monday.  

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