Sunday, December 13, 2015

Cameroonians Must Hear This..Lastest Gossips from Cameroon-Writtam-pen


Alice Sadio enters Ben Muna's shoes as APF strong woman

My People, happy Sunday to you all. I salute everyone! Last week when I said that this country is under the weather some people who are on the wrong side of the law to have contributed to the chaos could not permit my handset to relax. I was obliged to swift off my phone to preserve my battery. Do not be afraid. Am I not a free man and by the way, who is going to arm-twist with me? They are the ones who are trying to camouflage the skeletons in their cupboard not me. I hear Alliance of Progressive Forces-APF dished bitter democratic lessons to Popol and John Ntarinkon and other life Presidents of political parties in Cameroon. However, I know that my detractors will climb on tree tops to protect the epileptic S and C. Will Paul and John clean from this? Na another Five Francs Kweshion this, abeg let me borrow from my friend Clovis Atatah’s ingenuity. That Ben Muna stepped aside for democracy to prevail is food for thought noor? A woman is now the chairlady of AFP. BRAVO Madam Alice SADIO and thank you Ben for taking the advice to leave the stage before nemesis could catch up with you. Let me also use this opportunity to congratulate my friend Gerard Philippe Kuissu Mephou who was also elected Assistant Secretary General of AFP. Thumbs up Gerard. This is happening when Chop People Dem Money party reorganization just ended with fighting, boxing and scheming in Bertoua, Buea etc. And also when John Ntarinkon's Suffer Don Finish is suffocating with a Secretary General. Politics for this country na awarawa. Let nobody ask me why up to now John Ntarinkon has not appointed a new ever since Eliza resigned.
I say ehn! FECAFOOT don turn na FECAFOOD. Another incident has just happened that makes me not a hundred percent with this country.  In fact, I do not know whether I should be crying or smiling over the issue. What I have observed is that the main problem our football managers-FECAFOOD is that of marginalization. The latest scandal of the week is that Masso Yo, the chairman of the Normalization Committee of FECAFOOD, oh sorry I mean FECAFOOT was grilled at the Special Criminal Court on how the gombo daglocked for the football jamboree in Brazil was used.
You must have heard the latest scandal between John Beginning and Atangana the Nji from Bamenda. The cooked up interviewed that wrapped my friend Choves Loh. And for your information, FECAFOOD is a chop-pot reserve only for Frogs and not Anglos. They have officially declared the Cameroon food-ball (I mean football) federation is a no go zone for Anglos. Remember no English Speaking media organ features on the list of names of media organs submitted to FIFA to cover the last June 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Is this not another mark of gross marginalization? Or could we call it tribalism? Remember that the same Frogs used John Beginning to chase away Iya Mohammed. When time came for JB to take over the management of FECAFOOD, Massa Yo cooked up a scheme with the royal blessings of Sebb Blatter (trapped in fraude) to dive in through the window under the guise of Normalization Committee. I think if you have never ever heard of a country where meritocracy is a taboo, come closer to Cameroon and you will be able to write books.  Now it is Mbarga of Mboa who is using Atanga the Nji, an Anglo to nail JB.
 I don bad for Prime Minister Yang e village. Guess what? JB has vowed that he will take Cameroon Tribune to court. Hahaha, I hope Peter Esoka will also shutdown Cameroon Tribune..
God’s time they say is the best. You know Popol always spring surprises. Last week, Popol was in Paris and he became the advocate for the Lake Chad basin. Chai this Pa na pepper. I wish he sanctioned all the CPDM MPs who rejected Hon. Mbaya’s Private Member Bill on water catchment protection. Popol is now a climate change campaigner; he has joined Awudu, Njamshi and Elvis Paul Tangem to advocate for a sane environment. I hope you all heard him in Paris, he even told eyibos about Vision 2035.
I almost forgot about the trumpeted sacking of the VC of the University of Bamenda, Edokat. I hear it is hot. The minister that ordered that his office should be sealed, guarded and then the Osheinization of UBa stopped.

When News Breaks Out, We Break In. (The 2014 Bloggies Finalist)

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