Monday, December 21, 2015

Musa Shey Nfor Offers Borehole, Food Items to Population at Xmas

To improve access to clean water and improve sanitation, Councilor Shey Nfor Musa has ‎donated a borehole to the population of Nwangri village where he is councilor. While installing the technicians at the project site, Musa Shey Nfor told the population that the donation was part of his efforts, to improve on hygiene for Upper Nwangri. He said through the borehole project, pupils as well as teachers of Catholic School Nwangri will also have access to potable water.
He decried that the abusive cultivation of eucalyptus trees in and around water catchment in the municipality resulted to water scarcity. To mitigate water borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and typhoid reasons why he is offering such a gift if life at Christmas.
By enabling the population of Upper Nwangri to have access to clean drinking water, “it is an important part in reducing the disease burden of beneficiary communities”, he added.
The gift of a boo hole
It should be noted that councilor Musa Shey had embarked on the protection of the water catchment area which consisted of the eradication of eucalyptus trees. “Water is life and as councilor of this constituency, improving access to potable water is my number one priority”. Besides that he also donated zinc for the roofing of the village grandstand which serves as a youth day centre.
He also extended his goodwill gesture by providing food items such as rice, salt, maggi, and soap to the population of Nwangri and neigbouring quarter of Tabenken, Mbijah. Addressing beneficiaries, Musa Shey Nfor said that though he is a politician but as councilor, he represents everyone reasons why he sharing it indiscriminately to the people irrespective of political party. Mami Susan, one of the beneficiary described Musa as a philanthropist and cheerful giver. To Pa Johnson Nfor, their councilor is a role model and he is giving a human touch to politics.  


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