Friday, December 18, 2015

Samba Winifred Elected 1st Deputy Mayor of Nkambe Council

Madame Winifred Samba being installed by SDO
As speculated, Madame Samba Winifred Murkwi is the 1st Deputy Mayor of the Nkambe council in the Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest Region. After being endorsed by local party officials, her ambition to enter late Shey Emmanuel’s shoes was validated today December 18, 2015 by 28 councilors. She was voted during an extraordinary session that brought together councilors of the Nkambe council.  

Madame Samba stood unchallenged given that the candidature of John Nforgwei could not be validated due to the intrigues orchestrated by the so-called party hierarchy. Though John Nforgwei was nominated by the fon of Wat, HRH Fon Ngorake Valentine sources say no one seconded the nomination yet 8 councilors reportedly voted against the candidature of Madame Samba while two others casted empty ballots. Indications are rife at that if the process wasn’t flawed, John Nforgwei would have emerged given his capability. But since politics is all about interest and majority of the councilors thought Tabenken should be compensated, they also thought is wise to voted for Madame Samba Murkwi who hails from Tabenken and had the blessing of local party hierarchy. More so, Madame Samba Winifred is the mother in-law to Donga Mantung II Section President, Abdou Borno. She is therefore the second female deputy mayor in the five man team led by Ngabir Paul Bantar, the Mayor of Nkambe council.
Nominated by Musa Shey Nfor and seconded by Emmanuel Sayani, Madame Samba’s nomination by implication already casted doubts whether Mbu warr councilors had formed a common front.
Madame Samba Winifred

Councilor John Nforgwei: Victim of political intrigues?

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