Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tempting Moment as Xmas is Around the Corner #writtampen


Country people, permit me pass my warm and special message to all of you who have been reading this column the world over. In fact my profound message on this particular day goes to all the children who are anxiously waiting for Father Christmas to bring home all the goodies. In fact Christmas is just the best thing the world of Christianity has offered to humanity. This is just to say that Christmas precious but it comes with a lot of temptation.
Nobody ever becomes left handed in old age. Do you hear me? I say, nobody becomes left handed in old age. I am sure those who followed me on Facebook should know why I am insisting on this statement. You know, young men and women nowadays are very funny. Some of them think that spending Christmas in the village is an achievement. Do you know the transport from Bamenda to Nkambe, Wum, Fundong and Kumbo? It has doubled. Others think that spending it in the city makes them supper humans. The other day, I even organized a family reunion with my kids in an attempt to postpone Xmas but they all resisted.
Can you imagine that some people who have not called me throughout the year have starting running down my battery? They would ask for air time credit and when you send, they confirm it by beeping. One whose name I have just forgotten asked your Writtam-pen what he has that she can even scam.  This self proclaimed sophisticated young Christmas time achiever told me she is bronze. Journaliste competente et engager de mon etate? Just imagine? I just thought of this song that a woman is a woman, no matter the colour, she can do and she can undo.
 I reminded her time and again that she is holding fire in his left hand and gas in the other, and that when it will generate into a spark, she will not be able to control. But she laughed and said “Na wa for you”.
Country people, this incident reminded me of what my father told me. He said you can only know the rage of a lion when you step into his den. Christmas has landed me in the lion’s den.

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