Friday, February 26, 2016

532 Athletes Set on the Conquest of Mount Cameroon

With less than 48 hours to go, some 532 athletes will embark on the conquest of Mount Cameroon (4100 meters) for most, the dream to win is giving them sleepless nights. Reports say of the 495 Cameroonians athletes will compete against 37 foreigners among them the formidable Kenyan.
Earlier scheduled for February 20, the 21th edition of the Race of Hope was postponed for a week to allow the organizing committee to be ready for a wonderful celebration. And time seems to have worked in favor of the organizers as  Charles Kouoh Kotte confirmed to journalists at weekend.
Thus, the winners in senior ladies and gentlemen now is expected to take home the sum of 10 million CFA francs each. The second will take home 5 million FCFA as against  2 million FCFA in the past. 
The attraction of this year will probably Yvonne Ngwaya who has won the race 6 times, the last five consecutive editions. If Ngwanya wins, she will get her 7 wins  to be on the line with "the queen of the mountain," Sarah Etonge. Still to watch closely is Mbacha Eric from Donga Mantung, a perfect mountaineer. 

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