Monday, February 8, 2016

US Classifies Cameroon as Second Most Dangerous Country (See Reasons)

A report of the Council on Foreign Relations of the US State Department has prohibited US citizens from traveling to Cameroon. This report which was posted on their website on December 22, 2015 places Cameroon as the second country to avoid worldwide.
After South Sudan, the report which has gone viral on the social media places Cameroon as the second most dangerous country in the world. This is the result of the report issued by the Council on Foreign Relations of the US State Department. The fact on which the assertion of this report was issued allegedly is based on the insecurity in the northern region of Cameroon. In the report the US State Department formally outlawed the movement of its citizens in the North and East of the country. This is because of attacks and kidnappings orchestrated by the terrorist sect Boko Haram. As for the eastern region, the reason is based on Central African, Seleka rebels. US indicate that 21 foreigners have been kidnapped since 2003. And since July 2015, Boko Haram has operated at least 14 suicide attacks in the North and the Far North, including Maroua. So Cameroon would be more dangerous than Nigeria and the Central African Republic that have respectively been ranked at the 30th and 20th positions. The report also indicates that the political capital Yaounde and the economic capital Douala enjoying great crime rate. It also observed a high rate of unemployment and under-equipped police. Yet it goes further to stress that the influx of refugees to Cameroon negatively impact the country's economy which has resulted to further consequences of exodus to urban areas. While a black picture painted by the country of Barack Obama, to show how dangerous it is to end up in Cameroon. The report was posted on December 22 on the website of the US State Department.

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Elder James said...

It is very easy to make reports when we are not on the spot. The violence that is taking place in one region of the country does not make the entire country to become dangerous. Taking to statisitics of crime, how many crimes are committed in New York alone in a day in comparison to what is happening in Cameroon? Does that make USA the most dangerous country? Do stop accusing Africans

franklin buhchu said...

What beats my spirit is the question"WHY THIS RANKING AND WHY NOW" and how does instabilty in just one region of the country have made the entire country dangerous, i think it is high time the government of Cameroon started investigating the US interest in Cameroon; what do they want so to prevent an unexpected situation, I WANT TO CALL ON THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT RECHERCK THIS RANKING AND APOLOGIZE TO CAMEROON. because if they say the war is affecting the economy of cameroon, don't they think what there are from publishing to the whole world will weaken Cameroon tourism sector and even go a long way to perturbate studies even in state universities as some missionary teachers from abroad may refuse to come into the country for fear of security, THE US better look into this situation before it get out of hand