Tuesday, February 23, 2016

We will Dishonor You, If You Fail Us”: Mbum Fons of Donga Mantung Warned!

By Muni Bondi in Mbipgo
The Fons of Mbumland in Donga Mantung have been advised to remain honorable and do just the right thing as far AS THE LEADERSHIP OF North West Fon’s Union ( NOWEFU) is concerned. They were given this hard piece of advice at a Conference organized by the NOWEFU branch of Ndu Sub division on Monday, February 22 2016 at the palace of the Fon of Mbipgo.Addressing the over twenty Fons from across Mbumland including the Fons of Nkambe, Fon Ibrahim Jabfu, the Fon of Binka Fon Benchep and Fon Mbunwe, of Mbort, Shey Lontum Martin Luther Fon Yembe, First Deputy Mayor of Ndu Council, reminded the Chiefs that they are the natural custodians of Mbum culture and so should not be led by the nose to the detriment of Mbum values and culture, now an endangered specie. He wondered why it is only during the turn of Donga Mantung that the ongoing political manipulations and feet-dragging should be noticed.In order to stress his point, Martin Yembe warned the Fons that the population of Mbum sons and daughters in Bamenda are waiting to see what they will put up as a candidate from the division. Given that Donga Mantung has this singular chance to put up one of theirs who can stand straight and speak out for the entire people, it was thus incumbent for the Fons to stop being manipulated by those presently at the leadership of NOWEFU for their selfish purposes. He wondered why a Mbum Fon too cannot be appointed Senator, yet they sit waiting for a small time Fon from an obscure settlement to come and dictate things to them.On the culture, Yembe lamented the fact that some churches have invaded our culture and decaled war against it in the name of God! He referred them to the Epistles of Peter where God entreats all people to honor their kings and the institutions they incarnate. How comes some of our Fons are now turning their backs to the culture that makes the Fon what he is and by destroying some cultural artifacts and even turning the palaces into churches obliging all to be members…he wondered. On Politics, the Mayor regretted the fact that our Fons have become victims of political elite whose motto is POLITICS AT ALL COST! He narrated the shame and disgrace our Fons are plunging themselves into in the name of politics to the detriment of the people, the Mbumland and our future. Why, he questioned, can Donga Mantung Fons not emulate what is good, and also put up an Ultimatum to Yaoundé to get what they want, since they have failed to get them by being sycophants of the regime!!In order to drive home his point, Yembe purchased over twenty copies of the book: DRINKING THE GOSPEL IN AFRICAN CUPS, by Pastor Koyoh Nformi, and distributed to all the Fons present. Speaking earlier, the Fon of Ngarum, Fon Nganji III, current president of NOWEFU Ndu Branch insisted that the meeting is out to seek for peaqceful means to the resolution of conflicts and to ensure that they remain united in peace under existing laws. On his part, the President of Nkambe Central branch of NOWEFU, Fon Mbunwe III of Mbort CONFESSED THAT HE ADMIRED THE WONDERFUL ORGANIZATION OF THE Ndu Branch and promised to emulate and do same in Nkambe. He regretted that fact that the Land Laws in Cameroon deprives Fons, custodians of the original land of having nothing to do presently with existing land, yet it is the Divisional Officers, all strangers who will soon go, that have the leverage to decide on lands. As Mayor in charge of Education and Social Welfare, and Shey Lontum the Messenger, he is ready to carry on a crusade to educate Mbum people on the activities of our Fathers, the Fons, be they positive or negative…reason why they should stand up straight and do just what is expected of them, especially now as the entire North West awaits a formidable candidate for the Presidency of NOWEFU. Other issues raised included the preparations for the 2016 ECCUFORUM, the classification of Chiefs and Fons, and the call for the Fons to be vigilant .Closing the ceremony, the Assistant Divisional Officer for Ndu appreciated the high ;level of maturity that is manifest in the Union, calling on them to have mutual respect and uphold the laws of the state. He called for vigilance at this period that Cameroon is facing lots of external threats.Welcoming all to Mbipgo, the Fon of Mbipgo thanked the founding members of NPWEFU, reminding all that the coming March 2016 will make him one year on the throne, and he counts on the prayers and support of all . He narrated the historical roots of Mbipgo tracing them to the Tang family. He requested that Government assists them in the domain of teachers for the newly created GTC; the Health Centre and praised the cordial relationship that reigns between the SDF and CPDM in his village.The occasion ended in dancing, juju displays and feasting with a historic population turn out of over two thousand people.

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