Monday, August 8, 2016

Earnest Call for President Biya's Candidacy From Donga Mantung V CPDM (Nwa)

Motion of Support to Hi Excellency Paul Biya, National Chairman of the CPDM, President of the Republic and Head of State, on the Occasion of the Joint Section Conference Holding in Ngom on the 6th of August 2016

We, CPDM party officials, Elected Representatives, Traditional and Religious Authourities, Elites, Sympathizers and other active forces of the Donga Mantung V (Nwa) section, meeeting in the “Top-view Hotel Hall Sabongari” today Saturday 6th August, 2016, on the ocasssion of the Joint Section Conference of the CAMEROON PEOPLE’S DEMOCRATIC MOVEMENT” (CPDM):
1.      Mindful of the fact that the “CPDM” is the bedrock of National Cohesion at the service of an Emerging Cameroon;
2.      Considering the brilliant performances of the CPDM in Donga Mantung V (Nwa) Section in the national elections since 2007;
3.      Appreciative of the positive fall outs of our loyalty and indefatigable support to the CPDM regime and the National Chairman-Comrade Paul Biya;
4.      Considering the imperative need for us to unite for greater performances;
5.      Viewing with great satisfaction the resounding victory being recorded by our Defence Forces in the on-going war against the devilish terrorist sect “Boko Haram” along the boundary with Nigeria-at the Far North Region of our country;
6.      Considering above all, the forthcoming Presidential, legislative, municipal and senatorial elections in Cameroon;
Here-by move our total and unflicnhing support to His Excellency President Paul Biya, the National Chairman of our Party, Head of State, President of the Republic and the institutions he incarnets, good health, wisdom and foresightedness in order to lead our Peaceful Faherland, the Republic of Cameroon, with the fear of the Lord God; further pray him, more than ever before, to kindly accept our earnest call for his candidacy of the CPDM in the forthcoming Presidential elections. 

Done in Ngom on the 6th of August 2016
Hon. Genesis Mbucksek (Section President)
CPDM party officials
Elected Representatives,
 Traditional and Religious Authourities,

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