Saturday, September 10, 2016

Political Activist Rejects the CFA Franc Arrangement!

By Felix Teche Nyamusa, SDF 2018 presidential hopeful (pending primaries)
Fellow Cameroonians, I aspire to politically and economically serve
Independent Cameroon not heading a province of France or that of some other Diaspora nation(s) as is the case with incumbent president Paul Biya and his predecessor Ahmadou Ahidjo.
Our country - Cameroon’s money/currency today as we all know and use, the CFA franc had been and still is pegged to the French franc/currency or Euro at a fixed rate (one euro=655.957CFA Francs) determined by France. Over 50percent of Cameroon’s finance reserves, since about six decades ago, are controversially made obligatory to be kept in the French treasury in France’s name. This means we (Cameroon) cannot take a loan to do business with using these huge reserves as collateral security since it is but in the French name. Our monetary decisions are therefore deplorably sanctioned by the French. BEAC, the Yaounde headquartered bank controlling the CFA franc of the central African states has french representatives within her governing board directly monitoring the finance policies here!
With all these restrictions, the only two ever past Cameroon presidents - late Ahmadou Ahidjo and incumbent Paul Biya (president since 1982 till date) are overtly French governors and nothing near sovereign Cameroon presidents with potentials of controlling our nation’s destiny to prosperity! The country is always in debts; lacks basics with Cameroonians, skilled and unskilled, of all ages escaping to the Diaspora for paying employment.
Fellow Cameroonians, if you vote me Felix Teche Nyamusa president of Cameroon in the 2018 presidential, all these debasing neocolonial schemes will be abolished! Under my leadership, Cameroon will have a currency of her own even if the other 13 CFA francs states fail to stop this continuous French finance and sundry subjugation, degradation. It is worth knowing that these CFA francs states, 14 in number, are found in central and west Africa and are said to have $ 2o billion held in trust by the French government – these countries are: Cameroon, Central Africa Republic, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Benin, Burkina Faso, Guinea-Bissau, Cote D’Ivoire, Mali, Niger, Senegal and Togo .
Cameroon has more than enough economists, accountants, bankers, business analysts … such that with determination we will ably manage our finances, economy and control our prosperity instead of permitting foreigners to exploit our country as their farm as has been the case since the colonial era.
Rwanda, the Maghreb countries, Nigeria, South Africa etc are neighbouring countries with marked socio-economic progress buoyed by respective independent money policies and currencies. Nyamusa pledges to take our nation with your support to safe grounds.
Conscious of our humble stage of development, we will increase our agriculture dividends by constructing and maintaining roads for rural and urban transportation; manufacture and conversion to secondary and tertiary levels the farm, mineral and other resources within our territory amongst other unanimously aggreed targets.
It is embarrassing, absurd that the CPDM (former CNU) of Biya who have been in power for close to 60 years since independence still continue to rely on foreigners to establish bare “Identity cards” and similar chores! This is unacceptable - Cameroonians can more than undertake these!
We can’t wait for the overthrow of the notoriety of Biya/CPDM before the 2018 elections. However, the regime can neatly avert this impending ugly scenario by immediately embracing separation of powers! The Nyamusa for 2018 Presidential campaign wouldnot tolerate the CPDM traditional manipulation of the electoral time table!
Biya/CPDM squanders Cameroon resources under various guises (including his wife’s CERAC) to perpetuate himself and party in power. The consequences include no all-seasons access roads connecting the nation, largely unproductive educational system, Health Care here is nothing to write home about as Biya and his cronies regularly visit but health units out of the country at their slightest inconvenience. Cameroonians particularly youths and the downtroden, the time is now to stand up sustainably against mal governance like sister Africa countries and those elsewhere do, we cannot remain an exception!
Friends, if we cherish good governance, people and selfless leadership, a government with structures for sanctioning defaulting officials including the president and his ministers…, vote for “The Nyamusa for president campaign” - it starts from primaries in the SDF! We have to massively register with the nearest SDF ward in our respective vicinities throughout the national territory. Of great importance also is to register with ELECAM - this done, you will be able to vote for your candidate at the primaries and at the substantive presidential polls. The Nyamusa for president manifesto is contained in the book “Effective Democratic succession in Cameroon” now available in bookshops!
Comrades lets not spare again any more wrong doings of the CPDM/Biya inhuman regime for progress in Cameroon, this reactionary government that has turned majority Cameroonians into socio-economic slaves must be crushed by all means! Cameroonians, we will be better off managing our own affairs than outsiders doing it for us!
May God guide SDF, Cameroon!

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