Sunday, May 7, 2017

Breaking News: 39 Years Old Emmanuel Macron Elected President of France

Emmanuel Macron is the next President of France. He got 65.1% of the votes as against 34.9% for Marine Le Pen. However, according to the first trends, he won by 65.5% against 35.5% for Marine Le Pen. Reports say abstention was estimated at about 25.3% as compared to 19.6% in 2012. Macron is expected to be sworn-in before weekend as Francios Hollande's mandate expires by May 4, 2017.
At 39, Macron will become France’s youngest president and has pulled off a remarkable feat to merge winner after having been endorsed by several personalities around the globe. He has never held elected office, and just over a year ago his political movement En Marche! did not even exist yet he steadily and rapidly moved to the hall of fame to occupy a top job in France.
Marine Le Pen has just spoken to her supporters, hailing a “historic” score for her party and promising to “lead the fight” in France’s parliamentary elections next month. She pledged a “profound transformation” of the Front National to create “a new political force” as hence she is the leader of the opposition in France

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