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Five Reasons Many Women Nowadays are Scared of Getting Married

While some look forward to the day when they get to say "I Do" and daydream about walking down the aisle beside Mr Right, some dread the very idea of forming a perpetual union.

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Saying the words “I do” could be very frightening for some women. The reasons, why women are scared of getting married, vary from person to person.
 Below are five of them.

1. Emotional and financial insecurity
 These can be argued as two major reasons any woman would dread the idea of marriage. The tendency for the blazing fire of love between them and their partners to dwindle over time scares women a lot.
The questions – Will he love me still when I get bloated from the rigours of childbirth? What if some days we run out of things to say and the conversation dries up? What happens if he becomes financially unstable? – and much more worry many a woman.
2. Fear of commitment
 Till death do us part! The thought of having to succumb to the authority of a man, dedication to a long-term cause, giving birth and raising children, keeping up with relatives and in-laws, taking care of the home, the opportunities forgone to stick to one person; and combining all of these with work, makes marriage seem scary to some women.
3. Career pursuit
 Some women are literally married to their jobs – so what’s the need for a man.
 They dedicate more of their time to their profession and climbing the ladder of success, often neglecting their emotional needs and those of their partners.
For them, marriage will create a lacuna between them and work. Thus, they would rather remain single.
4. Fear of the unknown
 Unarguably, the future is plagued with many uncertainties, and nature or perhaps fate has forced the human to hope for the best but prepare for the worst.The fear of what the future holds is a withdrawing force for women.
5. Risk of divorce
 Some women, because of their not-too-good experience in broken homes or the stigma attached to being a divorcee, would rather remain single than get married and risk breaking up.
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