Monday, May 21, 2018

May 20th Celebration in Misaje #PhotoNews #NationalDay2018 #Cameroon

Divisional Officer for Misaje
Though the atmosphere was tensed with combat ready forces of law and order almost in every corner, as early as 9am, on May 20th, 2018, pupils, students, various recognized groups and militants some political parties as well as associations could be seen in their uniforms moving towards the Misaje grandstand. When the Divisional Officer for Misaje arrived the ceremonial ground, he was received by the mayor of Misaje Council, Sammy Mbgata.

Activities to commemorate National Day began with the singing of the National Anthem and after the anthem; the Divisional Officer for Misaje decorated with citizens with medals for their contribution in nation building.  Babayor Abubakar, young business man cum YCPDM Section President was one of the two persons who were decorated.
 After performing the decoration rite, the march past started with the military that were closely followed by the forces of Law and Order.
They were immediately followed by pupils of the nursery and primary schools, secondary, high schools and vocational schools. The next set was made up of recognized socio-cultural, economic groups, trade unions and the achaba’s union. The most attention-grabbing during the match-past was that pupils and students had the opening to convey various messages in relation to the theme of the National Day in songs while marching. In songs, the main theme that flowed to the hearing of everyone was the notion of PEACE and UNITY the act of living in peace.
There euphoria and fanfare when political parties were called up for marching. The CPDM stole the show with over the political parties in terms of numerical strength. In terms of numerical strength, the CPDM carried the day. However, ANDP which made it first public appearance in Misaje sent emitting signals that ANDP party is out for real business. On the other hand, UDP party also made its first public appearance for the first time and the number was negligible. The Driver’s union and the achaba riders closed the march past. The achaba union who a day before benefitted some bikes support from Minister Fuh Calistus Gentry thrilled the crowd as they ride-past chanting.
 Some of the groups that caught special attention during the march-past included Happy Daughters of Bem, Misaje Shaa Union, Dumbu Drivers Union, the Achaba Union of Sabongida, Man No Know group of Misaje, Talk about Women, Koko of Mbissa, Bochung Women group, Cassava and Garri union, Agric Pharmacy women,   Merry sisters. Abi Yu Ngir etc. 

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