Monday, August 13, 2012

How Barrister Amazi, Asongwe Rescued the Cameroon Bar Association

Me Tang Emmanuel
As members of the Cameroon Bar Association continue to stir the ship from an imminent wreck in what has been described as the longest elective general assembly ever organized by a professional association, former President of the General Assembly of the Cameroon Bar Association, Me Meli Hippolyte who was elected some four years ago to head the General Assembly has been stopped from enjoying bonus time. Barrister Amazi Anthony and Barrister Asongwe were apt to interrupt Meli’s obnoxious plan to conserve power. It was thanks to the timely intervention of these eldest members of the Cameroon Bar Association that Me Meli who was dictating the roles of the game in a snail pace was asked to quit the seat or be thrown out.  However, it should be noted that on Saturday at about 1pm, Me Meli suspended the activities of the General Assembly, an act which send many home in anger. The following day, when the same obnoxious plan to frustrate the elective general assembly continued, Barrister Amazi Anthony and Asongwe raised a motion that rescued the Cameroon Bar Association from collapsing. Me Meli who on the opening day, declared his candidature was never again spotted at the Bamenda Congress when members of the Bar Association took over the control of the association.
It is aired that strategies were already setup for the elective general assembly to be postpone after the failed Yaounde general assembly. Those who took the pains to attend the Cameroon Bar General Assembly in Bamenda went home more confused than when they were going. Those who had the conviction that the Bar Association was the most discipline could not even understand why even the President of the General Assembly could not pay his annual contributions. The Eye gathered that even some candidates into the Bar Council still owed as much as 800.000 FCFA and the least amount was about 22.000 FCFA. Notwithstanding, allegations are rife at that ever since Me Meli was elected to head the General Assembly, the association has been wallowing in the gutter.
The Unexpected
As Me Meli was forcefully pushed out of the scene, the unexpected took over the minds of members as who would be elected. 05 candidates submitted, three for the position of President of the general assembly and two for the position of vice President. After all the delays, voting started at 1pm just for the results to be made public at 5:35 am on Monday morning. However, to cut the story short, Me Tang Emmanuel was elected to replace Me Meli as the President of the General Assembly of the Bar while Me Nana Viviane Patyswit was elected as the Vice President of the General Assembly. Talking to the press after been catapulted manage the policies of the Bar, Me Tang Emmanuel said the new team will work on the concept of the New Deal. He said he will make sure that there is no more conflict between the President of the General Assembly of the Bar Association and the President of the Bar Council.

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Who is the president of the bar council. Has that election been suspended or what. We hear not of that other controversial figure that is the out-going president, Eta Bisong Jr. in this your report, which has been otherwise very instructed. Please fill us in on this missing link of all significant bearing. THANK YOU. SINECERELY. P. S.