Friday, August 3, 2012

President Biya, Issa Tchiroma Sued Over Non Respect of Article 66

Teche Nyamusa
President Paul Biya and Minister Issa Tchiroma are expected to appear in the Mbengwi High Court, in the North West Region of Cameroon in the few months to response to charges on the non respect of Article 66. Felix Teche Nyamusa Parliamentary hopeful for Mbengwi Center has sued President Paul Biya and his Minister of Communication Issa Tchiroma for affronting article 66 of the constitution on the declaration of assets. Addressing journalist in Bamenda today August 3, 2012, Felix Teche Nyamusa said the suit was done and deposited in the Mbengwi High Court on July 17, 2012. He however regretted that the document had lied at the Mbengwi High Court Registry for more than a week before the court clerk could acknowledge the receipt. Notwithstanding, public opinion holds that with the judiciary system being remote controlled by the executive, Teche Nyamusa’s case will be thrown out of court. Per article 66 of Cameroon, senior members of government are to declare their assets prior to assumption of their duties for accountability, yet this law has been violated with impunity. He argued that due to the non respect of Article 66, the Biya regime has brought untold miseries to Cameroonians. Drawing inspiration from the non respect of article 66 which has become a public debate in Cameroon and among the political class, Teche Nyamusa said by violating article 66, the regime has indirectly been encouraging corruption and embezzlement of state funds to the point that Cameroonians are living at the mercy of the HIPC Funds. “It is unbelievable that our minister of Communication went on air to tell Cameroonians that other instruments like CONAC and Sparrow hawk could replace Article 66 of our constitution”.
Talking to journalists at Press & Associates, Teche Nyamusa said Issa Tchiroma has been playing the ostrich over the non respect of the supreme law of the country and would have to appear in court for violating the constitution. He also added that President Biya should brave the poor roads and be in Mbengwi in person to answer these charges. However, another school of thought holds that Teche Nyamusa who is SDF Parliamentary Hopeful is seeking cheap popularity whereas there is evidence of mismanagement at the Mbengwi Council yet Teche Nyamusa’s bid for Parliament might have made him blind. Responding to questions from journalists, Teche Nyamusa said, no one is above the law and if anyone is found wanting, he/she should be punished accordingly. He further emphasized that if article 66 were not violated, the so much talk about embezzlement would have been limited.

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Moukong Achu said...

Let’s wait for the case to unfold. In a country of laws and rights, it is normal to sue someone if we think he has violated the law.