Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Groundbreaking 30th Anniversary Celebrations in Nwa

 By Tamngwa Marcel Kwalar
Hon. Mbucksek Genesis
There was fanfare and seventh heaven at the Nwa Council Hall on November 6, 2012 where militants and sympathizers of the CPDM gathered in their numbers to commemorate President Biya’s 30th year as President of Cameroon. At about 1pm, the hall was jammed to full capacity yet people could be seen hurrying from others corners. Addressing the crowd, the Member of Parliament for Donga Mantung East Special Constituency who doubles as Section President for Donga Mantung V Section (Nwa), Hon. Genesis Mbucksek in his key note address described President Paul Biya as a level-headed leader and a peace-loving. According to Hon. Genesis Mbucksek, President Biya’s experience, patience, tolerance, discretion, resourcefulness, loyal mindedness and foresightedness is equal to non in our contemporary world. He equally stressed on the fact that Biya’ leadership qualities have become a reference in Africa and the world at large. He said Nwa made the right choice by voting massively for the candidate of the CPDM and noted that during the past 30 years his constituency has gained a lot from the government of the New Deal. He enumerated some of the projects realized in Nwa Sub Division in the domain of health, education, farms to market roads, infrastructure, water and sanitation. He however lamented that Biya’s greatest difficulty for these 30 years have been and remains that of getting competent and consistent reliable collaborators, noting that “any leader, no matter his good intentions can succeed only if he/she has competent and reliable aides”.  
Capitalizing on the numerous projects realized by the New Deal Government in his constituency, Hon. Genesis Mbucksek said Nwa will gain much by supporting the policies of the New Deal. Meaningful development he argued is the only pay that is derived from politics and for the people to continue to enjoy those facilities; they should rely on President Biya and the CPDM. He also called on all and sundry to register massively in the electoral register so as to give the ruling CPDM party a crushing majority in the upcoming elections.
Enter Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David (Mayor of Nwa)
The Mayor of Nwa Council, Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David on his part used the opportunity to talk on some burning issues. Although every attempt by the Section President to bring him back to the topic of the day met stiff resistance as he continued, which left observers with no other option than to conclude that all is not well within the ranks of the CPDM in Nwa? Speaking in parables the Mayor of Nwa Council said that “………..the animal that will be caught is the animal that doesn’t hear the bell…..we should not compare the Mayor with the Parliamentarian…..let’s compare a mayor with a mayor”. In fact anyone who took the pains to witness the controversy that sparked off, would surely agree with this reporter that there is some problems in the CPDM in Nwa that should be addressed with immediate effect. More so, last March, militants of the party called on the mayor and the MP to work in unison for the interest of the party, but as observed, that call maybe fell on deaf ears.
However, the only interesting thing is that tempers did not flare because the ceremony ended with singing, dancing and merrymaking. And a Motion of Support signed by all the parties concerned was address to the Head of State, President Paul Biya.

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